24-26 August 2007

Bro. Chandula Abeywickrema


In the beginning of year 2006, the Lord impressed in my heart that there would be some seeds of God in the City of Colombo who are not part of our present fellowship which is held in my house (about 15 people meeting on Sunday for fellowship, prayers & study). Very prayerfully as the Lord impressed on me, I put advertisement in the local newspapers announcing that I would speak on a series of subject dealing with “End time Prophecies and fulfillment” in the month of September in Colombo. There were about 30 people responding to this call and starting from the beginning of September, on every Sunday Evening, we continued till the middle of December.  Many people who came from other denominations were touched and they expressed their wish to continue on this study. On the final day many came to me and said they really want to continue the study, expressing their thirsty for the truth.  After getting down their names and addresses, I said I would pray and think on it and would come back to them once the decision is made and the days are finalized.

Whilst I was praying, seeking the mind of God, seeking a place in the heart of Colombo that would be convenient to the people, a friend of mine directed me to the Bible Society.  I went and discussed with the staff for to rent a room.  Initially I hired the Board Room for about two months. It was a fairly small place accommodating about 25 people, and after two months we hired their conference hall which can seat about 100 people and we started in the very first week of January 2007 and continued so far.

The evening service was from 5 pm to 7pm.  The first ˝ hour was spent in worship − songs and praises to the Lord.  Next 1˝ hours, I took up the study and preaching of the Word.  So far I have taught on the Creation & Beginning which covers what happened in the Garden of Eden and then started the series on the Seven Church Ages which lasted nearly 4 months.  I also touched the subject of Deity and Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Recently while I was in Singapore on an official bank visit, I discussed with Bro. Gan for a visit to Sri Lanka, particularly to strengthen the Ministry in Colombo.

The eighth month after we started the Ministry in 2006, God so divinely planned this recent 3 days of seminar.  In addition to the Colombo Church who now gathers regularly for Sunday meetings, we had also invited other pastors and leaders of fellowship from other parts of the country such as Kandy, Trincomalee, Mannar, etc.,

We had three days of wonderful teaching, revelation of the Word, and this is, of course, God at the right time giving the right message to the people when we have drawn them to the net.  It is the Fivefold Ministry’s responsibility to bring the seeds of God to the stature and the measures of the Lord Jesus Christ, revealing the Word of God.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship with one another, and many were able to talk to Bro. Gan to clarify many issues.

Now I am absolutely aware that the Lord will very strongly establish the fellowship in the city of Colombo, which is the capital city of this country, and He will draw in the seeds, who are lost in denomination, to be part of the bride of Christ.

I wish to thank Bro. Gan and the Church in Singapore for the fellowship extended to me and the Ministry in Sri Lanka.

Bro. Chandula Abeywickrema
Colombo, Sri Lanka
(Dated 29 August 2007)