My Testimony
Bro Joe Nel

Hi Brother Gan

As for ETM churches, I have found none yet in East London. We have a couple of charismatic churches and then a lot of traditional churches.

Brother Gan, You are asking how I came to the truth, so I am going to tell you a small testimony of myself.

I grew up in a religious Afrikaan-speaking church. Never knew God, only when and how the church started. Upon my confirmation I went fishing the weekend before and so much pressure was put on me by the elders and preacher and they were unsure whether they could confirm me into church as I went fishing instead of coming to church. I was a young man of 17 and that night I shouted in my room to God asking him why should I serve im or go to church as I do not know him. Needless to say that night I got a nightmare. It was a maze with a beginning and ends. One end was a cliff and the other end was a bright light. No matter what I did, I always fell off the cliff into darkness and woke up being scared. This carried on for about 2 years and then stopped. Life carried on for me and I got married. 7 Years after the first nightmare my wife and I submitted our lives to the Lord Jesus and that night I got the same dream again. Only this time I ended up in the bright light and woke up with great joy.

A while later I dreamed again of how I was walking with the Lord Jesus through a jungle and we came to a stream where I was washing the Lords feet. While washing the Lords feet a goat made a noise in the jungle and the Lord said to me. “Go and fetch that ooat and make him a sheep.”

Later on I also had a dream where I was kneeling in front of the Lord where he was sitting on a beautiful chair made of cloud. Around us was several flowers coming out of the cloud. These were lives I brought to the Lord.

I was always hunting and never satisfied. I was also in and out of churches thinking that the religious feeling and emotion I had was great. Yes, I backslid many times. Something was lacking though.

In my prayer life I always prayed for the Lord to show me the truth as the truth will set me free.

I changed jobs and I met a guy called Chris Vaghi (He has also mailed you already.) He told me about William Branham. When I read his manuscripts I knew that this was the truth. I could not stop reading, and finding your site helped me so much. I truly enjoy the way you explained eternity to eternity on charts.

Of late I had 2 more dreams. The one is where I was walking with a group of people and a cloud appeared. It was very ominous and I said to the people we should go back. We turned around and the next minute fire balls from heaven rained down on earth. I saw how these balls went right through walls and killing people. However, I had a pillow and with this pillow I could block the balls and no harm happened to me or anybody with me.

The next dream (about one year later and one year ago) was also a cloud and this went into the shape of a whip and went right around earth. I saw the whip hit down on earth and woke with the Lord telling me a third of the population has died.

Brother Gan, I'm no apostle but I fear God. I pray for my family every night as they cannot see the truth as I see it. Many of my family members I suspect think that I have lost the plot. (In other words, gone astray and do not follow religious church standards.) I can never go back though. Because once you know the truth, you can never look back again.

God bless, brother Gan