Brother Orsel B. Dumanon
House of Prayer,
Baan Mahogany, Butuan City,
8600 Philippines


My family was religious but not Godly, sincere but deceived, as what some people would say. At the age of 8 years old, I was already serving the Philippine Independent Roman Catholic Church and was always with the priest assisting the church activities. When my older brother was converted to the Lord Jesus Christ we left the Philippine Independent Roman Catholic Church and started fellowshipping in an Assemblies of God church. That was in 1968. All our Roman Catholic idols were destroyed.

My father became a Christian worker in the Assemblies of God and was pioneering in Vinapor, Carmen, Agusan del Norte.  He did evangelistic work. He established a church as well. When my father seriously studied the Word of God, it dawned upon him the importance of separation from unbelief from the following texts of the Scriptures: Rom.16:17; 2 Cor.6:14-18; Gal.5:20 which were opened up to him by the Lord. So we separated from the Assemblies of God and started a new ministry, pioneering in Butuan City. We started a non-sectarian, a non-denomination fellowship and about that time the baptism in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ was revealed to my father. My father was working in the government agency supporting the family so that the ministry could continue. In 1973 the books of William Branham came into the midst of our church and we found them a blessing such as "Why I Am Against Organized Religion", "Running Away From The Presence Of The Lord", "Doing God A Service Without His Will", "The Serpent Seed", and many more.

In 1975, my father told me that I should start preaching in the church. I told my father that I can help him in the preparation or arrangement of the church service and to lead the congregation in worship and any other things but not to preach because I don't want to be a minister of the Gospel. I just want to help in the church and just be a lay person. But my father was always reminding me to take the pulpit.

I stopped going to church and married a Catholic girl, then we had a baby in 1977 but she was a sickly baby. After only 6 months in our hands the Lord took it away from us. I was desperate and I told my wife that if we ever want to have another baby we must repent and return to the Lord and serve Him for I was reading the message "Running Away From The Presence Of The Lord" and "Just Once More, Lord". So we repented and returned to the Lord to serve Him.

In 1978, my father left for Cebu and did the pioneering work together with the family. Because I was married, I was left in Butuan City to take care of the church. The message of the prophet was taught. We had two American missionaries, Bros. Ray Maddox and Larry Hart, who visited us often, especially during the 3 days "Holy Week" period of each year. And it was during such a period in 1983 that I received a telegram from them to meet a Bro. Richard Gan at the airport. Both the Americans were unable to come to our convention.

Being that the Filipinos were somewhat Americanized I thought Bro. Richard Gan was an American missionary, and so I was looking for an American man at the airport! It was only after the small domestic airport was almost empty of people that I found a pastor (Bro. Alvarado) talking to a Chinese man, whom I found out was Bro. Gan. I introduced myself and invited him to our fellowship but he went ahead to the pastor’s church in Gingoog City and promised that he will return on the third day. So we continued our fellowship with Bro. Vincente Dumanon, my father, as our speaker. On the third day, Bro. Richard Gan visited our church and introduced himself and his ministry.

After we heard him preached, we pressed for a discussion on some topics centered around the Endtime Message. A sister saw a white dove in the church above the head of Bro. Richard Gan and in the night God revealed to me this man whom I saw him standing in front of me holding my shoulders and putting me in the rock, saying, "Stay in the Rock".

God confirmed the ministry of my precious brother, Richard Gan, and we invited him back to the Philippines to conduct a lecture-seminar about the Godhead and some other doctrines. We sent out invitation to different ministers in Mindanao, Visayas and some parts of Luzon. After that I received a surprise letter from the two American missionaries. They stated that the good teacher of the Word was my father and reminded me of a warning issued from the USA about false ministers existing in the Endtime Message who taught that there was seven years left for the Jews (a big issue at that time). The letter was to warn me about Bro. Gan. So I prayed to the Lord about this and went forward with the said convention.

After the seminar-lecture was over, I found that except for a few, most of the ministers were satisfied being blessed by the teaching of the Word, especially on the topic of the Godhead. We requested Bro. Gan for more of his books to help the church established in the Word of God.

