18 September to 2 October 2009
by Bro. Orsel Dumanon, Butuan City, Philippines

I came to Singapore upon the invitation of Bro. Richard Gan.  He requested me also to go to Cambodia to help in the mission work of a Cameroonian brother who has been working there for well over a year.  As God made a way, I flew to Singapore.

It was good to see the saints and fellowship with them again. I had meetings also with the Malaysian pastor, George Matthew and his assembly.

On September 22, 2009, I flew to Cambodia, Phnom Penh. There I was met by Brother Israel Dume and Brother Kim Eang who took me to stay in his house. They were to take me up country (about one and half hour drive) to a village in Trentroyeung, Kampong Speu province, but as the weather was bad I had to stay in the house for 2 nights.

On September 24, we traveled westward to Trentroyeung. We went straight to the farmland owned by a Korean Church. It has many mango trees. The believers called the farm "Mango Garden". We were met by the small group of believers. During the night service we sang the song 'GOD IS SO GOOD'. Later, the sister who was healed of the AIDS sickness gave a testimony that she heard the song sang in a slow tempo in her dream. And I had sung the song slowly because they are used to singing fast. So she was happy that I came and fellowshipped with them.

On September 27, we went to the church of Pastor Chuch Mon of the Inter-Evangelistic Movement Bible Church and preached about the true faith in Christianity and true baptism in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I exhorted them to continue on in the faith and be perfected in the Word. The believers were happy to receive the Word. After lunch we proceeded to the interior villages, one hour travel by car, to share with them Jesus Christ, the Name above all names. I preached to the believers about God's predestinated purpose in their lives. After the service we trekked through the muddy country paths for about 2 km to reach another village church to preach the Name Jesus Christ, the salvation of our soul, the Redeemer of our sins. And after the service, 6 people raise their hands to indicate their desire to be baptized. I told them that the elder or their pastor will do that for them.

September 28 saw us travelling again to another village. This time I preached about the true understanding of the Word of God. After the service they asked for Bibles in their own language. Later we traveled to another village where we preached the True Faith, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Many were happy and wanted to be baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the villages that we visited are very near to Buddhist temples.

On September 29, we invited the elders and some of the pastors to the Mango Garden where we stayed and taught them from 1:00pm - 5:00pm, about the Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven, Matthew 13, the 5-fold ministry, and Hebrews 6 (going onto perfection of our Faith). They were blessed and asked me to stay more days to teach the 7 seals, and other subjects in the book of Revelation, but my time was limited. So, we just committed that to the Lord for his appointed time.

In the evening, we returned to Phnom Penh. And I flew back to Singapore on October 2. In Singapore, I had two meetings with the believers before I returned to the Philippines.

Thanks to Brother Kim Eang who was my interpreter..... God bless.