Updated: 17 May, 2007


                Nadi, Fiji Islands.

Col 3:17: "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him".

Shalom! I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a short testimony of my life and what God is doing in this country concerning the message of the hour. This I wish to share with you my brothers and sisters around the world on the Prophetic Revelation website. I hope that somehow it can be a stepping stone and inspiration to you in this end-time because of the great confusion and make-belief that exists, and my desire is that only God will be glorified in all of it.

Firstly, my name is Aminiasi Tuidraki and I was born on the 12th June 1961 and now am 46 years old. I am from the Island nation of Fiji lying in the basin of the big South Pacific Ocean where our God has ordained it to be. I am the second eldest of a family of eight, of 6 boys and 2 girls. My father is a doctor and my mother a former nurse.

Due to my parents' professions, the family happened to live in many different places when I was young. Therefore, I went through a lot of life experience in my younger days living in cities, towns, islands, and also in the interior of the main islands.

I was brought up to be a very committed Methodist in my younger days, as Methodism was and still is the mainstream Christian religion here in Fiji and Catholicism follows closely behind, but now many people are leaving and joining Pentecostal churches. They are just fed up and bored of the Methodist system and many have finally realized that God is no longer in that church system, and that it is spiritually dead.

In the year 1976, while I was attending my fifth year in a boarding secondary school at 16-years old, one of our teachers introduced us to the Pentecostal church movement where I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour and received the faith by being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Half of the 500 students in our school took up the Pentecostal faith and the move was very powerful as we were young and were sincere to what we believed. However, when we went home for the school holidays, the majority of us went back to the world because of the temptation out there that got us. And when school started, most of us returned to the Methodist faith as it was compulsory for us to go to church on Sunday in that school.

In 1980, after spending 5 years in the boarding secondary school I went to the University of the South Pacific here in Fiji to study medicine to become a doctor. However, my association with wrong company and without God at this point in time resulted in my studies being terminated. I believe it was just not God's will that I should be a doctor.

After leaving the university in 1981, I stayed home for nearly 1 year, doing nothing but just roaming the streets trying to enjoy my life as a youth. It was at this time too that I was no longer going to church and was going further and further away from God, so to speak.

At the end of 1981 there was a vacancy at the Fiji Meteorological Service, I applied and fortunately I got the job as a meteorological officer. I got married at the end of 1983 at the age of 23 years to my wife who was 21 years old. We now have eight healthy children, 3 boys and 5 girls, thanks to the Lord.

From 1981 to 1991, 11 years in total, I was living in a world of darkness and did not serve God at all. I was a slave to sin and Satan was my master. There was no mention of God in my family and I did not even pray or read my Bible, knowing very well that God will not hear my prayers as a sinner and a backslider. I was living a life of unbelief and I knew very well from my heart that sooner or later if I do not give my life back to God my Father, or if God does not intercept or rescue me, then death was going to be my destiny. I liken my situation to the Bible story of the prodigal son who went out from his father to enjoy his life.

In 1991 when everything was so dark, I could feel a pull and a desire for God in my heart.  It was the deep calling unto the deep. Finally, in September 1991 God put me in a situation whereby I was born into the Kingdom of God when I totally surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus Christ again after all the resistance and rebellion to the Lord in the last ten years when many big injuries and near death experiences in car accidents and family hardship happened to my family and I. I accepted him to be my personal Saviour and the Lord of my life during a fellowship with some Christian friends who happened to turn up at my home. The Lord was speaking through them, that the only solution to my miserable life now was to return to the Lord whom I had forsaken when I was in secondary school in 1976. From then till now, for 16 years, I have returned to the Lord and have been a faithful son of God, my family as well, walking in the faith. There is no turning back, even though I had gone through so many hard trials the Lord had permitted. And I have fully realized that there is no life without God. Many times I have cried in my heart when I see the mercy and grace of God in my life to be able to return to Him and have the privilege to serve Him in the Present Truth.

One night, at the end of 1991, I was working the night shift with a believer of the end-time message when I noticed him reading one small book. I knew it was a religious book because I know him to be a Christian. So I borrowed the book from him and the moment I opened and started reading the sermon book while standing in the middle of the office, something just sort of ignited my soul and met with the hunger that was in me. It was just like the woman at the well when she met the Word of her day, the Lord Jesus. I straightaway asked him if I could have the book and also asked for some more which he gave. From that day on, it was like my ears were closed to other uncertain religious voices that was sounding everywhere around me as I had found the Pearl of my life and the Word of God was just burning in my soul.

