Updated: 05 March, 2004
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Jason DeMars
[Mn., USA]
09 June, 2002

I am 24 years old and have been a Christian for almost four years. I live in Hopkins, Minnesota, U.S.A. I work as a banker, but my real passion is to live for and love the great God and my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

I surrendered my life to God after a conversation with a friend from my college. He told me of Godís sovereignty and his plan of election. My mother raised as a Bible believer my whole life, but I went seriously away from God when I began to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, curse and was totally living for pleasure and self. During these times God was working on me. I hated what I was doing, but yet got a sick pleasure out of it. I would pray for deliverance, but it wouldnít come until I received a transforming knowledge of the truth. When I heard about predestination and justification by grace through faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ I came to a peace with God. I was driving down the street and I realized the truth of being justified and I had wonderful peace. I surrendered myself to God. Then I began to learn more of the reformation doctrines of grace and faith and sola scriptura (the Bible alone and nothing added). These nourished my soul, but I knew there was more.

Then I came in contact with another friend from college and he told me about the apostolic doctrines that were restored to the church through a promise of God in the book of Malachi. I began to study these doctrines and came to know that the Church had been restored to the apostolic fathersí faith. I rejoiced greatly over this. I came to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost that I might be led into all truth. I later was baptized in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through this experience I came to lose many of my reformation brothers, but thank the Lord I got new brothers (and sisters) who believe in the restoration doctrines.

As I walked with God I learned more and more about him. This is a way he has given me his love. He opens himself up to me and shows himself to me. He unveils himself to me and then unveils me. He shows me who I am and who he wants me to be. As Jesus said, "When the Spirit of truth is come it will guide you into all truth and show you things to come." I rejoice and delight in learning more about Godís plans for the Church and the earth and how he will show himself more and more.

I was later made aware of the Five-fold ministry. I did not really know of it, but it seemed that the Lord led me to it. I just thought that Brother Branham came and went and that was the end of the ministry. Later I learned that in Godís sovereignty he has the Five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) in place to bring the maturity of the saints, for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ that we all might come to the unity of the faith and to the knowledge of the Son of God. Iím thankful that itís a Bible-based ministry that contends for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Itís the present tense ministry as the Wife of the Lamb Ďlays in the Presence of the Son to ripení and come to full maturity.

We are living in a truly unique hour when the Son of Man is being revealed and we are getting to know Jesus Christ our Husband. Christ is preparing his Bride for the Rapture through the word he has sent to us. The Lord has taught us (the Church) that we are Scripturally, living in the hour of the Parousia (presence) of the Son of Man. The Church is laying in the presence of the Son of Man. She is getting to know Christ the Word more intimately as she looks unto his beauty and majesty.

As I surrender everything to Christ I learn his love and goodness more and more. I surrendered my life to him at age 20, but daily I seek to surrender my desires and plans to him. As I do this I learn to trust and love him continually. I learn that as King David said, Ďhe delivered me because he delights in me.í The God of heaven and earth delights in you and me. He gives himself to us. And there is not any greater gift than God himself. There is no greater joy than to surrender to Christ and to live daily for him that he might live and speak and work through us.

Praise, glory, honor and adoration be unto God and unto the Lamb!

Jason DeMars
9 June 2002

I wanted to write this testimony to give God the glory for how that brother Gan has been a blessing to me. All glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ for this testimony and not to my dear brother Gan.

Honestly when I first came across Prophetic Revelation I thought it was strange and when I began to read I was really disturbed.  I thought how can this man write these things, but I knew there was substance to what he was saying.  The more I read and the more I prayed and searched things out in the Bible I saw that my thinking about the message of brother Branham was in error.  All I was doing was going from quote to quote to put together my understanding of the Word of God. I was not in any way doing what brother Branham himself said to do. "Öif you're a child of God, you'll stay with the Prophet of this Bible."  I was looking so much at quotes and statements that I could not receive a spiritual revelation of the word in my heart.  Any quote and statement has to be pointing us to a true understanding of the Bible.  So many times I would just put together a bunch of quotes like a jigsaw puzzle that was all mixed up.

Basically I was seeing that I was in error in not making the Bible my absolute, my heart made the prophet of God my absolute and that is a scary thing to do.  God forgive me for doing that.  The more I read the more I realized that the message told us to get back to the Bible, back to the original and back to the apostolic fathersí faith.  The message is not to turn our hearts to the Spoken Word books and tapes.  Thatís what had happened in my heart though.  Now, my heart and mind is focused on the scriptures and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thatís what brother Branham dedicated his life to do, turn peopleís hearts back to the Bible and itís true doctrine and to have them in a vital union with the Lord Jesus.

There are many issues that God opened up to my heart through brother Ganís ministry.  As I searched things out in the light of the Bible I could understand more and more of the truth.  The teaching on Revelation 10:7 really blessed my soul, that the mystery of God is the dispensation of grace wherein God is dealing with the Gentiles, grafting them into the olive tree.  That in the days of the voice or message of bro. Branham the mystery of God should be completed.  Itís that last act before God turns back to deal with the Jewish nation through the two witnesses.

Another truth that enlightened my soul was the typological study of the marriage of Christ and the Church with Jewish traditions of marriage.  Itís amazing to me to see how the Spirit has unfolded that to us. Brother Branham just touched on it a little in the Invisible Union sermon, but brother Gan has really been led by the Spirit to write what he has on ĎThe Marriage of the Lamb.í  It ties together the presence of the Son of man and itís purpose in this day together really well.  I thank God for that.

Something else that really helped me was how he brought out the different things in the Seventh Seal sermon concerning rapturing faith and the Seven Thunders.  I took it back to the Bible and prayerfully searched it out and studied it out and the Lord really brought me to a place of rest in my understanding concerning that.  It definitely lines up with the scriptures and the revelation that brother Branham received.

What he wrote on ĎThe Message of the Hourí is very good and really simplified things for me.  Yes, we must respect what God did through brother Branham and know that he is a vindicate prophet of God.  We reverence him for that, but we cannot lift him up above the place God has given him.  Neither can we lift his message up above the Bible. Any message from any messenger has to point us back to the Bible.  Truly that is what brother Branham has done.  He hasnít given us another Bible consisting of quotes and sermons, but he has brought a living message, a revelation of and from Christ Jesus in order to get us back to the Bible and to bring out mysteries contained in the Bible.

What was written on the Serpentís Seed and the Original Sin really answered some questions for me too.

I thank God that truly the five-fold ministry does consist of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  I believe that brother Gan is operating in that apostolic ministry.  Though many misunderstand him, he is pointing us to Jesus Christ who is the Word of God.  Heís not the only apostle and he is not what all these other people try to say that he claims to be one of the seven thunders or the chief apostle.  Heís just a brother in Christ that is seeking to do Godís will in his life.  God has helped me through him and I thank God for that.

I also thank God for my pastor Don Hoffman and all that he means to me.  He has been a brother to me through thick and thin. I praise God for his stand in the truth of the word of God.  We need all the ministries in the five-fold ministry and not just pastors, teachers and evangelists, but apostles and prophets too.  They all should be working together for the perfecting or completion of the saints for the work of the ministry to build up the body of Christ.

I am so thankful for the fellowship I have with God in the Spirit.  Itís amazing once the word of God and doctrine of Christ really comes to a reality in our hearts it should take us to true fellowship with the Lord.  That fellowship is life changing and transforming, as we behold the glory of the Lord we are changed from glory to glory.  I pray that all who read this will seek that fellowship with God and will love him with their whole beings and love their neighbor and love and pray for their enemies.  May God keep our hearts right in his word of Truth.