David Kwan

My name is Bro. David Kwan, I am residing in Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am the youngest in a family of seven siblings, 3 boys and 4 girls.

When I was young, my father is already an end time message believer, I remember end time message ministers visiting our home and staying for a few weeks, and my mother would get upset because all the expenses would be shouldered by my father who was the sole provider of our family.  My mother was a house wife. My mother and I were Trinitarians. I was raised and taught that particular doctrine of the Trinity. I went to the same church as my mother, and I was a choir member. I was a faithful church-goer, attending services, every Friday and Sunday.

One day in my early 20s there was this deep desire in my heart to know more about the Book of Revelation and the Rapture. I told this to my blood brother Isaac and he gave me the book of Bro. Branham entitled "The Seven Church Ages". After reading the sermon book, I was enlightened and my life was changed. God revealed to me that this was the last age and William Marrion Branham was the messenger to the age with a message that foreruns the second coming of Christ.

Since then, I began reading the other sermon books of Bro. Branham and I even go to the extent of taking the books from my father's room without his knowledge but returning them after reading. I was burning with fire for the Word of God that even at midnight I would continue to read the books because I was excited to open the Bible and read the Scripture verses that Branham mentioned in his sermons..

One day in 1995, I found a pamphlet of Bro. Branham that says the Rapture was to take place in the year 1977. I said to myself, "how come that until now I am still waiting for the rapture". I didn't notice this when I read the Seven Churches Ages book because Bro. Branham said "I predict, that this age will end around 1977." I was confused and discouraged, I told this to my sister. She advised me to be very careful when reading such sermon books. So I stopped reading them.

After a few days, I started to read the books again and push the 1977 rapture prediction to the back of my mind. I got the answer when I later met Bro. Orsel Dumanon who then explained to me that  Bro. Branham did not prophesy nor use the words "THOU SAID THE LORD", he just predicted it. Ministers do commit mistakes just like any other persons.

At the age of 27, my friend Jerry, now brother in Christ, invited me to go with him to Cebu City for a vacation. I agreed to go with him with one condition that we must visit Bro. Ben Lachica, a librarian of “The Voice of God Recording” for I wanted to have more books of Bro. Branham. He agreed and so we visited Bro. Ben in Cebu City.

Bro. Ben asked me if I was already baptized in Jesus’ name. I told him that I was baptized in the title of the Trinity. (Actually when I was first baptized in the denomination church, my father got upset and he baptized me in Jesus’ name, but I have no idea what water baptism meant at that time.) Immediately Bro. Ben called Bro. Orsel (who lives in Butuan City) to come to Cebu City to baptize us. So the following morning (December 1996) Bro. Orsel baptized us.

Besides the books of Branham, Bro. Ben also gave me the books of Bro. Richard Gan, who he said, was also an end time message believer but many believers don't like him.

In the hotel room where we stayed, I was eager to read the books of Bro. Branham and as I looked down on my bed, I saw Bro. Richard Gan’s books and got one to read it. After few minutes I closed the book and say in my heart, "I don’t like this person because he criticized the believers of the end time message." Of course at that time I still didn’t know that there are foolish and wise virgins who believe in this message. I gave all the books of Bro. Richard Gan to Bro. Jerry but he did not take them because he also had them and he asked me for my reason. I just answered him, "I don’t like these books.”

After I came home I told my father that I was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and that I believe in the message of Branham. One day I had this question about TITHING, in which Bro. Branham said that a Christian must give his tithe, but to whom would I give it to?

Bro. Ben told me that “whoever feeds you spiritual foods is the one you give him the tithe”, but Bro. Branham was already dead and I also wanted to know more about the doctrine of tithing. So I searched the sermon books of Bro. Branham that had this teaching. I found none. Then I remember the books of Bro. Gan, and I found the one entitled, "YOU CANNOT OUTGIVE GOD".  I read, checked and studied it with my Bible and was enlightened by the revelation of God. I was even convicted and I felt guilty by these words in the book:

         "...Yet today, under Grace, we've heard many believers(?) making excuses that they could not afford to give tithes saying that God understands theirs reason(s). Oh my, what a disGRACE."

When my father was confined in the hospital, I talked to him about this man Richard Gan and asked if he knew him. He answered me saying, “The name sounds familiar but Richard Gan has no right to write a book, only Bro. Braham.” Shortly after a few months, on September 1997 my father died. (My mother died in June 1995.)

Since then, in reading the books of Bro. Richard Gan, God gave me more revelations on such doctrines as, the Godhead, the Five-Fold Ministry, the Foolish and the Wise Virgins, the Rapture and the understanding of the important to have an apostolic ministry in this end time, and many others subjects.

I thank God for His MERCY & GRACE upon me, and by His foreknowledge he predestined me to be one of His sons. Amen.

God Bless,
Bro. David Kwan
[December 1, 2008]