Sister Alice Heng’s Vision



[Posted: 25 Feb.2006]


On Thursday night, 27 October 2005, at about nearly 12 midnight, I was praying before going to bed and I was sitting on the sofa in the living room. A vision appeared before me and I saw a bright cloud and it slowly moved away.


On Sunday, 30 October 2005, at about 1.00am, I was also in prayer, sitting on the sofa in the living room as usual. A vision appeared again. This time it was some shadowy figures. Then I saw the Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples sitting around a table. As I closed and reopened my eyes to look, a bright light appeared along with the scene and then faded away into the distance.


Next, a host of white figures appeared. They were beautiful winged angels, moving in front of me. Then, in a bright light, they faded away into the distance.


After that, appeared a man, with shoulder length hair and wearing a long garment, walking towards the fading distant light. He was carrying a heavy bundle of dry tree branches on his shoulder. Despite the weight of the branches, He was strong and walked without difficulty. I heard His voice saying, “I love you.”


As I laid down on the sofa, with tears of ecstasy, I felt a gentle shower of raindrops falling on my face.


What a joy! Thank you Lord!

Alice Heng


Note from Bro. Richard Gan:


Alice Heng is my mother.  She is now 78 years old.  Before she came to the Present Truth in 2003, she walked in the footsteps of her mother and siblings a family who embraced Methodism, Presbyterianism and even Roman Catholicism.  At that time she would be very superstitious as her faith was not grounded in the Word.  However, she did love the Lord Jesus.  It was through her story-telling about the Saviour, when I was then a young pre-teen, that I came to know the Lord.


My mother is quite stubborn by nature but the Lord has shown her the Truth and is gracious to her. I thank God for.  When times were hard in my childhood years, she had always been a real loving mother, and she was always there for my brothers and my sister and me.  She would always pray for us.


May the Lord grace her life and give her health is my prayer.


= = = = = = =


Update:  Sister Alice passed over into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ on 16 March 2011 after a short period of illness due to a fall that confined her to a wheelchair..