My Testimony



My name is David Rajan. I am a child of God and a brother in Christ from California. I am a Christian converted from Hinduism. My parents are still Hindus. Prior to my residency here in California, USA, I lived with my family in Chennai, India. I was a "hard core" Hindu. I would like to share my testimony here and may the Lord alone be glorified.

My Hindu name was Thirupathi Rajan. "Thirupathi" stands for one of the Hindu gods and my parents kept that as my first name as they thought "Thirupathi" saved me when I was sick at the time of my birth. I grew up worshiping everything, like books, cow, moon, sun, rat, different gods, male god, female god, so on. In Hinduism they have millions of gods. Each Hindu has his or her own favorite god. I used to be a dedicated sincere religious Hindu, who worshipped many gods. As a dedicated Hindu, most of the times I used to put a white and a red powdered marking on my forehead whenever I go out. This was done to tell the world that I was religious and that I was not ashamed of my Hindu faith.

Back then, as a youngster, I hated the Christians and used bad words against the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot now recall what I said, but I know I was making fun of Christians and the Lord Jesus Christ. My heart bleeds when I think about that now.

When I was doing my 12th grade, one of my friend, a Catholic at that time, used to take me to Catholic churches. I felt it was good, quiet and nice and I started to like the Christian religion. I stopped talking bad about the Christians and I felt they are doing something better as I always felt some peace flow when I talk about the Christians. It was during those days that I started questioning in my heart the many things about my Hindu faith -- about the many gods in one god, about male and female gods, about gods for money, education, health and so on.  I hear and read stories and epics of the gods yet none of them are historically proven. They were many many questions in my heart, a feeling that something was not right.

When I was doing my 1st year in college, I was standing by the road to catch a bus when two Christian men invited me to a Bible study close by. Together with my friend Stephen Kumar, I went to the Bible study in an apartment. They belonged to the "Church of Christ". The pastor had a chess board, baseball, and so on, so that people can have fun and study the Bible at the same time. I liked it initially, but slowly, you know, I saw something wrong. There was to much playing around, the boys and the girls. One day, the pastor asked me to recollect all the sins I committed from the day of my birth and to write them down on  paper. I started writing and soon it came to 20 pages or so. Before I handed them to the pastor, I met another friend of mine, Titus Paul, who was in college with me. He warned me about doing what the pastor said for what was written could be used against me later. He showed scriptural evidences that what the pastor said was not required. Then I realized my mistake and he invited me to his father's church, an independent church, like a "Jesus Only" group.

I started going to that church and this pastor, who is also my friend's father, was baptized by Paul Aseer Lawrie who got baptized by Bro. Branham. He initially started preaching from Bro. Branham's messages and slowly, he started reading other books and preached different things. He believed in ONENESS and I got baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The pastor did not condemn sin. However, he was sincere, honest and good. But he had a spiritual pride and self righteousness spirit. He treated everybody the same. But he sometimes chased out poor and needy people and the lepers. He offended them. Then, I started noticing how come a Godly man can have so much hatred like a worldly man and did not show Christian love and affection. Then I found he was very religious and not spiritual. Back then when he slowly started accusing Bro. Branham, I started believing what he said because I did not know anything about Bro. Branham. He started talking bad about Bro. Braham, even accusing him for the failure of his 1977 prediction. He spoke against the angel, who visited Branham, as a fallen angel, and about the whirlwind around the poplar tree, and so on. He found fault with almost everything. He did not believe in the serpent seed.

Right after the baptism, my grandparents and parents showed their disapproval. They wanted me get out of the house. I was scared. I hid my Bible when I went to church. There was also some strange things in the home. The bathroom had a strange knocking come night time. My whole family was scared. Whenever we opened the bathroom door, there was nothing unusual. My brothers and I prayed and then finally the devil went away.

I have three brothers. One is in the denomination, the other two are believers of the message of Bro. Branham.

One day when I took the train to my college, there was a man selling "7 Church Ages" big book for Rs.2, which was dirt cheap. I bought it and I started reading it. I found something different and I really admired it. I went to the "Spoken Word" Library and they gave me an End time Message church address. I met the pastor and he shared all the truth about the End time message. I believed Bro. Branham was the prophet for the age and he was the 7th angel messenger. But, I was still battling to leave the other church because the pastor was accusing Bro. Branham as a false prophet, evil man and various other things. Finally God took me away from that church and I started going to the End time Message church. Times passed by, I learned the message and I thanked God for the prophet and his mighty ministry.

Then, I came to USA for employment in 1999. I started going to a church in Oakland, California. They believe in the message and they teach that one needs to be born again to be a believer. In India, I was taught that just believing the message is enough. But these brethren told me that I needed to be born again, filled with the spirit and get the spiritual gifts. I was happy and they prayed for me. Not long after, their form of worship got to me. They cry, sometime artificially, during the worship and prayers. They strongly follow their pastor as if he is the only one man ministry after Bro. Branham. Finally I left and started going to a church in Sacramento.

The church in Sacramento is good and preaching kind of nicely. But slowly, I started to notice that they believe in the Return Ministry of Bro. Branham, that Bro. Branham is God incarnate, Bro. Branham is the absolute, Bro. Branham is the white horse rider of Rev.19, and several other strange teachings. I am still going to that church because I have no other church to go and I am praying that God will show me or lead me to a different place. I am praying for them, also. I saw two extremes, where on one side Christian people deny William Branham as a prophet (they called him a false prophet) and on the other side they lift him very high onto a pedestal where you can't tell whether Bro. Branham is man or god. They lost their balance.

Soon, I got some emails from a Bro. Soong See Choo in a Message forum on the internet. I went to the link and I started reading. Then, I realized whatever my heart was thirsting for was found there. I believe in Bro. Gan's ministry and I believe he is an apostle. I believe that God will surely reveal more and more through HIS five-fold ministry, like the one given to Bro. Gan.  God's truth is progressively revealed and if something is going to come and if it passes through Bro. Gan, we should accept it as long as it is proven to be of God and Word tested. And if it should pass through some other men of God and is also proven by the Word, we must also accept it. God will NOT stop revealing things to HIS bride until she is perfected.

I came from a typical Hindu family background with no knowledge of Christ. HIS Amazing Grace has brought me this far and I believe HE will lead me home. I really thank my Lord Jesus Christ every day.  HE is GREAT.  I love HIM with all of my heart.  Without HIM, I would be nothing. I am a "worst" sinner who deserves hell. But, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ granted me salvation and has given me HIS eternal spirit of life. During my school days I was a bad student who did not know anything. I failed many subjects. But, God gave me knowledge like Solomon and HE made me to be a Computer Engineer and placed me in USA as a Software Architect. I do not deserve all that. I deserve to be a beggar eating the trash from the streets. I do not even deserve to be a child of God and call HIS name. I am NOTHING until HE found me. I thank HIM and Praise HIM with all of my heart. Let HIS Name alone be glorified for EVER and EVER.

David M. Rajan
Dated: 05 November 2007