As the trip to Nepal was cancelled, I was compelled to visit Iloilo, Philippines, to minister to
a small assembly of saints that gathers in a village named Leon, about an hour drive from the city. 
In 2004, I was there to lay a foundation of the Word.  The pastor and the saints grasped the
Word well.  However, the assembly in Leon split up after the pastor visited Manila
and he was advised by a minister, someone who apparently has much influence on him,
not to have association with me, especially my teachings.  As a result,
 there was a lack of teaching of the Word using the Scripture during the services
and the saints were unhappy about it.

Bro. Orsel Dumanon (of Butuan City) and Bro. Felimon "Nonoy" Togonon (of Manila)
were called upon to interpret the messages during the meetings.  It so happened that
there was to be a joined fellowship of the various churches in Manila on October 7
and a two-day Ministers' Meetings prior to that.  Bro. Nonoy requested me to be there.

It was a joy for me to meet up with the saints of Iloilo again after 3 years. 
They showed their love and hospitality through showering us with local food. 
We were excited and had a blessed time in the Word.

It is a rare treat for me to take time off to relax and visit some interesting natural sites. 
So, after three days we (Bro. Orsel, his wife, my nephew Jonan and I) left for Bohol to enjoy the natural environment of the famous Chocolate Hills before flying to Manila.

After checking into the hotel in Manila, we went straight to the Ministers' Meeting. 
In previous meetings, there were much arguments over doctrines because of the
presence of many Branhamite preachers. The preachers (with the spirit of Branhamism) would use statements of Bro. Branham (taken from the different sermons) to justify their "revelations" of what they thought were Bro. Branham's teachings. Hence, there are the different teachings on the Godhead, the Soul of man, Marriage and Divorce, Seventy Weeks of Daniel, etc.  What such preachers have is their "opinion" of what they think William Branham said rather than what he meant.

This time however, the meeting was different. I witnessed a spirit of sincerity among the ministers
in giving the doctrines (in discussion) a WORD TEST. 


This minister is a Oneness Pentecostal Theologian.  He came into contact with us through reading a copy of THE ORIGINAL SIN that he found while riding in a jeepney. He wrote me a letter but it did not reach me.  One day, he was somehow led to a Ministers' Meeting at Bro. Jonathan Togonon's place of fellowship and there he came into fellowship with the believing ministers.



It was also good for me to hear the testimonies of some ministers on how the Biblical approach of
PROVE ALL THINGS by the Sacred Scripture have benefited them, even converted them from holding to
certain false doctrines such as TWO SOULS and a "HALF WEEK" of DANIEL'S SEVENTY WEEKS.

I enjoyed the meetings.

During our time in Manila, my nephew and I got to stay in a 5-star hotel without paying a 5-star bill. 
(This is probably the only 5-star hotel that I would ever get to stay in.)
Bro. Neil is a believer and he is the hotel's Chief Security Manager.  Since I was last with him,
about one and a half years ago, he has been a blessing to many staff members of the hotel
(called THE BELLEVUE) when he witnessed to them the precious endtime message of our Lord God.
Some 20 personnel have been converted and many have taken the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
in water baptism.
A senior staff member in the Human Resources Department is also converted.

Regular weekly meetings are held in one of the staff's meeting rooms and a local minister
is there to expound the Word.

An incident happened during my stay.  I was almost tricked into parting with US$150 to a con-woman
who impersonated a believing sister, Sister Jeng, who is the Human Resources Manager of the hotel. 
The woman was apprehended and turned over to the police.

The joined fellowship of the churches is held quarterly at a campsite.  It is good to see some
500-600 believers gathered together to worship the Lord and to have fellowship
one with another around the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Bro. Orsel ministered in the morning on GOD CARES, DO YOU?
I ministered in the afternoon on THE AGAPE OF GOD.

Before we flew home on October 9, I ministered one more time to the believers of THE BELLEVUE.
It would be a long time before I would return to meet such wonderful people of the Lord again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~