Our Testimonies
by Bro. Lawrence & Sis. Wendy Khoo








Bro Richard,


We enclosed our testimony for the glory of God.  We have been in the fellowship for a short while now after leaving you and the fellowship in 1997.   I want to thank God for bringing us back to the fellowship.


We believe God gave us a message of restoration to His Word through a godly man, Bro. Bill Branham, who knew the Lord and loved His Word.  But sad to say that many followers of his have created a “movement” that no longer looks to the Lord but to him (the prophet Branham) and his sermon messages and quotes.  This resulted in chaos and strife among the groups.  That’s the reason why we have decided to leave “this movement”, a "school of chaos", where only the sermon messages are being taught and believed, and because of the stand and position the people have taken which are unrealistic.  We felt, after staying too long in “this movement”, we had begun to slavishly imitate or parrot some well-known quotes or phrases of Bro. Branham in agreement and in taking side with the people so that we would be accepted within the group.  By God's grace, Wendy and I have been always looking around to see where the anointing of God is resting at this present moment and we want to fellowship with all who walks in the light (1John 1:7).  Please forgive us for all the foolishness and blindness that happen to us because of disobedience to God.  Pray that God gives us wisdom to understand and know His ways.


Thank the Lord for bringing us back in fellowship and for the prayers of the brothers and sisters.


God bless you and all at home.


Lawrence Khoo
29 May, 2006

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


My Testimony:


I thank God for His mercy and grace which led me to repentance and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.


I cannot remember or recollect very much about the past, events that led me to receive the Lord Jesus, as it happened very long ago.  I have gone through struggles and made many mistakes in my life because of the influence I had gotten from false teachings.  But the Lord has been good to me in spite of my mistakes. He has lifted me up and kept me going in His faith.  Having gone through some tough and difficult places in my life’s journey, I found that the Lord has helped me to know Him better. 


I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour in one of the church meetings that I attended many years ago. If I remember it right, I had to recite the sinner’s prayer from a book.  Although I might have said the right words at that moment, it was repeated without any real meaning. I thought I was saved but never actually understood what salvation was. I continued attending quite a number of church services and each time there was an altar call, I would go forward to receive the Lord but was still unsure whether the Lord had come into my life. It went on like that for many years and I knew I was unstable in my faith.


It was some time around the early 1980’s that the Lord dealt with my life.  I remember how he put a burden in me to hunger and thirst for His Word.  That became the turning point and later, I got to know about the message of Bro. Branham through my uncle who came and told me about a certain such meeting being held.  He phoned to ask me if I would like to go.  I told him that I certainly would. I had fellowship with the believers and got to know about the message through the books and tapes of Bro. Branham. Sometime after that, I got baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This marked the beginning of my conversion to the true Christian faith. I felt good for some time as I was learning quite a bit about the truth and revelation of God’s Word for the first time.  


How blessed it is to know the truth of God’s Word, which has liberated me from bondage. However, through the years, I found myself spiritually dry, because I was listening only to quote after quote of Bro. Branham at every church meeting.  For those who have been to such meetings, they will understand what I am trying to say.  Many message believers today have gone to the extreme of trying to equate the message with the Word of God instead of understanding that the message of Branham is a pointer to the Sacred Scripture, the Word of God. I felt that it was getting far too erroneous, for it was adding to God’s Word. Having listened to all those crazy ideas, opinions and false teachings in those church meetings for too long, I became confused and blinded from the truth. I was not growing very much spiritually.  But I praise the Lord for delivering me from the deception of those false teachings. For I can now, only truly listen to God and His Word. As Jesus Himself said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. (John 8: 32)


After many years of drifting about, the Lord had finally answered my longings for His truths.  My wife, Wendy, and I had always wanted to find a place to fellowship but Satan had always hindered us from getting back to fellowship. By God’s grace, Wendy’s request to the Lord to lead us back into fellowship, came through in a dream.  We are now back in fellowship with Bro. Richard Gan and all the saints in his assembly. Thanks be to God for the grace given to Bro. Richard to minister the Word of Life to the Body of Christ and keeping us all in tune with the revelation of God’s Word.  Praise God that Wendy shared the same view as I did on the importance of fellowship in the Body of Christ.  We are glad to be part of the fellowship that stands for the Word of God.


Through all the victories and defeats I have experienced in my own life, I have come to learn a number of things the hard way. I thank God for molding me in the things I had suffered in my life. If I had not experienced all these things, I do not think I would ever see the hand of God solving all my problems.


I am so glad that the Lord has given me another chance to start again from where I had failed Him.  I learnt that my walk with the Lord became a struggle from the very start of my Christian life, because my foundation in God’s Word was not well founded.  It was very shaky.   Therefore I was tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.   My anchor was not grounded and rooted in God’s Word.  That is how Satan managed to rob me of the assurance and joy of salvation. It is good to know God’s Word.  The sad mistake I made was neglecting the Word of God in my early days. The Lord has shown me what I have missed out by not knowing Him. Praise the Lord!!  And because the Lord has allowed me to see the truth, I will never again throw away this chance so lightly and regret it at the end of my life. By God’s grace alone, I hope to keep pressing on to perfection together with all the saints.


