Updated: 26 Dec.2008


June 2004

My full name is Moses Arap Segite. I fellowship at Lelboinet Bible Believers, P. O. Box 83 Chepkorio, KENYA, E. Africa.

I thought of taking a little time; and write something on how the ministry of Apostle Richard L. S. Gan and his PROPHETIC*REVELATION message books have a great impact on us here in East Africa, especially here in Kenya and in Uganda.

I got saved in a denominational church (A.I.C.) in 1972, and by God’s grace came to know the message of Malachi 4 ten years later in 1982. In those days the message of the hour was being preached in simplicity and under anointing of the Holy Ghost. The BIBLE was the only revered book then, and preachers preached the Bible ONLY. The only doctrine was the LOVE of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But it was not too long that our new found liberty was tampered with. In 1993 a doctrine emerged that preachers must go to the pulpit carrying with them several books of our precious brother and prophet messenger to the Age, William Branham. Overnight we had teachers of "laws" preaching tons of quotations without one ounce of salvation and the joy that usually accompanies the preaching of the Word. Many churches were spiritually stagnated as a result of this kind of preaching. Common and unlearned Kenyans ceased from preaching as they couldn’t read the English version of the sermons preached by the prophet in order for them to quote. I remember too well that in those days a sermon/quotations would be preached in the morning; and then another one in the afternoon ― in contradiction. Brethren, it's my conviction that nothing can be accomplished through quotations, and it's my humble prayer that the messages of the prophet be left in the context they were preached in and be read and understood within its own context.

It was during this trying moments that we came across a message by our precious Bro. Richard L. S. Gan. The message was in a book entitled "What is the Message of the Hour?"  For me, after going through this message book, half of my problems were answered and I was very thankful to God. If we’ve been blessed to understand truth, it behooves us to obey it and allow it to guide and sustain us. Since then, we been reading Prophetic*Revelation books and when Bro. Gan was physically with us he encouraged us to also read Bro. Raymond Jackson's publication, "The Contenders".  For me, this was very unusual as many ministers we knew were jealous and very dogmatic with what they say and rarely talked well of another person's ministry.

Through PROPHETIC*REVELATION ministry, I have had a better understanding on the Serpent Seed and the Godhead after reading "The Original Sin" book and the "Logos" book respectively. We have had a better understanding of the Word through the ministry, and because of this, fellowships have been revived and strengthened, resulting in the churches embracing the PRESENT TRUTH with steady grown both spiritually and in numbers.

If the sheep are fed with fresh green grass (Revealed Word), they’ll no doubt multiply themselves. Using the various books and tracts and other publications of Prophetic*Revelation, we were able to address the needs of young converts, the sinners and denominational people. Since our encounter with Bro. Richard L. S. Gan, our Fellowship grew from 25 people to now about 150 members.

Yes, as Jesus is lifted up, He’ll draw men to himself. God’s Word is forever true for He is Light and in Him is no darkness (1 John 1:5).

In the Northern Uganda, the ministry have had an impact there. In the last two conventions I have attended, there have been more than one thousand congregation in attendance. Even Government officials talked well of the message and how it was changing the warring Karamajong people.

God help us that we live and walk according to His will. He willed that His Bride be perfected by the Word through Eph. 4:11 ministries. PROPHETIC*REVELATION ministry of Apostle Richard L. S. Gan is ONE such ministry.

God bless you.


UPDATES...26 December 2008

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It is now about four years since I last wrote my testimony on how the Prophetic*Revelation Ministry of Apostle Richard Gan has a great impact upon my evangelistic ministry right here in Kenya.

Many Bible believers too, who have had a chance to read the Prophetic*Revelation message books or the chance to hear Bro. Gan administered the Word of God have never remained the same. The above is true of me in the early 1990s when I took the trouble to attend a Christian convention in Kampala, Uganda, where this man of God was also in attendance. Prior to my going, I encountered a great deal of opposition from some groups of believers who fanatically claimed Bro. Gan doesn’t believe Bro. Branham. This never discouraged me from going to the convention for I believe that a believer ought to believe in the person of Jesus Christ for their salvation and way of life and not on Bro. Branham who was just a vessel of God.

I knew also that Bro. Branham, the messenger to our age, had emphasized on the importance of the Scriptures. He said his Absolute was the Holy Bible.  Amen. One ought to have a thinking man’s filter.

Everybody is invited to search the Scriptures and to prove all the teachings by the Word of God. Do not lean on your understanding and do not blindly believe in hearsay. But be like the noble believers in Berea who not only believed and received the word with all readiness of mind, but they searched the scriptures daily, as to whether those things taught by Paul and Silas were Scripturally true. (Act 17:10-11).  When you open your Bible, my brother, ask God to open your heart.