I told that brother that truly I believed in my heart that this message from God, through the messenger, is true but I just wanted to wait on him till he confirmed it to me from the Scriptures. While waiting on the Lord, at the same time studying the message and the Bible, one Pentecostal pastor came along and he water baptized me. However, the Lord showed to me, during the baptism, that I was baptized the wrong way for the pastor applied the verse of Mathew 28:19 instead of Acts 2:38 which is the true scriptural baptism.

So I kept on praying to the Lord, asking him for the true water baptism. Later I was truly baptized the Bible way (Acts 2:38) in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by a minister of the message of the hour in the month of April 1992 after 5 months of waiting on the Lord.

I started going to a message church in the next city called Lautoka. However, the assembly had no proper foundation of the Word. The preacher that was ministering to us was just a very strong Branhamite and a hypocrite who later, also went out of the church and formed another one, which collapsed after some years. I only realized later that such a preacher was never ordained of God. A church with such a preacher could have nothing but a broken foundation.

In the month of May 1993, a preacher from somewhere in the United States of America visited us to minister the Word of God for a few services. He preached that the rapture had already taken place and we are already in a spiritual millennium and now lived in a greater revelation. He also preached that since we have missed the rapture, we still can go on and be included in the third group of people, which I could not find any proof in the scripture for such teaching.

The teaching broke up the church and the believers were just staying home. I went home myself and started to wait upon the Lord seeking a clarification from Him concerning the teaching.  After a few weeks of waiting, the Lord confirmed to me that the teaching and revelation were all wrong and I went back to church as some believers had started fellowship again.

In July 1993 I became a deacon of the church that I now pastor, it was and is still just a small group. Just a few days after being ordained a deacon, I was posted to one of the small islands to work as the meteorological observer for a period of 3 years. However, the Lord in 5 months time brought me back to the mainland and back to the church as a deacon. I witnessed to the people in that small island which was a big challenge for me as a young Christian. In that island they do not accept any other religion but only the Methodist faith. It was their Island Church law but I managed to witness for the Lord and one islander believed in the message. 

I started preaching in 1994 after returning from the small island and assisted the pastor in the ministration of the Word as we were both shift workers. We just preached from the "message books" as were taught by an old pastor here in Fiji, that we were just to say what the tapes say. We were not even taking time to study the Bible which is the only absolute of God, but only the "message books". At times there were questions in my mind that the "revelation" of some of the things we were teaching and believing were not dovetailing nor consistent with the Word of God.

In 1995 the Meteorological Department sent me to Australia to study meteorology in Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville for 7 months. What I saw of the message churches there was the same thing happening in Fiji, just preaching "the message" and "the prophet", the majority of them never even knew or realized that a "five-fold ministry" exists and that it is the present ministry leading the bride to perfection. I saw that their foundation was badly broken up, so to speak, and it needed the visitation of an Apostolic Ministry to lay down the Word of the Lord and the foundation properly. I was also assisting in the ministration of the Word when I was in Melbourne where the pastor was from Ghana, Africa, working there under contract. Before I left, I reminded them that God has ordained a five-fold ministry to minister the Word to the body of Christ and not every believing man is become a preacher just because he believes the message. Such men have caused nothing but problems.

When I went up to Brisbane, there were only 3 families in the church that I visited, which I heard was a big church before it broke up, because the pastor does not believe in a five fold ministry. Thus, in every service he would just play the sermon tapes of Brother Branham and afterwards they dismissed and went home. Somehow God allowed me to preach there during a church service, where my subject was "We should not mix our ideas and opinions with God's Word". God did not ordain technology to preach the gospel but he ordained men to do the job. Moreover, the meteorological officer from Vanuatu who was with me, who was not a believer, was baptized after the service. I believe God was visiting them, so to speak, to try and open their eyes to their misconception of the Word of God but still they could not see it.

