Bro. Richard, I believe that God introduced and sanctioned polygamy from the beginning. Bro. Branham said so and even taught that polygamous marriage is permitted among believers.

   That Bro. Branham taught polygamy is a lie. Preachers who have marital problems or extra-marital affairs are usually the ones who seek to find some statements of Branham to justify their action of taking another wife. The one sermon most quoted to justify their action is "Marriage and Divorce". How a preacher can twist and misinterpret Bro. Branham's simple teaching on the subject is beyond me. And did God really introduce polygamy? Did He contradict His Original Word on the sacrament of One Man, One Wife? [Read Polygamy]

Here is an email sent to me from E― K― , a Polygamous believer in Africa [dated: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 3:20 AM] ―

Brother, i won't insult you or anything like that, but you are terribly misled. Polygamy is the WORD of God full stop.
1) Firstly, look to nature, the way God designed the world we live in proves itself that polygamy is right.
2) God's Word continuely says we should multiply throughout the Bible. How do you multiply with one wife. Look at it this way, in one year with three wives you have three child, one year with one wife you only have one. Which is multiplying?
3) Does not Bro. Branham says 'polygamy in all things'

And this is my reply to him ―

Polygamy was in all things after the Fall.  But when Jesus came, He point us back to where "in the beginning, it was not so".

One, Man, One Wife, was God's law in the beginning.  The Fall brought the Serpent Seed to introduce Polygamy.  But Christ who brought us GRACE, pointed us back to the beginning.

Did Branham say that you can have more than one wife under the Grace Age?  Show me where he said that.  He showed that polygamy is adultery.

E-47    Speaking to someone the other day about polygamy. I said the nation in a whole would be better off if it practiced polygamy. It would. We're the highest rated nation in the world with divorces, marrying and intermarrying, marrying and intermarrying. Because we try to make the men of the world outside coincide with Christian doctrine, and you can't put the nature of a lamb in a pig. Polygamy would be better off for him. You may not believe it but God would look at polygamy and excuse it a lot quicker than what He would...
Now, remember, don't you say that I believe in polygamy; I don't. I...?...what God said... Moses said that... The Pharisee said to Jesus, said, "Why did Moses suffer a writing of divorcement?"
Said, "He did it because the hardness of your heart." Right. But it wasn't so from the beginning, never will be. God did it because of the hardness of their heart.
But in the nations where they have polygamy the divorce courts are at ebb, low. But in here where we're trying to make and govern this country as a nation, because being a Christian nation, but the name of Christian nation doesn't make it a Christian nation. And you cannot govern the world by the rules of God. You can't. I have no--nothing against a sinner drinking. I have nothing against a sinner committing adultery, nothing against the sinner doing this. But what I'm talking about is these people who are supposed to be Christians and then doing that.

70    Notice Sarah, the tassel that had the pollen, that Jewish nation raised from her. From, come out of Sarah, brought Isaac; through Isaac, brought Jacob; Jacob brought the patriarchs; and through the patriarchs, brought forth a nation.
71    Mary, the virgin's faith, produced the true, spiritual Seed Word made flesh. See?
The three women, three women that this Seed was carried through. One of them was actually an adultery, under polygamy; the second was a freewoman; and the third one had no sex affair at all, but by faith she believed the Word of God. Hagar, Sarah, both Sarah and Hagar, was sex; but Mary was virgin, by the power of the promised Word of God. That's right.

You have made Branham and God as Liars.

In DRC, there are many polygamous believers.