Now, limping and assisting myself with a walking stick, and armed with my King James Bible, to Kampala I went.  During the meetings, I sat in a strategic place to hear so as never to miss any word from this ‘heretic’.  But the contrary was the fact – contrary to what was rumored about the man I saw the opposite. This man was preaching the unadulterated Word of God.

Walls built through many years of gospel partiality were broken down and an idol that had taken the place of God came tumbling down in my life.  I left Kampala for home both physically and spiritually healed.  Yes, Jesus had made me whole once again. (Eccle.9:10-11).

I know for sure that if the seed in you is the Word of God you will no doubt receive what is from God. The law of production demands that each seed produces its own kind – wheat will beget wheat and tares will beget tares. The rain and soil enrichment will never change the seed in you!

The above has been true amongst the 43,000 different registered denominations here in Kenya. Their members swell each month as 6,000-plus seek to register themselves. They are really DeMoN IN NaTioN.

Religion is fast becoming a tool of deception as men play God. Here in this country there was one by name of Jehovah Wanyonyi, a leader of the lost Israelites of Kenya sect, with a following of more than 3,000 followers who claimed they were the chosen few and thought the world with end July 1997.

In 2006, Eliazer Kamotho, the leader of the “House of Yahweh” thought that God was to punish the world by destroying the whole planet because man refused to observe and keep the 613 laws. They dug bunkers and stored assorted food stuffs as they believed the world was to end 12/9/2006.

Last but not least was Mr. James Mburu Kamau, a 19-year old, who in 2004, claimed the Holy Spirit instructed him to cohabit and serve a 71-year old women in the neighborhood. Both adherents were of the "Arataa Roho Mutheru" (Friends of the Holy Ghost) Sect.

The strange religious bug hasn’t spared even the learned and the rich. For spirits don’t have boundaries. There is a Kenyan lawyer who often reports at high court with sackcloth wrapped around his suit. He too has announced that the world will end on 18/7/2010; about a year and a half from now.

Brethren, seeing from the above, we conclude by saying that churches are no longer safe from such marauding preachers whose greedy eyes are set on the wallets of their gullible followers.

The post election violence last December in Kenya revealed what really is in these lodges. Many churches were broken due to partisan and sectarian spirits that overtook their shepherds. In the process lives were lost and property destroyed. But we thank the Almighty God ourselves for keeping us Bible Believers intact through fellowship though we are composed of several different tribes – Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luos, Luhyas and others who in the eyes of outsiders were conflicting tribes. By and through His grace no live was lost and no property was destroyed amongst our believers because we walked in the present Truth Message – the message of the hour!

Some brethren who were anticipating more violent trouble to continue during that post election time left in January to sought refuge in our sister church of our precious brother, Pastor Vianey, in Kigali, Rwanda. They later returned home safely with a message of love and humility, thanking God for enabling them to meet with the believers and brethren in Kigali during that period of chaos.

In the month of February, March and April, God enabled me to preach through a local radio station here in the city of Eldoret and I was able to reach ¾ of Kenyan population with the truth of God and touching on the messages of the Godhead, water baptism by immersion in Jesus’ Name and other related doctrines. The message on the One God disturbs hell and them that are associated with it. (See how Matthew 28:19 had been misinterpreted and had given rise to a Triune God? Jesus gave out His commission based on the above scripture and Rome gave her commission based on the same yet resulting in a different mode of baptism other than that of the Apostolic one of Acts 2:38. The Catholics assert the Father and the Son are co-eternal? Jesus would not be truly a “Son” nor can the Father be truly a “Father” if they are as ‘old’ as each other. “Co-eternal” means they have to be exactly of the same ‘age’.

The plain truth is God is ONE: Elohim Yahweh, ONE.  Rev.4: 2: “One sat on the Throne.” Here I must commend the Prophetic*Revelation Ministry for their continuous publication of the booklet – “Logos: The Beginning of The Creation of God” which have proved a very useful book on the subject of the Godhead and on the TRUE water baptism.  I am also grateful for the two tracts on “Ecumenism” and on “Water Baptism in JESUS’ NAME”. These materials from the Prophetic*Revelation ministry have tremendously helped me in my personal evangelism. By them more souls have been reconciled to God, and many have come to know the Lord in a very personal way.

You too can help in spreading the gospel of the Kingdom by using these available materials and help look for that one last lost soul – probably in our jungle of Africa or in your country before the rapture takes place.

God bless you.