In 1998 I became the pastor of the church as the former pastor, being a prison officer, was transferred to another city. I continued to preach mostly from the "message books" even when I became a pastor but I still felt that something was missing. Altogether there are 5 End-time Message assemblies here in Fiji. The first church started in the late 70's and the pastor of that church taught us, the other 4 pastors, just to say what the tapes say (in the spirit of Branhamism, so we were just following man and not God.

The church with the old pastor, here in Fiji, who was the first to receive the message in 1972 and was sort of controlling all of us (nicolaitanism). He was operating just like the church system of the world, like he was our headquarters, though we know that our only headquarters is in heaven. The pastor told us that he was the only man that God had called and he was the only five fold ministry here in Fiji but would never tell us what was his position in the 5-fold ministry. He would only preach from the "message books", even quoting word by word, of the prophet and reading from the Fijian translation throughout his preaching.  It was very boring many times because the majority of the believers had already read the sermon books many times over. What I could see was the spirit of fear in the people, fearing this preacher.

In August 2000, the Meteorological department sent me to Japan to attend a four months training course in meteorology. One Sunday while I was resting in my room in the JICA centre, the Lord led me down to the computer room on the 5th floor of this ten storey accommodation centre. I sat at the computer going through websites of message churches for hours. I was very tired and was about to go back to my room but the Lord was sort of pulling me back, making me to keep on searching the W.W.W. Somehow the Lord let me to the Prophetic Revelation website of Bro. Gan and I started to go through it and read some of his writings.

I could not leave the computer room, where I was alone, as something seemed to ignite in me as the reading got very interesting and the Word of God started to become alive to me and things that I already believed seemed to just fall in the right place. From that time on, I started to see the reality and truth of the message that God has sent in this hour, fulfilling the scripture of Mal. 4:5-6. The prophet was sent to point us back to the Bible and the apostolic faith and not to himself. I started to understand more and better, the roles of the five fold ministries of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, that they are for the perfecting of the saints before the Seven Thunders (of Revelation) will utter their voices to give rapturing faith to the Word Bride. The confusions that were in me started to clear up as questions were answered.

There were two believers in the message of the hour that lived in Japan. They were from Africa and God allowed us to meet and we started to fellowship together and I was ministering to them every Sunday. I could see the impact of my preaching as I preached from the Bible and not from the "message books". They had been listening to tapes when I came to Japan. I was told by the brother who was leading them that he would only preach when the time came, when he would know and understand everything that Brother Branham preached. However, we know that we only need the Holy Spirit and God's calling to be a preacher.

When I returned to Fiji from Japan, I began to minister the Word of the Lord only from the Bible, and my church also began to see the difference. Everybody got a clear picture of some things the prophet was talking about when he was around with the "Shout" ministry.

In 2003, the Lord allowed me to preach 3 times in the biggest message church in our nation, which was the first one to received the message in Fiji, the one with the old pastor who taught us to say what the tapes say. The whole church and their pastor were blessed and saw the difference in the preaching compared to their pastor who was a Branhamite and who only preached directly what Brother Branham said in the "message books". Many of them acknowledge that God was visiting them, even one of them who now is in our fellowship forsook that group and joined up with us and is still here today and he always say I am the lucky one to have come out of that spiritual prison house.

By the end of 2003, some of the believers from the message church I had preached to, as mentioned above, came to my church and heard me preach the Word of God but they went back to their Branhamite pastor and told him that I do not believe in the prophet any more because I was not talking about Bro. Branham in my preaching. We can see the carnality of message believers, being void of the Spirit. It was only a week later, when my fellowship went down to visit that church, as one of their members had passed away, that they rejected us saying we believed different. Until today we are no longer in fellowship with them. The Bible says "how can two walk together unless they agree".

I believe whatever had happened was all in the will and plan of God so that we can go out and try to help other message believers who are confused in this nation, to come to the present truth.

Early in 2004 I decided to invite Bro. Richard Gan, from Singapore, who is an Apostle by the will of God, to come minister to us during our church convention for 9 services. I was able to do so then as I was no longer under the control of the old pastor, who was the only one inviting preachers from overseas to come and preach at conventions. He had invited all kinds of preachers from America, Canada and Europe, and they all were just mostly preaching "the message" out of the statements of Bro. Branham. One Indian preacher came from Singapore in 2002 and preached that Jesus had already come and we are not to partake the "communion". Another Chinese preacher who pastors a church in Sydney, Australia, also came and preached all kinds of strange doctrines which are not based on the true revelation of the Word of God.

