My Testimony
Sister Aggie Lee

I came to know the Lord in the year 1978 while I was still in the Roman Catholic Church reciting the rosary everyday. I have been a R.C. for quite a long while.

One day the Lord just seem to speak to me: "What are you doing?"

I told Him: "Just praying."

He replied, " No, you're idolizing. When you pray you pray in spirit and in truth."

Then I answered, "How?"

Then He said: "Well, just like you're talking to me now, from your heart, knowing that I am. Using the rosary and reciting you are just like your pagan neighbours. Their altar and yours are the same, only different in colours."

I began to understand Truth more as days went by. Then one day, while in a service in an Anglican church I heard a voice telling me that I've got a "heart problem". Then the pillar of fire came upon me and that is where He performed the operation. I was standing there in the church at 10 o'clock in the night. He puts His hands inside my heart and took the heart of stone in exchange for a heart of flesh. When the pillar of fire drew back I lifted my head and I saw His face. A crown on His head pierced in His flesh with blood dripping down His face and then the pillar of fire just disappeared in the midst. I ask Him where is He going. He said to get a place ready for me.

In 1979 during an Easter Sunday, I've got re-baptised into Christ by water immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I saw heaven opened up revealing its brightness and joy filled my heart. But the Lord revealed through a prophecy of my need to be subjected to my husband even though he wasn’t a believer. Before I went into the baptism pool, Satan was stabbing me, telling me, "If you go in there, your husband will leave you." That did not happen. However, after about three years of trials and testing on my faith he took another woman and built another family.

Life had not been easy but the Lord was with me. I thank Him and praise Him for what He had done. My daily walk with Him had been real and true, and will continue to be so, because he says, "I will be with you till the end of the world."

In the year 1983, I left my job through His Grace after much prayer, because I was loaded down with piles of work which I really could not take on. Stress and anxiety hit me. The company gave way to my early retirement by reason of medical conditions.

I am still walking as a believer of Christ. I'm now 75 years old. I thank the Lord for His strength and grace in my life, granting me health. I pray for my brothers and sisters in the Lord that whenever we gather in fellowship we have to have a sincere heart to fulfill the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Furthermore I hope and pray for my loved ones in the family that the love of Christ be with them that they will accept Him as their Lord and Saviour in His own time.