18 February - 6 March 2014

I arrived at Phnom Penh on the 18th February 2014.Bro Israel was waiting for me at the AirPort.

My Last trip to Cambodia was in Nov 2010.It has been almost three years ago. It was nice to visit again to encourage Bro Israel in whatever way I can. I have come to understand more the challenges he is going through in Cambodia.

Bro Israel took me to Takeo Province on the 22nd of February 2014. We stayed at Sophorn Sopea Guest house at Ton Lop village. He said he will like to visit some new pastors who had invited him to their churches but have not been able to visit them. The next day at 8.PM a man came to the guest house to see us. Brother Israel introduced him to me as Pastor Polak. He was one of the pastors we had to meet. He told us he has three house churches. He took us in his car to have fellowship in the various places.

We first stopped at a village called Phoum Prill. There were people gathered and waiting for us in the church. There were about 12 adults excluding children.


Ptr. Polak started the service with praise and worship songs as we entered the house. I was then called to give the message. I preached to them about the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and the second coming of Jesus Christ. I encouraged them to grow in the faith. They don't understand the many prophecies in the Bible. However, I believe they can grow if they are constantly being fed spiritually.



After the service Ptr. Polak took us to another village. There were many children learning to sing Khmer Christian songs inside the house church. They were being taught by their Sunday school teacher. I decided to concentrate on the few elders outside. I believe if the leaders and pastors can be established in the word they will be able to feed their members adult food and not milk all the time. They sat on a bamboo bed as I explained to them the Church Ages. Ptr. Polak who was attentive to the word preached. He had attended Bible School at a Wesleyan Church. But he didn't know the mystery of the Seven Angels and the seven churches.




After the teaching, Ptr. Polak took us to his house to have lunch. After the lunch he carried us back to the guest house to take a rest.


At 6pm Ptr. Polak return to the guest house and carried us to the Church which is in his house at Phoum chail village. The name of his church is Unity in Love Church. I continued with the Church Ages and added the Seventy Weeks of Daniel.
















The service finished at about 9.30PM and Ptr. Polak ferried Bro. Israel and I back to the guest house in his car. Ptr. Polak was also my translator and he is a good one.




On Monday the 24th of February 2014, Bro. Sarun joined us with three other pastors while we were having breakfast. We were about to travel to Phnom Penh and wanted to eat something before taking the van. The names of the other three pastors are Chanty, Sokheng and Sao Chan Chhreang. They all asked us to visit their churches as well. I now understand what Bro. Israel said about the chain of new pastors and leaders, one turn to meet and get to know during the course of the work. However, the great task is to establish them in the present truth. It is certainly a great job. This is because the laborers in Cambodia who believe the message are few.

We returned to Takeo Province on the 1st of March. The people are busy within the week. It is mostly during weekends they have services. We had many more places to visit because of our new acquaintances.  Even before we could arrive at Ton Lop village to book into the guest house, Ptr. Chanty was waiting for us at his village call Samroung about 10km away from Ton Lop. He was communicating with the driver by phone to estimate the time the van may arrive at his village, so that he can be waiting beside the road. The driver stopped the van as Ptr. Chanty beckoned over with a wave. After discussing with him, we decided to visit his church the next day and the driver step on the throttle and continue to Ton Lop.


The program was to visit the three churches/groups on Sunday the 2nd March 2014. Bro. Israel's objective was to visit only those places he had never visited. This is because he wants the new places to receive the Gospel light and the End time message as well. However, Bro Sarun insisted that I helped him teach the adults in the morning in his church and the program was extended to include him. The program was as follows: Kirirvong Church 8-9.30AM; Samroung Church 10-11:30AM; Prey Cheong Church 1-2:30PM; Don Lop Church 4-6PM:


Kirivong Church:



Samroung Church: The majority are children just about 10 adults. However, I believe the number of adults will increase. The pastor is working and praying hard. He needs your prayers. You know it is not easy to win a soul for Christ in this Buddhist country of Cambodia.




















 Prey cheong Church: A small Group of about 7 adults. Remember Philip traveled a great distance just to win one soul for the Lord Jesus Christ.



Don Lop Church: The elders of the church were present.

Ptr. Lee Sadath is the pastor. They all listened attentively as I presented to them the Word. The messages were almost similar. I told them to come out from denominations and prepare for rapture: explaining some of the mysteries and prophecies in the Bible. Ptr. Lee Sadath took us to a restaurant after the message and gave us a delicious dinner.


I left Phnom Penh on the 6th March 2014.

Bro Israel, I pray the Lord continue to give you strength.

Bro Orsel Dumanon