Antonio & Lorena Rouhana
and their children,
Juliana & Alexander.


                      8 April, 2015


The life I was living was not the life for me!


Revelation 12:11 says we overcome our enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.

My name is Antonio Rouhana. I grew up in the Catholic faith, so I have been familiar with the basic Biblical teachings from the very beginning. I loved God and knew about Jesus from a very early age. I had read the Bible over five times and attended church at least twice a week. But the truth is that I was actually just going through the motions of practicing religious dogma and traditions I was taught to follow. I didn’t really know Jesus, I just knew of Him. I was with Him but not in Him because I was not born again of His Spirit.

I would like to take a moment here to share my belief in the concept of spiritual amnesia. Ephesians 1:4 states, According as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” Spiritual amnesia is the temporary loss or separation from "knowing" or believing in that which we know to be TRUTH. We cannot identify ourselves, we have forgotten who we are. Like a bewildered lost child, we have forgotten our origin and our true seed; thus, we are prepared to believe the religious lies and un-truths fed to us by our religious leaders, society and even family. The hidden hand of the devil has been at work from the beginning of time to deceive, pervert and distort the truth in order to purposely keep us in a state of spiritual amnesia. In this state of spiritual amnesia, we would not be able to recognize what our true purpose in life is, and we would be kept away from the light, the truth of the Word, and the way to God and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, King of all kings.

At the age of twenty-eight, I was introduced to one particular evangelical Christian church and to the idea of becoming a born again Christian. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and to forgive me of my sins, and I was told that I had become “born again”. But I felt the teachings only scratched the surface and were watered down, so I was still searching for further truth. And I continued that way for the next ten years; spiritually strong, with my love for Christ growing tremendously daily – but I was still stuck in a state of spiritual amnesia.

God had been trying to show me how to release myself from this state of amnesia, but I had missed it for the past forty years because I had forgotten to please God with my FAITH and I had forgotten his WILL. I had forgotten to follow his WORD and his WAY. Clearly, I had subjected to my own environment and to the reformation of the few church systems I was previously involved in. My mind, body and spirit had not been JUSTIFIED and SANCTIFIED, and I did not know how to receive nor walk in the HOLY SPIRIT.

On October 4, 2010, I was involved in a severe car collision. I was driving on the freeway heading to an architectural seminar when an 18-wheeler truck collided into my car, slamming into my car with 3 consecutive impacts to the rear of the driver side of my vehicle. It was raining heavily at the time of the collision, so with the combination of the truck’s mass, vehicular speeds, and weather conditions, I was blessed to be still alive.  God was with me that day, as he has been every other day of my entire life. However, this incident left me in tremendous, excruciating pain, and with time the pain became more intense.

My life changed as of that day; my diagnostics included chronic back pain, leg pain, severe constipation, urination/urethra dysfunction, perineum dysfunction, urogenital dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, and two herniated disc protrusions L3/L4 5mm and L4/L5 4mm – all due to severe trauma from the car accident. My wife and I researched and found top doctors in the field for me to visit. For the next three years, I must have seen at least twenty different doctors and specialists to help relieve me of my pain. I underwent numerous amounts of physical land and water therapy long with various different types of excruciating tests and epidurals. Despite all of these tests and treatments, I had subjected myself to, not one of them helped to alleviate my condition.

I am including an excerpt from a medical report written by one of my doctors, the highly reputable Dr. Sheldon Jordan, ABMS Board Certified in Pain Medicine, Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology: (Interventional Neurology and Pain Management Report) “I am treating Antonio Rouhana for painful herniated lumbar discs and pelvic floor dysfunction with bladder, bowel and urogenital dysfunction caused by a vehicular accident October 4, 2010. As a result of the above permanent and stationary conditions, he is completely and permanently disabled for all occupations as well as for his regular occupation as an Architect. The effective date of disability is the day of the subject accident. There is no great chance of success with back surgery either for pain relief or for improvement of his pelvic complaints, so he is electing not to proceed with the latter option. Medications and physical therapy are the only recommended therapy that has a reasonable balance of risk and benefit, although the latter options will not have any chance of returning him to work.”

