A Short Testimony
Brother Akuila Nacolaiviu
(Savusavu, Fiji Islands)


I am Akuila Nacolaiviu, aged 48. I was born and grew up in Naweni Village. Naweni Village is located on the north-eastern part of Fijiís second largest island, Vanua Levu. I am the sixth child, out of ten children in our family. My parents are strong Methodists during my early school days, but joined Pentecostal church during my teenage years. I had my primary education at the village school and moved on to attend a boyís boarding school in Viti Levu for my secondary education.

In 1976, during my third year of secondary school, there was a great Pentecostal revival. The majority of the boys were baptised and a few were able to speak in tongues during the fellowship. Only a handful of boys did not join in the revival and I was one of them. It was a big issue in school as these boys began to talk about the wonders of this tongues-speaking and about how the Holy Spirit moved amongst them.

I remained in my little corner and began to observe, questioning myself whether this was really God as most of the boys had claimed. A few days after the revival, I saw the boy who had been speaking in tongues smoking cigarettes with other senior boys on the farm. I knew that I have the desire to serve God but I was confused by what I had seen.

Later on, I received a letter from my father commanding me to leave high school and to be trained as a Pentecostal pastor. I wrote back to him and refused the offer. He was so disappointed with my decision that he told me to find someone else to support my education.

Thus, I left school and started looking for jobs in Suva, the capital city of Fiji. During those years of work, I went to a lot of churches like Assemblies of God, Revival and others. However, none of them could quench the thirst I had within. Therefore, I decided to leave Suva and return to my village to be a farmer.

In 1986, I married my wife who was a school teacher at the village school. I have seven children, four girls and three boys. My second child, a son, was called Home when he was 15 years old in 2005. I did not join any church but silently sought the one that would inspire me to the Truth. After we had our first child, a daughter, my wife was baptised into the Pentecostal church and joined my family in worship. I was disappointed with what she had done because I knew that the deceiving spirit had caught her up. I complained to God about this, but believed that sooner or later she would get away from that deceiving spirit.

Three years later, a brother who was once a Pentecostal believer gave me a message book of Brother Branham. I began to read a few of his messages and saw that he was the Seventh Angel as was stated in the Book of Revelation. I invited this brother over and we started a small fellowship in our home on the school compound. This was in 1990, when our second child was born. My wife, a sister and another brother began to join in the fellowship.

As the years went by, the fellowship group grew in number and the same brother who had given me the message book was appointed pastor. The fellowship moved to the town of Savusavu, as it was more convenient for most of the believers. There, I was appointed as the deacon of the church along with two other brothers.

For the last two years of our fellowship, our pastor was mostly away in Suva, taking care of the flock in Suva as their pastor was bedridden due to illness. We deacons looked after the church in Savusavu. Early in 2007, the pastor in Suva passed away. Our pastor decided to take up the pastoral post in Suva.

I realised that something was wrong and I believe that our pastor made a big mistake in deserting the flock in Savusavu that he was called to look after. I complained to God as our pastor revealed to the church that he now had a new calling in Suva. I began to believe that the church is heading in a wrong direction.

Before he left, the pastor appointed one of the deacons to pastor the church. This newly-appointed pastor muddled everything up and most of the things that he did was contrary to the Word of God. I began to see visions and dreams about the chaos that the church was going through. I even shared the visions and dreams with our previous pastor. This new pastor further claimed that God spoke to him and he exercised his own authority over the church. Little did I realise that God has allowed these things to happen in order to make a way out for us.

Later that year, Brother Tuidraki was given the opportunity to testify to the fellowship in Savusavu even though he had been excommunicated from the message believers throughout the country. I was touched by his testimony and invited him for tea in my home.

There, he revealed to me all the errors and the Branhamism spirit that existed within the church, which was driving people away from the Truth. All that Brother Tui shared with us resonated with the scriptures. When he left that night, my wife and I could not sleep as we began to talk about what we had heard. We invited him over the next night. Brother Tui was with us for three continuous nights.

When Brother Tuidraki left, we kept correspondence and he sent me books by this Apostolic ministry. I began to study Godís word and saw the deep revelation of his Word. I thank the Lord for providing a way out for my family and me to be established in the present Truth.

May Godís Grace be upon you all.