Although the old pastor rejected me, I still went ahead and invited him and the other 2 pastors from the local churches around. Only one pastor turned up from a small island called Ovalau and he was very blessed during the five day meetings in which Bro. Gan ministered to us. The other two did not come as they did not want to recognize what the Lord is presently doing with this, our small assembly of believers. Even the old Branhamite pastor from the big message church tried very hard to stop our convention by going to the immigration office, which he would always do if somebody else here in Fiji invites a minister from overseas. It just shows that he does not have the Spirit of God leading him but instead has the spirit of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

This old pastor passed away early this year of 2007 and the pastor of the assembly in the second largest island of Fiji has since taken control of the biggest endtime church in Fiji. He transferred himself to become a pastor of that church in Suva. We see the spirit of denominationalism in him. Being that he was a very strong disciple of the old Branhamite pastor, this pastor also accused me falsely the first time I invited Brother Gan to Fiji in October 2004,

In Brother Gan's second visit in August 2005 I managed to take him to an end-time fellowship church that is on a small island called Ovalau and he ministered the Word of God there in three meetings. That group has also come out of the Branhamite camp and are now fully established in the present truth. In Brother Gan's third visit in October last year of 2006, I took him to another small end-time fellowship group in Suva and Brother Gan ministered to them twice and they have also come to the realization of the present day truth and ministry. If those groups open up to the Word, I will assist them in the understanding of the reality of the present ministry which is the five-fold ministry that God is using, firstly the Apostles, secondly Prophets, and so on, for the perfecting of the body of Christ around the World. The Body must be made ready before the Rapture can happen. The Seven Thunders will bring the body change.  If they cannot accept where I stand in this present day truth but maintain their Branhamic spirit, I will then separate from them for good. As we look into the calling of our father Abraham who was even called out from his father's house, so are we too, in this hour, from those of the household of Branhamism.

I received a lot of opposition, false accusations and character assassination from message believers in this country the first time I introduced Brother Gan's ministry. I was called a lot of names, but all these false accusations fall on my deaf ears as I have committed my life to stand for the truth of God's Word and I do not fear man but God only. I also realized that I was not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness, or a very powerful religious spirit which has deluded the message believers of this country. I have said to myself that this devil will not deceive my people as I believe we are called to destroy the works of the devil. The truth will always prevail and the truth will set us free indeed.

I thank the mighty God that after 3 years of standing for this truth in this country, what I see are the fruits of it, as many message believers have now come to understand and recognize what God is doing today in the ministry of the "Voice of the Archangel". In my revelation, I see that many of the rest of the End-time Message believers (who in following the "Shout" message but are confused because of poor or broken foundation in their faith) will shortly acknowledge and come to the reality of what God's move today is, through the five fold ministry, the work of God in this hour. This is only possible now since God has removed the old pastor whom they feared and who had deceived them so badly that they had no more spiritual insight into the Word of God.

Finally I thank the LORD for the opportunity of having Brother Gan, an apostle by the call of God, to have visited us three times now. The body of Christ in Fiji who has access to his apostolic ministry has really grown in the LORD from the ministration of the full Word of God.

To conclude, I wish to thank God for the humble Apostolic ministry that he has given Bro. Richard Gan and also other ministers in the five-fold ministry, and to the whole body of Christ around the World, who are giving their time and life according to God's calling, to perfect the Bride, rescuing believers from the hands of self-ordained preachers who are running around the world trying to make a name for themselves. Their rewards are with our Father and God when it is all over as we stand before Him that day in heaven.

My sincere and humble request to you, my brothers and sisters around the world, to continuously pray for me and the believers here in this small nation of Fiji, floating in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. We fight the good battle of faith to get the sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ, here in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands around us, into the fold before Christ comes in the Rapture.  Not forgetting to send to everyone of you our love from the body of Christ here in Fiji.

Finally, I am so thankful to the Lord and I give Him all the glory for His great mercy and grace for saving me the chiefest of sinners, to be a partaker of His goodness, blessing and eternal life.

May the Lord bless you all till we meet, if not here, then in heaven.

Rev 22:20-21: Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Brother Aminiasi Tuidraki
Bible Truth Fellowship
Fiji Islands

(17 May, 2007)

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