I thank the Lord for showing me the way to Salvation and am very thankful that the Lord has taken away this insecure feeling that I once had.  I praise the Lord for His assurance and everything He has done so freely for me at Calvary. Thanks be to God that I am passed from death to life in Christ. I can never again doubt Him about His salvation plan for me.  I want to thank the Lord Jesus for shedding His precious blood so that my sins could be forgiven and blotted out completely.  All Glory to His Name!!!! It is exciting to see God’s will and plan being fulfilled by what He has performed in my life.   It really helps and encourages me to trust Him more.  I know that I am far from being perfect and am still learning along the way.  I need the Lord’s continual guidance each day.


May the Lord keep me pressing onwards, together with all the saints toward perfection of the faith in Christ.  I thank God for His rest (Heb 4:10 & 11), joy in His Word and the Wonderful Name of Our Lord Jesus. Amen.


[24 Nov. 2007}


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Greetings in Jesus wonderful Name,


My name is Wendy.  I come from a family who worships idols and embraces Taoism.  Even though I studied in a mission school, Christianity never struck my mind.  I was working in Kuala Lumpur when a colleague of mine witnessed to me about the Lord Jesus.  I accepted the Lord and was baptized in a Baptist Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


In September 1988, I decided a change in my career and I made my way to Singapore to work in a Japanese MNC and got my permanent resident status in January 1989 and decided to stay put here.  I found a nearby A.o.G. Church to worship.  Later I was trained in evangelism and had gone to mission trips in North Thailand and Indonesia.  Working with a group of Mandarin speaking colleagues, I desired to reach out to them by bringing them to the Chinese Fellowship outings.  It was through one of these outings that a dear sister introduced me to Bro. Lawrence, and from there everything’s history as the saying goes.


I followed my husband to fellowship at Prophetic Revelation Bible Study Fellowship and was rebaptised in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ by Bro. Gan in 1994.  We had our son, Nathanael in December 1995.  I thanked God for giving us a healthy baby (named Nathanael), even though the doctor was worried for me because of my age.


In December 1997, at a time when my husband, Lawrence, was very low in spirit because of the passing away of his father, that a minister from Sydney, Australia, came to invite us to a convention that was being held in Malaysia.  This was the beginning of many ills and we soon left Bro. Gan’s fellowship.  Later the same minister came to us and encouraged us to “just stay home on Sunday and listen to Bro. Branham’s message and there’s no need to fellowship.”  He even told Bro. Lawrence “to be responsible for his wife where he brings her to fellowship”.  We believed all these and really stayed away from fellowship.  He gave us books that were not edifying to read.  By and by our walk with the Lord eventually started to drift further and further away.  We continued going for a few years but only when there was a convention.  Sometime later the believers there were split into two groups.  People started calling us to attend their conventions and we went from one to the other.  Soon we stopped going entirely as we have grown weary by the whole of "this movement".


All this time, God was teaching us something.  The LORD led us into learning some important truth in the Word and He encouraged us and gave us a direction and purpose to our life.  We stayed home for a while until we were invited to a convention here in Singapore.  After going for two conventions and months of fellowshipping, we told ourselves this was not the place.  We stayed away again.  We asked God for a place to worship where the Word of God is preached without compromise.  We had this feeling of rejection but we do not want to be branded as message-believers, where the prophet is being highly elevated and exalted, that is what denominations have termed such “message-believers” “Branhamites”.  We’ll rather be Bible-believers, staying true to the Scriptures.


One night I had a dream that I was traveling in a moving train, sitting all alone by myself.  Then came Bro. Gan and his wife to the same carriage.  I was too shy and embarrassed to look at him at first.  Then he started speaking to me, “I heard that you have left the other side.”  Replying, I said, “I thought of going back to your fellowship.”  “Oh! In that case, I will plan something for you,” he said.  Then I woke up from my dream.


Some weeks after the Chinese New Year of this year 2006, we plucked up our courage to return to the fellowship that we had wandered off.  From now on we just want to get right with God, walk close to Him and wait patiently for His coming.  Thank God for his loving kindness and faithfulness for guiding us back to His path.  We had learned a lesson through our own mistakes and we had failed repeatedly in our attempts to please God.  We know God has a glorious purpose to fulfill whatever maybe the failures of His children.  Therefore, we are learning from our failures, which may have been a part of God’s perfect plan to teach us a few unforgettable lessons as we walk with Him and always readily acknowledged our failures before Him.


It’s truly wonderful to be a child of God and never again can we doubt the love of God who has faithfully saved us by his mercy and grace.


We give God the Glory due to His Name.


Wendy Tan