I send my greetings to every one of you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Jonathan Togonon, a pastor of a small flock of God's people who heard and received the Message of God in the end time. Our place of worship is located at 2nd floor of C. B. Alforque Bldg., Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

I would like to share with you a short testimony of how I came to be acquainted with Richard Gan's ministry. I have known his name since my childhood. Back in those days my father, being a pastor, entertained many ministers local and foreign. I had no knowledge of how things went among ministers.

When the time came for me to be called into the ministry, I began to see how much confusion there were among the ministers. I went with ministers in their meetings and started hearing about different teachings and 'special' doctrines. But growing in my father's ministry taught me one important thing, that is to stay with the Word of God and teach nothing but what is written in it. I noticed that many ministers preferred to stay with the prophet's words even if they can't really see the confirmation of the Scriptures.

I first read the book of Prophetic Revelation in my teenage days. My father received many books from other ministers so I never really gave much attention. But later on I began to see the difference. My first real encounter of the truths presented in Prophetic Revelation publications happened when I read The Finale book. This compilation of different titles published earlier gave me a clear understanding of the final events before the return of Christ. For me, it could not be any clearer.

I know that there are many who oppose and speak against Bro. Richard's ministry. Some even burn his books and condemn his person. But it was Jesus who said that the tree is known by its fruit. God will be the judge. I believe that every one is entitled to his own opinion. I stick to God's opinion of His words. I have come to respect the ministry of this man of God as something that could really help clear the confusion among message believers today, if only they will read first before they judge.

Personally, it cleared my mind and helped stand firmer on the Word of God. It helped me understand where I really stand in the light of the Message of God in the end time. And because I know where I stand, I can show the people God entrusted to me in the ministry where and how they should stand on the Word.

Praise God for His bountiful grace.

Pastor Jonathan Togonon,
Quezon City, Philippines
23 July, 2002