Karachi, Pakistan Visit
23-30 September, 2009


A visitation to minister the Word in Karachi, last year, has proven to be fruitful.  A good number of Bible believers have been revived.  They are thirsting for more of the Word of God concerning His plan and purpose in their life.  For that reason,  just a few months later, Pastor Shamoon Yaqoob and his brother, Khalid, insisted that I should pay them another visit to hold a 3-day seminar for those who are interested in the deeper things of God.

23 September

Singapore Airlines has two flights weekly (on Wednesday and Saturday) to Pakistan. The 3-day seminar was to start on Thursday. I arrived into Karachi in the evening and was taken to the same hotel that I had stayed in on my first visit.  The brethren could not find a hotel in a cleaner area of Karachi without me having to pay some US$150-US$200 for a room per night. This hotel is situated is an area with plenty of rubbish and stagnant water. A foul smell would creep into the hotel room whenever there was a breeze.  I was given a room away from the "foul area". However, during the first night, I was awakened at 4am by the smell when it came into my room. It was not as foul as I had experienced in my 2008 visit that I had to endure every night. The reason is, with rain, the ground is wetter and the rotting action in rubbish heaps are greater thus the smell is more foul. The month of September does not see much rain compared to July and August.

24-26 September

The seminar was scheduled to start at 10am each day and last till 5pm. However, it was not so as time seems not to be an important issue with many attendees except for those thirsting for the truth of God.  They were mainly the believers from the assembly of Pastor Shamoon. The other attendees were from various other churches.

Bible subjects taught during the 3-days were on ETERNITY and THE BEGINNING OF TIME, THE NAME OF GOD, THE SEVEN PARABLES OF MATTHEW 13 and THE TEN VIRGINS.

One preacher told Bro. Shamoon that he was beginning to see the Bible in a new light and must begin to learn It again as a beginner.

Lunch was served at 2pm. and tea at 4pm. Mutton Briyani and Chicken Briyani are Pakistan's common and favourite dishes and they were served all 3 days.

27-29 September

The meetings for these days were held in Pastor Shamoon's church. Except for Sunday, the meetings for the last two days were in the night, from 8pm to 11pm. The congregation was dismissed before midnight.

Subjects taught were THE TEN VIRGINS, THE GATES OF HELL, and GOD'S FOUR INDICTMENTS that deal with whom are the true believers, Satan's activities against the Church and the rebellious disobedient children of God.

As usual, most of my time was spent in the hotel room resting and studying when I was not preaching. Some brothers and sisters provided me with home-cooked meals rather than having me eat hotel food. They came also with questions on their minds. We had a little fellowship to have their questions answered from the Word. I am also thankful towards them for giving me massages to ease tension to my stiff neck and shoulders.

30 September

I flew home in the night with the brethren requesting and looking forward to another convention as soon as possible as we bade farewell.