[20-30 November, 2003]

Report written by Bro. Valerian Serrao (Mumbai)



Bro Gan arrived in Chennai on the 17th of November, 2003, in order to dispel the doubts, misgivings and uncertainties that plagued the minds of many of the believers in different parts of South India through the preaching of the Word of truth.  Bros. Shadrach and James of Rhema Life Fellowship, Coimbatore, in co-ordination with with ministers, Bros. Nargunam and Kripakaran, of Chennai organized a three-day meetings in Hotel Mars, Chennai, from the 18th to the 20th Nov., 2003.



Chennai (Madras)


Mr. Ronald Watson, along with Daniel Ashirwadam, and other Branhamite ministers instructed many end-time pastors to tell their congregations "not to attend the meetings of Bro. R. L. S. Gan."  The Pharisaical spirit that dwells in these ministers dominated the scene and sought to prevent even those who were earnestly seeking the present truth, from hearing it preached. As a result the average of attendees fluctuated from day to day. On the 3rd day there were about 120 people, also including those who had defied their churches' orders, and had come to hear the preaching of the Word of truth.

Ronald Watson was a coward.  He called himself an agent of the Lord Jesus Christ, but he would not face Bro. Gan in person as he knew Bro. Gan was to be in Coimbatore.  He "terrorized" the End-time Message believers with fear.  He said he was associated with Dalton Bruce (of USA).  Like Dalton Bruce, he used the statements of Bro. Branham as the answers to every question.  He's egoistic and wrote a tract to run down Bro. Gan while at the same time promoting himself as a great servant of God.  His tract is full of twisted words.  Like his associate, Dalton Bruce, he is also a liar.

The services in Chennai were held in the evenings at 6:30 pm. The theme was "The mystery of God and His creation".  The message explored the exact science of the Inspired Scripture with the help of Bible Numerics and Theomatics, proving that the Bible was the Divinely inspired, "inbreathed" Word of God. The message also covered the fall of Adam, the Bride taken from the side of the ‘Last Adam’ – Christ Jesus.  All who came were invariably blessed and rejoiced

We took time to visit St. Thomas’ mount in Chennai where the Apostle Thomas was martyred.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pattu - Gudiyattam



On the 21st of Nov., Bro. James of Coimbatore, Bros. Solomon Jacob and Bhalerao of Ahmednagar, Bro.Richie of Mumbai and myself accompanied Bro. Gan to Gudiyattam, about 150 km. from Chennai.  Bros. Jaipal and Daniel received us at the railway station.



The meeting was held at 5 p.m. in Bro. Jaipal’s church.  The emphasis of the message was on the ‘sufficiency’ of the Scripture, sufficient – not more, not less – for true believers to walk in the Will of God.  The following morning we had a service in another church – Bro. Ravi Shankar’s.  And after the service we had lunch at the pastor's home and then boarded a train to Coimbatore at 4:15 p.m.  We were received at Coimbatore Station by Bro. Shadrach.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


On the 23rd, we left for a small town called Pollachi, about 18 kms. from Coimbatore, for Bro. Gan to minister to a gathering of around 80 believers; Bro. Gan’s message focusing on "God – One Eternal Spirit".  Bro. Solomon Jacob preached the second service.

Bro. Gan was introduced to Bro. James’ 92 year-old grandmother who, by a simple act of faith, was healed of a large intestinal cancer in October 2003. And the family members were converted to the Lord Jesus Christ.  [Click here for Bro. James' testimony.]

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On the 24th of Nov., we left for Coonoor, a lush green area situated in the hills about 80 kms. from Coimbatore. There were three services held per day in Keshwick Hall with boarding and lodging provided for those who attended. Some of us stayed at the Salvation Army lodge. The nights were cold in Coonor, the temperature dropping to 3 degrees C.

The meetings were arranged from the 25th to the 27th of Nov., 2003.  Bro. Gan ministered the morning and evening services.  In the first two days Bro. Gan preached on the Redemption of Creation, the emphasis being once again on the sufficiency of Scriptures – the ‘in-breathed’ Word of God.  He spoke about the Mystery of Creation, the fall of Adam and the Serpent’s Seed.  Bro. Solomon Jacob conducted the afternoon service.  Bro. Jacob preached on the reconstruction of the temple of Jerusalem, destroyed in the time of Nebuchadnezzar as being conducted on the self same foundation – in parallel – the restoration of the church to the unadulterated Word of truth being conducted throughout the church ages on one solid foundation – Christ.  He also preached on ‘separation from the mixed multitude’, being the call to the children of Israel in the days of Nehemiah.

On the 3rd day, Bro. Gan expounded on the deep sleep of Adam signifying the death of Christ. He preached on the existence of tithing before the Law Age, the location of Eden being in Israel, showing the fall and restoration of mankind in the same place, and the fullness of the Godhead in Christ Jesus, the significance of the apostolic ministry, and the overall solidity and sufficiency of the Bible as being the ultimate authority in guiding the believers in the spiritual walk. The most striking of all was the revelation of transformation of the bodies of Sarah and Abraham in order to fulfill God’s Word; as being a type of the Bride’s translation in three phases: 1) The Spoken Word; 2) The Restoration or Renewal of the Body; and 3) The Fulfillment of the Promise Son coming to the Body.

These meetings answered many questions and misgivings of those who attended.  Many denominational people too were deeply touched. On the whole the Coonoor Convention in spite of the opposition was a success.

On the 28th Nov., a group of pastors gathered in Bro. Gan’s hotel room in Coimbatore with questions on the Godhead, the Branhamites' position and doctrines, and various other truths of the end-time. The following ministers attended: Bro. Zion of Coonoor, Bro. Das and Bro. Joseph of Singanallur, Bro. Devdas of Pollachi, and Bro Shadrach and Bro. James of Coimbatore.  They shared in the joy of the truth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bro. Gan preached at a meeting in Singanallur as requested by Bros. Das and Joseph on the 29th Nov., highlighting ‘Sanctification of Christian Life’.

Many of the brethren came to send Bro. Gan off at the Railway Station for Chennai.  Bro. Shadrach accompanied him to Chennai where on the 1st of Dec., 2003, Bro. Gan boarded his flight to Singapore.

May the Spirit of the Lord lead those few faithful ministers in South India. God bless the ministry of Bro. Gan.

- Bro. Vally Serrao