[Nadi, Fiji]

In 1993, I came to know the revelation of the message of God that had been given to us through His servant William Branham. My husband was the one who showed it to me. It was something different from what I had heard in denominational churches because it gave me a greater understanding of the Word. Because it is true, therefore I believed it. I started to move on with it and my immediate family started to go against me for what I believed. I never bothered to listen to them or go back to where I had come out of as I could feel a pull inside me towards this truth, so I just kept trusting and serving the Lord.

We moved from Suva to my husband’s village (Rakiraki) which is located in the western side of Fiji in 2001 due to my husband’s occupation. It was very hard for me to accept this because I want to be where the preaching of the Word is centred in the Word of God. To my understanding, no other person in Fiji can preach the Word of God like the pastor in Suva, who was a Branhamite. I went to seek advice from him about our move. He directed me to Bro.Tuidraki’s fellowship in Lautoka as it is very near to Rakiraki.

That really hurt as I was concerned about my spiritual life, but I thank God it was just according to His plan and purpose for me. I was soon to receive more understanding concerning the whole counsel of God in Lautoka.

The first Sunday I heard the Word of God from His servant, Bro Tuidraki. I knew it was something different again from what I heard from the former pastor in Suva.

On my way back to Rakiraki, the Word of God was burning in my heart and I couldn’t wait for another Sunday to come so that I could go to church.

I kept on going to hear the Word of God and continued to receive the fullness of the Word. The messages were inspiring, and the Bible became alive. Interestingly, I was inspired to move closer to God, and in doing so I came to understand the reality of the full Word of God that I had come into. Prior to this, all I knew was the “message of the hour” that had been taught by the Branhamic pastor in Suva. Now, I fully understand that the message of Bro. Branham was only a message that called me out of “church traditions” and pointed me to the full truth of the Word of God.

I didn’t want to miss any church service, even though I had to travel from Rakiraki to Lautoka. I kept thanking the Lord everyday for what He had shown me.  I had no pleasure living in Rakiraki. I begged my husband to move the family to Lautoka because the Word of God had really touched my life. I wanted to be near the town where the saints would gather for fellowship.

Much of the time I prayed and begged the Lord to provide a way, so I thanked God for opening a way for his servant Bro. Tuidarki to conduct services in the village of Rakiraki for one year.

Although we came through many trying challenges from the village chief and the people in Rakiraki (who refused to allow the saints to have Sunday service in the village community hall and thus had to relocate to a believing brother’s place on the outskirts of the village). However, this did not hinder my walk with the Lord or even stop the work of the Lord though my husband was away in East Timor for peacekeeping duties.

I thanked God Almighty for His love through his servant, Bro.Tuidraki, for Bro Tuidraki has given his whole life and sacrifice and is standing strong for this truth. His great support in my life physically, more so spiritually, is such that I am still able to continue on and to stand for this Endtime Truth.

While going through many trials and tribulations from the people with whom we lived in the village, God sent his Apostle, Bro. Gan, to visit Fiji. That was in 2004, on his first visit to Fiji, which turned out to be a blessing to me and the other saints.

God is so good; his love and care is my light and my salvation in the presence of my enemies. In 2006, there was no hesitation (and as I believe it was the right time) for us to separate from our families and to reside in Nadi Town. This was all because of God’s Word. We spent one month staying in Bro. Joape’s house in Nadi until we finally found our first house in the same town.

It was the most challenging part of my life. Because of the move, the family had to start from scratch; we had no food and no money at times. I cared for my five children as my husband was always away for his army duties and he only came home during the weekend. My children would always complain to me regarding our daily food. I told them the reason why we were going through these problems. I told them we have chosen a better way though a harder one, but this was God’s way for us to separate from our relatives and everything that opposed our faith. Yes, everyday was a challenge as I lived with God. I was happy with the many difficulties and sufferings I went through; they were nothing to me because I had always looked to the Word of God, a Word which is greater than anything in this world. I knew all these hardships that I was going through could not compare to the glorious hope I will receive. PRAISE GOD.

Finally, God restored what we lost since coming to this truth, my husband was promoted to a higher level in his profession. Since then, we have moved five times. Our present house is our fifth house and most of our landlords and neighbours have testified to us that “the life you live is very different from other people”.

I thanked God for I was once a sinner, in bondage and going about with no proper direction in life. However, His love and mercy saved my life. He set me free and now I can always rejoice in Him everyday. Without Him in me, I would not be hearing positive comments from people; without him I could not be what I am today – a true believer of the full Word of God in the Island of Fiji. AMEN.