By this time, we had also already been dealing with my son’s physical and behavioral hardships for some time. (For a detailed explanation of our journey with our son, please refer to my wife Lorena’s testimony.) The waves of the rocky sea were indeed at their highest peak. I found myself, at 40 years of age, left physically and emotionally challenged from many angles, mentally frustrated but spiritually walking with Jesus – but not IN Jesus. My wife, too, was not yet in Jesus herself. Therefore my wife, being the spiritual “neck” of the family, was dislocated from my spiritual “head”, and we became like one blind leading another blind. My son, a spiritual member of our body, was flopping everywhere without a brake to slow him down. I had not directly shared my son’s issues with anyone from my side of the family at the time, but they all gradually became aware that something was not right with him. As our son grew a little older, every time they saw him it was more obvious to all that this was becoming serious.

The boat in our rocky sea was about to get tipped over, and sink, when one day I received a phone call from my sister. My sister and I talk on a regular basis and are in constant communication, but all she wanted to share with me on this particular day was that my brother Pierre had been trying to get a hold of me from Lebanon. Since he had been unable to, he asked that my sister pass on the message to me, to share the dream he had about me the night before. In the dream, he was rubbing my back and entire body with oil. He did it repeatedly until he was able to see every vein in my body circulating with blood. He said to my sister, “Tell my brother Antonio that he is going to be healed from his back pain and all his dysfunctions”. During this period of time, I was in the midst of receiving painful epidural injections, which were only sending me into further extreme bouts of excruciating pain instead of providing the intended relief. So when she shared this message with me, I laughed at the news and at the very thought that I could ever be healed from all of this. And so, I dismissed it and didn’t give it much thought.

Months passed and I continued to endure the hardships of my son’s well being and of my own physical pain, walking with the Lord but not walking in Him. Then early one morning I decided to call my brother Pierre in Lebanon and finally shared with him everything that we were going through with our son. My brother talked to me about God and Jesus, discussed the Word, and shared the Prophetic Revelation of Brother Gan such as “The Message of the Hour”, “The Marriage of the Lamb”, “The Original Sin”, “Logos: The beginning of the creation of God”, “The Final Events”, and much more. This was new food for my soul, a new source of light, the “manna” that I had hungered for. We talked on the phone that day for hours and hours. I confided in Pierre that my son needed help fast, and that I was losing him every second. He prayed with me, and assured me that there was nothing wrong with my son (as I always knew deep down to be the truth), or with my own physical health. He taught me to put aside my physical conditions, and take a position and trust in Jesus to heal me, and my son. 

My brother Pierre promised he would request for a fellow brother in Christ, Brother Nice, to give us a call and guide us in prayer. A few days later, late one evening, my wife and I received a phone call from Brother Nice, and we spoke to him for the first time. In the name of Jesus, he prayed with my family for the healing of my son, for the healing of my physical pain and dysfunctions, for my wife, and for our family as a whole. My son’s physical problems began to heal instantly, until they vanished entirely. (Again, please refer to my wife’s testimony to understand the magnitude of our son’s health and behavioral problems.) This complete healing of my son is one of the miracles God has performed in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

As I began to read the Prophetic Revelation messages of Brother Gan, my faith and understanding of the truth began to deepen. As my knowledge in the truth grew and my faith strengthened, so did the power of my prayers. I supplicated to God in Jesus’ Name to make my pain go away and for the dysfunctions to heal. I believed I would be healed, just like the dream my brother Pierre had shared with me a few months before. I made the decision to stop all the medications, treatments and therapy sessions, for I knew that with faith, and faith alone, Jesus would heal me. Shortly after, one morning I woke up and for the first time since the accident years before, I felt absolutely no pain at all. The dysfunctions and complications were gone, never to return again since the summer of 2013.

Those who will first believe will see; and those who need to first see in order to believe will never see.

I had hungered all those years prior for a revelation of the truth, for knowledge, for understanding of the Word of God. Reading Bro Richard Gan’s messages and explanations of the Bible were spiritual food for my soul. They awakened my seed and I am no longer in spiritual amnesia. It was the REVELATION I needed of God in order to TRUST fully in His Son, Jesus Christ. I needed to forget all my conditions and take a POSITION to walk in the Word.

No doctor was able to heal me, no therapy was able to provide comfort, no medication was able to free me. Jesus is the only answer for everything in life. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)


Testimony of Lorena Rouhana