Grete Mai Salomonsen

Shalom Brother Richard Gan,

I have to send you my testimony. I believe the Lord called me to hear His Message given to Bro. Branham. This was late in 1998. I was led to a little group of believers in my home town. We had a pastor and he was basically reading from Bro. Branham's sermons, and now and then from sermons of Bro. Lee Vayle. Our pastor went home to the Lord God in 2010. We were only two people left in the group. Some had passed away and some had left to follow an American pastor.  Later in 2010, I came in contact with a little group in another city.  We listen to Bro. Lee Vayle's sermons. He is defined as a Teacher in the Five-Fold Ministry.

In September this year I listened to Bro. Lee Vayle's sermon on the Godhead on the Internet. I was confused concerning this doctrine. Somehow the Lord led me to your website. (I have never ever heard about you before.) Then suddenly I became aware of your sermon "The Mystery of God" and I started listening to it,
and I wanted to have more. Immediately I start reading "LOGOS: The Beginning of the creation of God", and after reading this sermon I was no longer confused concerning the Godhead. Praise the Lord.

I went on listening and reading more and more of your sermons and it was like heaven were opening up to me. Something quickening inside of me and I could only say "Yes" and "Amen" to everything. The Word became so clear and fulfilled as never before. I am so grateful to the Lord God that He is revealing Himself to me. I continue reading other doctrines -- "The Original Sin", "The Mark of Cain", "The Holy City New Jerusalem", etc.

After all these years reading and listening to the sermons of Bro. Branham and Bro. Lee Vayle, never have I heard or seen the Truth so loud and clear and felt The Word so alive. I have been wondering during this years why the focus always have been on Branham and Lee Vayle and not the Lord Jesus Christ. I told the group about your sermons and I got two warnings: be careful in listening to others and, women easy get deceived.

But to me, I just know this is the Lord God revealing His Truth by the Scriptures through your God-given Ministry, Bro. Gan. I am so grateful to the Lord leading me to hear His Voice in these late minutes of time.

I am a Norwegian woman, 64 years old, living in Bergen, Norway.

God Bless,
Greetings in Christ
Grete Mai Salomonsen
[November 14, 2016]