Our Personal Testimony,
my wife and I
to the Ministry of Richard Gan,
the Servant of God
by Bro. and Sis. Paul Lubega
(26 April, 2004)


After reading two books of Brother Richard Gan entitled "The Original Sin" and "What is the Message of the Hour?" I was very highly impressed to know more about the message of the hour preached by our prophet, Branham.

With great desire I started reading Gan's books. Not only that but also I liked to meet him face to face.

During 1989-1999 when I got his books it was difficult in our country for a believer to read any other books other than the message books of the prophet printed by the "Voice of God" recordings, Jeffersonville, USA.

Some fellow ministers intimidated me to stop reading those books of Brother Gan because it is "an abomination". I refused their words because I know it is not true. I went on reading many books of brother Gan as I could, and even up to now.

I started to pray for him so that God may bless him in his ministry and give him the way of visiting our country. And that came as I wished, then I understood that Brother Gan is a servant of God.

It is good enough for me that in our country there were some ministers reading the same books and they had a desire to invite him. That church is called, "Little Flock Church".  It is near Kampala City. At that time it was pastored by the late Peter Ochola. This church is a sister church to us. One day they suggested to invite Brother Gan to the country. We agreed and invited him at the end of the year 1991 to our yearly convention. I was happy and pleased because God had answered my prayers.

The programme of his visit to our country was well arranged that he was able to visit our churches in the Eastern part at Soroti. Soroti is one of the biggest town in the Eastern region.

My church is called "Snow White Dove", 13 miles from Kampala City. If you are to go to Soroti you have to take the road that pass near our church. We agreed in the meeting that Brother Richard Gan would meet us in our home which is just near to our church.

Brethren from the "Little Flock Church" and our precious visitor, Brother Richard Gan, reached my home at exactly 9 a.m. to go to Soroti.  Immediately I welcomed him to my house and asked him to pray for my wife because she had a problem in the stomach for about 12 years. And he prayed for some other believers in our church as well. It was a short service of praying for the sick. Instantly they were all healed but my wife didn't.

My wife saw a vision. When Brother Gan was praying for her, she saw Brother Gan's right arm operating her stomach and pulling away chaffs from it.  When I asked her what that means, she said, "It means that I will be healed by that arm which has operated me, the right arm of Brother Gan was a sign of operation for me. Yes, no one in any corner of the world will be able to pray for my healing other than being operated upon."

I myself doubted her. I tried to get many ministers from my country to pray for her, even the visiting ministers from abroad, but all were in vain. That took five years since our Brother Gan had prayed for her. Therefore her pain continued until she was admitted to hospital to be operated and she got healed in the year 1996. Her vision was fulfilled.

Brother Gan preached six sermons in his visit. In his last sermon he talked about his life and his commission. When he was speaking, my wife saw above his head a ball of fire shining like fine brass.

We did not know its significance at first but the Lord later gave us the understanding. I know that the Spirit of God is still in His Word, in His Ministry for today. Brother Branham may be gone but God's Word is alive and is made real through the Apostolic Ministry. The Pillar of Fire is still in the midst of the assembly of true believers.

Also, the Pillar of Fire is like shining fine brass.  What is shining fine brass? Read Rev.1:15; Num.21:9; Deut.28:23.

Brother Branham said (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, page 55): "Brass is noted for its remarkable hardness, that is exactly right for brass signifies divine judgement, a judgement that God decreed and brought to pass.

In the time of Moses he made a serpent of brass and put it upon a pole and it came to pass that if a serpent had bitten any man when he beheld the serpent of brass he lived. Israel had sinned, sin had to be judged.

In the time of Elijah, he withheld the rain and the fiery heaven became as brass."

Therefore that sign over the head of Brother Gan represents that the Word being ministered was judging sin of unbelief, divine judgement that had already fallen upon sin. Therefore whoever accepts the significance of it shall be made whole.

I believe that the shining pillar of fine brass over his head means that God is judging the hearers through Gan's messages. God is speaking against the errors caused by many preachers in the endtime message. And it shall be wise for every believer of the endtime message to take heed to God's Word which called for total separation from unbelief.

I therefore request all the believers, wherever you are, to listen to Gan's teaching and to check it with the Word. He holds the Apostolic ministry to set in order the things of God. I therefore believe his teaching and his ministry.

May God bless you all.

Paul Lubega
Pastor of "Snow White Dove Church"
P.O.Box 501, Mukono - Uganda (East Africa)
Mobile phone - 071 872954