Sharing the confirmation dream with you

My name is Kolætos Abraham Palmoni van Langeveld and I was born on the 28th of March, 1956 on the island of Curaçao, located off the coast of Venezuela. My native language is Papiamentu but I’m a Dutchman by nationality, because Curaçao is part of the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles is part of Kingdom of The Netherlands. My great-great-grandfather was a Dutchman and my mother’s ancestors come from the South American Indians. You could say that I’m a mix of two continents: Europe and South-America.

I got saved when I was about 12 years old in an Evangelical Church. I grew up in that church and when I felt the call of God to the ministry. And as it is customary in the denominations, I went for two years to a Bible School to become a minister of the Gospel. I remembered that the Lord touched my heart through a verse that I wrote that time on one of the first pages of my Bible:

1 Samuel 2:35 – “But I will raise up for myself a faithful priest who will do according to what  is in My heart and in My soul; and I will build him an enduring house, and he will walk before my anointed way.”

I have been a pastor and teacher since then. In 1981 I moved with my family to Holland. A year or two after I have moved to Holland with my family, around 1982/1983, the Lord gave me the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In this experience the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision, seated on a throne as in Revelation chapter four, but without the scene around the throne. Right after this vision He took me up in a heavenly dimension and baptized me into Himself.

Not long after He had revealed Himself to me as being One, I was water baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since that experience with Him, He has led me in a wonderful way to the full truth. He led me to the message of brother Branham and has confirmed the prophet’s ministry and message a couple of times to me in dreams. I can humbly say that the Lord, by His grace, has given me very special experiences with Him and has led me in wonderful ways to find the right ministries, those who are truly called of Him. I give the glory to Him. He still speaks through signs, visions, dreams, words of wisdom, words of knowledge and any other way He finds fit to do so. And when He does, it is always in conformity with the Bible. I give Him all the glory.

A couple of months ago I was surfing on the internet and the Lord led me to Bro. Gan’s website. I started reading the messages and listening to the audio sermons. But because reading messages from a computer isn’t so ideal and couldn’t print at that time, I emailed Bro. Gan and asked him to send me some of his books. After I got the books I started studying them intensively. As I did, God made it known in my heart that Bro. Gan’s ministry is a true biblical end-time apostolic ministry for the Bride.

On the 5th of July God gave me a wonderful dream to confirm this. He has given me an understanding of His ministration of the Word to bring about the perfection of the End-time Bride. I can truly say that the apostolic ministry of Bro. Gan is a part of His plan and purpose.

The Lord showed me that even though there would be other apostles, each with their own God-given “talents”, they would, by His Spirit, come to line up their revelations as they recognize God’s leadership. This will bring about the true and complete Holy Ghost unity among the true end-time apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. And from them it will go all the way to the Bride members.

As the unity of faith and perfection come in it will set the stage for the entrance of the final revival for the Bride that will take her into the rapture.

I realise what God has shown me was not a man-made religious hierarchy of offices in the Church. It’s just God’s purpose, as exampled in the Early Church (in the New Testament), to get rid of all confusion and take the end-time Bride to unity of faith and perfection. You see, everybody talks about unity and perfection, ignoring the great diversity in beliefs that exist among all the people who have accepted the Shout message. So, God has His pre-planned way for straightening out these things. Blessed are those who have been privileged to know how God is going to do it and to be a part of it.

All glory is to God that He has led me by THE SHOUT ministry of Brother W.M. Branham into the Promised Land of the Word, the Tent of His Word. Blessed be His Name that even right now He is leading me by His grace to unity of faith and perfection by THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL ministry – the true five-fold ministry. It’s a privilege to do the work of God by believing in him whom God has sent: even Bro. Richard Gan, an apostle of the Lord.

By the grace of God, after my perfection is completed, I look forward to the LAST TRUMP, to hear the SEVEN THUNDERS utter their voices to me and the other members of the true Bride (which will bring about the Bride’s revival and all it’s glorious revelations and manifestations followed by the resurrection), after which we will go home to be with the Lord Jesus. And since time is closing up on us, let’s be watchful as to what we hear and how we hear it!   [Brother Kolætos Abraham Palmoni van Langeveld; email:]


This is what I dreamt – July 5, 2005, somewhere around 6 o’clock in the morning. [Background -> the day before this (July 4, 2005) I did spend a lot of time behind the PC, listening and reading your messages and even though in my heart I was convinced, still God chose in His grace to give me this wonderful dream]:




Me and a gentleman, that I do not know, were driving on the highway in a kind of pickup. I was the driver. We drove to a place that seemed to look like a farm. We got out of the pickup and we met two tall men: they were approximately 2 meters tall. They were very calm and very amiable and looked like hillbilly-type farmers, dressed in farmer’s blue jeans.


Standing in the huge yard of the farmhouse, I saw a very tall tree. Right away this tree drew my attention. The tree was very tall, reaching high into the heavens. In fact, I have never before in my life seen such a tall tree. The tree towered above everything else in that area. Way up in the tree I saw clusters of white cloudy-looking stuff hanging from the top branches of the tree. These ‘things’ looked like they were the fruit of the tree. A closer look revealed that they looked like the sugary and very sweet delicacy we call ‘sugar spin’ in Holland (see example below – in my dream the clusters were much smaller than in the example – about the size of a man’s hand). 


