My warmest regards to brethren in the Lord. May the good Lord continue to lead us until we reach perfection in Him.


     I was in an evangelical Presbyterian church when I met a brother who happened to be my mate in Junior High School. He fellowshipped in one of the Endtime Message churches here in Ghana. I was convinced with what he witnessed to me about infant baptism, trinity, etc, so I decided to fellowship at the place he fellowshipped. One day, one of our elders, who was also a teacher in our Junior High School, received a parcel containing the book The Revelation Of Jesus Christ from Bro Gan. When I asked him to give me the address of the book so that I could also apply for it, this elder told me that the book was not for children but for matured ones. He refused giving me the address and further told me that he subscribed for it before it was given to him. The brothers actions actually upset me so much that I kept on praying to God. One day, the pastor sent the brother who witnessed to me to his room and I accompanied him to the pastors room.

When I went with the brother to the pastors room, I saw a book covered with graphic paper on his table. I went for it and took off the graphic paper and the book looked exactly as the parcel I saw with the elder. I quickly copied the address I have been looking for. I applied for books from Bro Gan. Fortunately, he gave me some books, including, The Revelation of Jesus Christ that the elder claimed to subscribe before having it. The Lord was with me by giving me understanding while I read the books. When I went to Senior High School, I witnessed to my colleagues and the Lord added to His church brethren, then we fellowship in the Lord in the school while doing our academic works. We completed with ease and some of the brothers continued to worship the Lord in the same place that I used to.


     These leaders applied for the books and got them but only some of Bro Gans teachings were embraced by these people according to their own wisdom because they embraced another preacher as their apostle. They failed to believe what the Lord is doing through Bro Gan and because their apostles teaching is different from Bro Gans own, they failed to see the truth.


     It was a turning point for me when I entered into university. I was facing doctrinal challenges with the ministry I was used to. I was told by some of the leaders of the ministry that Bro Gans teachings were the same as that of their chief minister whom they believed to be an apostle, but as time went on that blackmail could no more stand as it became evident that there  were massive differences in them. I did a research into this disparity to see whose teaching is truly in line with the Bible. God being so good I got the answer to this disparity. God started talking to me through dreams, revealing the condition of the church to me.


     Before I came for the 2010-2011 academic year in the university, I found it difficult to agreeing to some of the teachings and interpretations of the ministry such as the Rapture, the Godhead, leadership (leader over other ministers), etc. because it wasnt in line with the Bible. When I came to school for the 2010-2011 academic year, I went to Bro Gans site and read the book called RELIGO and in it I read how a certain leader of leaders was proven wrong according to the Bible. (The claim of one mans leadership over other men, apostle of apostles, is unbiblical; it is a man-made thing.) I explored again into Gods Word to see the truth of what Bro Gan wrote and found that Gods Truth was very simply expounded.


     One of the pastors of the church I was fellowshipping in drew a “organogram” (organizational chart) of the ministry and their church apostle who was the leader, was placed at the peak or top. I had no option but to separate myself from that error for my own salvation. By the work of God through Bro Gan I got to understand Biblical topics better. He helped me by answering my questions anytime I send him an e-mail. Now Im fully enjoying the present food from the Daystar and I thank the Lord for his wonderful work he is doing in this last hour.  


My dream on 28th Nov. 2010


I dreamt that there was a meeting of Bible Believers here in Ghana and Bro Gan was also invited to come. He came and was at the meeting with us. Ministers were coming one after another to preach, and when it reached the turn of Bro Gan to preach, this was what happened:

     Some brethren were talking in the form of criticism against Bro Gan, that he hated the prophet, that he preached against the prophet, etc. When Bro Gan stepped forward to preach, he was taken into the air and his garment was replaced by another from heaven. This garment was in the form of a robe. Everybody was just amazed at the scene. It was so wonderful how this event took place like that but I woke up to realise that it was a dream. For me it was a wonderful experience in my life to see this event in the dream. In fact I was just very excited. Brethren who witnessed the scene were shock and fear enveloped them and the whole place was silent too.

     When Bro Gan went to the pulpit to preach, everybody listened to him  with rapt attention and with fear too.  After he delivered his sermon, l came to him to introduce myself to him since he hasn’t seen me before but knows me on line. He told me “Yes, you are AWITOR SELORM OLGA, BRO OLGA, who writes to me”. And I answered him that “YES ITS ME.” After the meeting a car came for him to take him to Accra, the capital of Ghana, and then finally an aeroplane took him back home.



     When I woke up from my sleep, this was the meaning of the dream that was ringing in my heart, that Bro Gan’s teachings are truly in line with the Bible. I believe God wants to tell me that Bro Gan is ordained to preach nothing but the truth of His Word to this Eagle age, so I should not fear or worry about what people say against him. Even though I knew that Bro Gan preaches the truth it was just the words from certain pastors. But this dream came to me as a proof from God about him. Yes, irrespective of what people say, and beyond reasonable doubts, Bro Gan is an apostle in the fivefold ministry. Brethren who don’t have eyes and ears will doubt to this but that doesn’t change God’s plans for the hour. It is those brethren who are enlightened by the Holy Spirit or have put on eyesalves who will recognise what God is doing in the present truth.

     It’s amazing how the pastor who advised me earlier about Bro Gan being a truth preacher could not embrace that fact anymore. I once questioned the pastor about Bro Gan’s teaching and because he knew well that I appreciate reading Bro Gan’s books, he strayed away from directly answering the question, by saying that he embraced  Bro Gan’s teachings, but on the thunders, it is something that is hard for him to believe.