I was rejected by most of the Endtime ministers in our country for accepting Bro. Richard Gan in our church but this situation did not discourage me and the church from reading and understanding the contents of the Prophetic Revelation books, for it was spiritual food to our souls.

After that convention the white American missionaries did not come to visit our church anymore. That did not discourage me, for the prophet William Branham said, "I don't pray for America, for America is finished." This is very true for I have met many Filipino ministers who said to me that they have been visited by missionaries from America who taught unscriptural doctrines. Some of the doctrines were 'Two Souls', 'All mysteries of God were revealed to Bro. Branham’, ‘No pastor but "pastor" is Bro. William Branham’ (listening to sermon tapes of the prophet on Sunday worship), ‘Seven Thunders are the Seven Church Age messengers’, ‘Seven Thunders are the interpretations of the Seven Seals’, ‘Seven Thunders are the statutes of the perfect man’, ‘Seven Thunders are the messages being brought forth by the five-fold ministry’, etc. So many false doctrines were brought by the American missionaries. This was confirmed by what I witnessed in the words spoken by two American missionaries at the Camp-meetings in Manila last December 25, 2001. At the meal table with some ministers, one of the missionaries, Tom Short (he came to the camp to look for Bro. Gan with the intention to correct his teachings), said, "I came to the Philippines to correct the confusions brought by some missionaries…" but another missionary, John Henry, said to him, "It was we Americans who brought the confusion and false doctrines into the Philippines." John Henry was a minister who preached that the Word of God is the Absolute whereas the other one was using the books of the prophet. One Filipino minister came and said to me, "If I will accept his doctrine of 'Two Souls', material blessings would follow".

I am glad that with the true Apostolic ministry of God, every true believer will be established in the Word of God. I thank God for His cares, not only in overcoming the lust of the flesh, but also to overcome the teachings of the devil.

Here are the testimonies of some ministers that are blessed by the Prophetic Revelation books:

Bro. Eliezer Delligos, a pastor in Gingoog City, Endtime Message Church, gave this testimony that after he was converted to the Lord and believing the prophet-messenger, Bro. William Branham, he was preaching what the prophet said and not even using the Bible whenever he stood at the pulpit. He just took one Spoken Word book, read the message and expounded the content until the whole church was focused on just the spoken words of the prophet. He said to me, "This is the routine, just preaching from the Spoken Word books in the church" until I visited him and gave him these Prophetic Revelation books: "What Is The Message Of The Hour ", "Discrepancies", and "Hearing, They Hear Not ". And he thanked the Lord for now he is preaching and teaching the Word of God in his congregation with the Bible as his Absolute.

These ministers, Bro.Timothy Cabactulan, Bro. Nathaniel Real, and Bro. Jeffrey Cascon are pastors in Misamis Oriental region. They all compared reading materials with the Bible and found out that Prophetic Revelation books had much to contribute in edifying and maturing the Christian Believers. Glory and honour to the Lord, Who always supply spiritual foods for the maturing of the Bride (Ephesians 4:11-15).

A believer came down from Manila and she fellowship in the church of Bro.Jeffrey Cascon. After two years of fellowshipping in the church she understood the message and is now very established in the Truth. Then there came along a minister who visited her and tried to draw her to his church, accusing that Bro. Gan was not a believer of the prophet and his message. And her answer was that Bro. Richard Gan was a believer of the prophet and his message and had a true understanding of the message. I thank the Lord for her stand.

There are other ministers and believers whose faith are built up when they were confronted with the Apostolic truths as taught by Bro. Gan. They are glad for the message of the prophet, Bro. Branham, and also for the teachings of Bro. Gan which help them to be established in the Faith of the Word of Christ. They are glad that they no longer are trapped in the confusion and false teachings brought to the Philippines by many American missionaries, especially those who made Bro. Branham infallible.

Bro. Branham said that we need scriptural correction. So, if people think that I am following a man-made doctrine, show the Scriptures and I will listen to him. As sure as I am standing in the Rock (Revelation) with the help of a God-given Apostolic ministry, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ and glorify His Wonderful name. In the field of the ministry I remain faithful to the calling of God associating myself with the "Truth" ministers of God.

Orsel Dumanon
(24 June 2002)