16-26 May, 2008

A Brief Report


It was just last year in August that I had paid a visit to minister the Word of God upon the invitation of Bro. Chandula Abeywickrema, a bank officer who oversees a small assembly of believers in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Bro. Chandula felt that there was a need for me to go and lift up the faith of the believers in Sri Lanka.  Arrangements were made in two places  ̵  Nuwara-Eliya and Colombo.  Nuwara-Eliya, a municipality established in 1949, is a beautiful "Little England". The name means "City of Light".  Its highest peak rises up to 2,534 metres (about 8,280 feet) above sea level.  It is a beautiful tourist spot in Sri Lanka.


By the grace of God, a hall with several rooms was secured in Nuwara-Eliya by Bro. Shane, a faithful minister and pastor of an assembly in Kandy.  The believers came from Kandy and as far north as Mannar and Trincomalee were accommodated in the rooms that came with mattresses.  Not many believers could come from far away towns because of the tight security caused by the war with the Tamil Tigers in those areas.  Ever so often there would be a news report on the air of a blast set off by some suicide bomber in some part of the island.  In a period of 2 weeks, from my arrival to departure, the City of Colombo had 2 bombings in 2 different areas not far from Colombo.

The following day (17 May) after arriving in Colombo, Bro. Chandula, his wife, Sis. Chandrika, and I took a drive of some 4 hours from Colombo to Nuwara-Eliya, a  journey of which half was up mountains through winding roads.  There are plenty of "switch-backs" or "hair-pin" bends.  Certainly not very pleasant.  However, the place of our stay was a company bungalow that Bro. Chandula was able to secure.  It is situated about less than 5 minutes drive to the assembly hall.

The meetings did not see as many people compared to April 2005.

When materialism is sought after by preachers, there is no difference between countries, inclusive of Sri Lanka.  There are always accusations, jealousy, insincerity, and many un-Christian dealings going on.  Those who are of such spirits will soon go wild after a separation.  They have nothing to preach.  Like Dalton Bruce and Cohen Reckart, they will be preaching about other preachers and their teachings.

There were a total of 4 days of meetings.  Meetings began in the morning at about 9.30am and ended at 6.00pm.  There were breaks for lunch and tea.

The messages during these few days were on the end-time scenarios with regards to the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ and how the Sacred Scriptures should be interpreted in the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.  Similarly, the same were taught in Colombo from 22 to 25 May.



Many of the believers in this assembly have yet to attain revelation concerning the FAITH.  Affluence and traditions, both national and religious, have a stronger hold on people who live in the capital than those in the rural areas, hence, vanities are not easily given up.  But God is God and He will sieve all assemblies for those that will make the gems for the Master's crown.

May God bless this assembly as they grow in grace. May the Lord give much wisdom to Bro. Chandula and those who assist him in overseeing the flock.

* * * * * * *