Bro Gan’s teaching on the thunders is not an assumption from anywhere but has bases in the sacred scriptures. Besides, this teaching is not just for anybody but those who has ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. God then showed me a dream to see what the pastor embraced and taught his followers - newsletters of a German preacher that was on his table or pulpit in the dream. Reading a German minister’s books is not wrong but what if this man’s teachings are not in line with the Bible after checking it? If they are not in line with the Bible then why should we accept the teachings from such books? He failed to correct his teachings when corrected by a fellow minister in the context of the Bible. He is uniting the believers in the Endtime message at the expense of the truth. There were confusions and differences among the various Endtime message camps but he was trying to bring them together while the Bible says in Amos 3:3, “How can two walk together unless they both have agreed?


     Brothers and sisters, I would like us to work the works of God by believing in the one whom God has sent to the Church (Jn 6:28-29), especially in this present DAYSTARS MINISTRY of Eph 4:11-13. 


     My advice to brethren, especially in Ghana, is that brethren who embrace the Present Truth shouldnt meddle with those camps which dwell in errors, but lets get out of them so that we can worship together in the truth. We shouldnt even stay around those camps and claim to know the truth, as much as you remain in those system, you wouldnt get the right oil for the rapture. Lets come together for I believe that God is capable of doing a new thing. This is the truth and God will surely be in our midst. We shouldnt just follow leaders blindly but lets check them carefully, just like the wise Bereans did, to see their genuineness in dividing the Word of God. I believe the Lord will deliver his children from every tradition (error). 


     May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the lovable fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us now and forever. Amen.   


Bro Olga,
Ghana, W.Africa

[12 Dec. 2010]



Peace be unto you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

         Before I went for my 2010-2011 academic year, I found it difficult to compromise with some of the teachings and practices in the assembly that I was used to. I put on paper, to the local pastor, some of the teachings that were taught but were not in line with the Word. The pastor called me to answer my questions but I wasn’t convinced with his explanations because the quotations he used were not all in support of it. After that, in the night, this dream came to me:

    The local assembly pastor held a service and some of the believers sat while some stood. Those who stood were visitors and I was among them. After the worship, the pastor began to read some scriptures out of the Bible. While he was reading, a man went around giving money to those visitors (believers who stood). When the man who was giving out the money came to me and wanted to give me the money I told him, “No I don’t want the money”. But he insisted and I took it.

    After the pastor had finished reading the verses of Scripture and was about to preach, he turned his back to the congregation, that is, he did not face the people. When he started preaching, using his laptop, I tried looking at the screen to see exactly what this pastor was preaching but I could not see anything. I stood nearer but all my effort was futile. The pastor blocked the view to his laptop so I could not see anything.

However, when I came to school for that academic year, one of the ministers of that assembly came to me. We went for fellowship and this minister had the opportunity to preach. After his preaching I went to him and asked him some questions about the rapture, mystery of God, etc. This minister gave me answers that were totally different from the truth.

One day I went to Bro Gan’s website and read the book “RELIGO”. In that book I read about many errors that certain End time Message fellowship did and also how some leaders exercise leadership over other ministers in their ministry. This was not different from the ministry that I was used to. In fact the errors were just many and I could not keep my heart to stay in that ministry anymore. So I asked Bro Gan to help me find a pastor and he told me that I should pray to the Lord for Him to lead me to a pastor so that I can also establish myself in the Present Truth . I did as Bro Gan advised and started praying for the Lord to lead me to His pastor. The Lord gave me a dream again and this is it:

A foundation was laid by a certain man who was not present at that moment. I saw some of the ministers of the ministry I used to be with and together with them I was building with sand on the foundation. We were fetching sand with shovels onto the foundation. When I was in the process of fetching sand to put onto the foundation, I realized that I was not doing the right thing so I stopped. I dropped the shovel that was in my hand and took off. When I was going I came across a certain man. In front of this man was a laptop and many Bibles packed together behind the laptop. I went to this man and he asked me who I am. I told him my name and he also told me his name. He further showed me his laptop, how it was brand new, how the system was extraordinarily made, how the CD-ROM was wonderfully made and some of the files that he had in it. This “computer” man did not hide his laptop from me but showed me everything about his laptop. This was contrary to the first “computer” man (my formal local assembly pastor), who hid and blocked his laptop from my view, who did not want me to know what is on his computer.

My comment on this dream:

The first “computer” man is my local assembly branch pastor of the ministry I was once in, an End time Message Ministry here in Ghana. The laptop in the dream is likened to storage of the doctrines of our Lord that are to be taught to the believers. This, my local pastor, in blocking the view to his laptop was preventing me access to the Lord’s teachings. The bride’s food today is solid food but I was not getting the food from my branch pastor. When I was under him I struggled to know the present truth to no avail.

Now, about the foundation, it is none but Christ Jesus our Lord. Paul said that anybody who builds on this foundation should take heed as to how he builds on it. I was contributing to the wrong ministry, as shown in the dream. I witnessed to people and when they accepted Christ, I pointed to them to that ministry. But God being so good woke me up and made me realize that there is a Present Truth preached by His Present Truth servants.

The second “computer” man is Bro Richard Gan. He has Bibles packed together behind the laptop and his laptop is brand new, extraordinarily made, that is, his teachings and practices are the doctrines of the Bible, simply the Present Truth. Unlike the first “computer” man, this Present Truth “computer” man showed me everything about his laptop. He even played some of his video clips in the laptop for me. Truly, I was enjoying the audio/video sermons from his website. He taught me about the rapture, the mystery of God and other interesting facts of the Bible. When I asked him what I should do after accepting the truth and asked him also to help me find a pastor, he said I should pray to God for Him to lead me to a pastor. God rather showed him (Bro Gan) to me as my minister, oh, what a sincere and truthful minister of God. I am very happy to come to the knowledge of the Present Truth by the help of God’s true servant, true oil merchant.


God bless you.

Bro Olga
Ghana, West Africa.
15th February, 2011