of Sister Josephine Manaloto
[Ph.1, Blk.1 Lot 7, Sunshine Village, G.M.A. Cavite, 4117, Philippines]


I met Jesus Christ through reading the Bible because of a deep longing for God, or maybe it was the right and perfect timing of God's call for me to have my soul saved from a life that was full of sins.  Because of that His Word has become precious and a very clear to me.  All my questions have been answered and so was my deep desire too.

Then little by little as I listened to His Word, I got a feeling of fulfillment and contentment inside me lifting me up every time.  It seemed that God was pushing me upward.  This was in the year 1990 and then I was baptized in the Name of the Lor Jesus Christ.  All my sins were forgiven and I received the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Few months later I read a "Spoken Word" book of the prophet, Bro. Branham, and I was really blessed because it did make a big change towards my life's direction.  And again after a few months, there was this brother from Singapore, preaching the Word of God regarding "Glory to Glory", and it gave me more blessings.  Then I felt joy in my heart that pushed me to read his "Prophetic Revelation" books.  But while reading his books, I became confused with some of his words because it seems that there was a contradiction between Bro. Gan and Bro. Branham.  Though deep in my heart I do believe they were brothers in Christ, and that confusion then led me to pray.  I prayed and asked the Lord, "Lord, I know Bro. Branham and his ministry, and I understand Your purpose in his life.  But who is this Bro. Gan?"

Few years later, Bro Gan came back to Manila to attend the joint fellowship in which he was one of the preachers.  And while he was preaching, God showed me something about him and his ministry that he was just like a pillar in God's ministry, a foundation ministry in the church.

Through what God showed me, every time he would come to visit us here in Manila, I would not waste my chance to go and listen to every Word of God that he could share with us.  And that's by the grace of God.

I praise and thank the Lord Jesus because, even though I am just a woman, I am always blessed and able to receive the greatest thing from God, His Word, through His servants.

Sis. Josephine Manaloto,
Dec. 2003