[‘man eating sugar spin’  (cotton candy) − it seems to be some kind of a special syrup that they spin in a certain way on some kind of mechanical spinning apparatus and it becomes some kind of a very fluffy and light delicacy that is extremely sweet and melts in you mouth as soon it touches you tongue – children like it and you can always buy it at the fairs.]


The two men told us that they did not get the fruit of the tree down this year. They told us that the stuff in the tree is ‘sugar’ (implying that it has a sweet taste). As I looked at what the two men described as ‘sugar’, I was very much overpowered by the deep desire to taste the strange ‘sugar’ of this strange tree. Without saying anything about this, it seemed as if the two men had the ability to discern this secret thought within my heart. They decided that they were going to bring the fruit down, which made me very happy.


One of the two men decided that he was going to climb up the tree and get the ‘sugar’ down. Looking from where we stood and the height where the ‘sugar’ was, he had a lot of climbing to do. And seeing that the man wasn’t that young (both of them looked like they were in their sixties), I was wondering how he was going to get way up there to get the ‘sugar’ down. What happened next blew away my natural understanding away. The man went to lean with his back against the trunk of the tree. He raised his two arms and then placed the palm of his hands against the tree. And to my surprise he began to pull himself up and up and up, using only his hands. See illustration below (mind you, I’m not an artist).

And employing this unusual and gravitational impossible way of climbing, he miraculously reached the top of the tree in no time. Going up, in a mysterious way he took with him some kind of cable and a small weight, which he was going to use as a pulley to go up and down the tree until he finished bringing down all the ‘sugar’ from the tree. And so he did, until he had brought down all the ‘sugar’.


I wasn’t bashful to grab a handful of all this ‘sugar’ that was available. As I tasted it and ate it, it turned out to be the sweetest thing I have tasted in my whole life. I ate all that I had in my hand and I took another handful and put in the back pocket of my trousers.


Then the two men filled the cart we brought with us, that was connected to the back of the pickup, full of the ‘sugar-fruit’!  I assumed that they would store the rest of the sugar that was brought down from the tree in their barn. We thanked the two men and said goodbye to them. We stepped into the pickup and drove away. At this point I came

out of the dream and wrote it down.




Right away after my awakening, God gave me the interpretation to this dream. It kind of just dropped into my heart and I wrote it down. The first thing that came to me was that the dream was not only for me, but it is to be shared with other members of the Bride of Jesus Christ. So, I did share it with some brothers and sisters from Curacao I had ministered to in the past.


“The tall tree that you saw that reached way into the sky and which fruit looked like white ‘sugar spin’, is THE PRESENT DAY APOSTOLIC MINISTRY.  It is a ministry that is much higher than most present day ministries known up to now.


The two tall men that looked like farmers were not ordinary men, they were angels veiled in human temples. Their presence in administering the ‘sugar’ in the tree to visitors, points to God’s divine guidance in leading true believers to the true Spoken Word Ministries that have, and can serve, the true perfecting ‘Spoken Word’ for this hour. The way one of them climbed the tree proves that they were heavenly beings with supernatural powers. Even the way the climbing angel used a weight that was lighter than his body weight and a cable as a pulley to move himself up and down the tree is a feat that is humanly impossible to accomplish. In that the angels were two in number, point to phase 2 of the coming of Christ: His coming with THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL. (2 is also a number for a witness.)


The white cloud-like clusters hanging from the branches of the tree are truly its fruits. The reason they were called ‘sugar’ by the angels is because of their sweet taste. This ‘sugar’ is not really a fruit growing from the tree. But it is a fruit that hangs from the branches of the tree, because IT FALLS FROM HEAVEN INTO THE TREE, and as it falls it is caught by the branches in the top of the tree. It’s actually HEAVENLY MANNA. This manna was falling directly from heaven, from the throne of God, and was being caught and carried and made available by the tree.


The tree is the apostolic ministry you have been studying under for quite some time via the internet, and the manna are the audio and written messages on this site. The work of the angels, bringing down the manna and giving you and your companion a full load to take with you, signifies that the manna (from this ‘ministry-tree’) is served by God to this ‘ministry-tree’ and from this ‘ministry-tree’ to you and others who care to drive their ‘internet surfing pickup’ and reach this ‘farm-site’.  It’s free for the taking and it comes directly from my throne.


In that you were eager to get and taste the ‘manna’ shows your correct attitude towards the Word of God for this hour and your respect for those who have been called to speak it. And even though you sensed the sweet savour of the manna in your mouth, you know that it will have its souring but perfecting effect in your life as your spiritual stomach digests it.


In that you and your companion were given a full load of this manna, confirms that you did receive the manna-messages in book form from this ministry that you asked for and that you have also downloaded, read and listened to a lot of them on the internet site. So, it is true that you took a load of this manna with you.


In that you knew exactly how to drive to get to the farm where the tree with the manna was located, shows that you know the electronic address of this ministry’s site and you know how to get there and you also know where the ministry is located geographically.


Know that the companion that was accompanying you in the ‘pickup’ and that went with you wherever you went, and whom you were unable to recognize because of the human form, is my presence that silently guided you to where my ‘manna-farm’ was located. This faithful companion goes with you wherever you go and will always lead you to where the manna is.


The dream was given to YOU to confirm to YOU that this apostolic ministry is truly one of the various Spoken Word Ministries, that the Lord has ordained according to the diversity of manifestation in THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL phase. It was also given to give you,

discernment, in placing this ministry as one of the highest among the present day ministries for this Hour.”

[posted: 18 August, 2005]