MAY 01st - JUNE 10th 2012

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

The year 2012 began with challenges for the saints and other people in Nigeria. I had just returned on the 31st of December 2011 from Karamoja, Northern Uganda after spending 14 days holding meetings and the 2011 Convention. The following day being the new year, the government of Nigeria removed the subsidy on petroleum products, and the entire nation responded with a protest and a long strike that help collapse the entire program of the first quarter of the new year.

I had already announced to the church in the month of December that I would not be travelling in the first four months of the New Year so as to enable us to balance some doctrinal issues, and also plan for our desired North African Missions. The Lord God kept and sustained us throughout the many days of the economic collapse.

MUMBAI 02ND – 08TH MAY 2012

The preparation for the New Delhi convention was very smooth because I had a ticket already and had to concentrate on the visa, and the Lord provided all that was needed to enable me embark on the journey. I left Lagos on the 1st of May, 2012 for Mumbai via Dubai. Bro. Hubert D'souza the pastor of Faith Assembly and Bro. Prashant, one of the newly appointed deacons received me at the airport, and I spent one week ministering and preparing the church for the meetings ahead.


NEW DELHI AND DEHRADUN 11th - 13th May 2012.

Bro. Hubert D'souza, and Sis. Valentine (a 75-years old sister, and a former Catholic nun for 40 years), travelled with me to New Delhi by train on the 10th, and the journey lasted for 24 hrs. We rested in the home of Bro. Sanjiv Emmanuel, and travelled in the same night of our arrival another 10hrs with the host pastor, Bro. Pratap Singh, who had just turned 73 years old, to Dehradun where the convention was scheduled to be held.



I preached twice a day had counselling session each day for the 3 days spent at the camp. I spoke on the following subjects: (i) Eternity to Eternity, (ii) The Restitution of All Things, (iii) The Redemption of Our Bodies to Be Activated by The 7 Thunders Revelation, (iv) The Hidden Manna, (v) The Night Watches of Laodicea, and (vi) 'THEN' Matthew 25:1.

The convention was well attended from far and near, especially because of the testimonies received from the November 2011 Convention in Khandala, Pune District. The focus of this convention was to lead the saints to understand the ministry of the Gentile-bride and the role of the last age messenger 'Bro. William Branham' which many have missed and for this they go about teaching others away from the Bible.


SHAHJAHANPUR 18th-19th MAY 2012  

We arrived at Shahjahanpur in the early hours of 18th May 2012 and quickly refreshed ourselves before moving to the venue of the meetings.

Immediately after the first service, I returned to my lodging room to rest and prepare for the 2nd meeting when some ministers who had come from a neighbouring city and had been associates of the late Rev. Coleman, came demanding a meeting. I gave them audience and the spokeman, a pastor, said to me “What about the ministry of Bro. Coleman?” Then he waited. I also waited and watch his next move, then he said, “What do you say about the seven thunders?” and quickly he added, “you very much know that all mysteries are revealed, and nothing is left”.

I was too tired for such an unedified discussion, so I brought out my printed note on the subject “Restitution of all things” and gave to him, also pointing to where it says “NO GENTILE MESSENGER CAN BE SENT TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE”. I also asked him if he knew that the Jews were expecting a restoration, he said yes. I then said to him what he wanted to hear “I suppose you believe that Bro. Branham restored all things”. To my surprise, he was quiet and the people that came with him started looking at him keenly. Then I continued, “If so, did he restore also to the Jews?” After awhile he uttered that he had to leave the next morning and asked if he could keep the printed note. I said he could have it. The next morning session, this pastor and the believers who had come with him were seated at the convention hall, so I asked “Have you not gone?” He told me he had changed his mind, and this turned out well for them.

At the end of the 2 days’ meeting, the Lord had blessed us immensely. There were some saints who had been trapped by the wrong teachings on the seven thunders that were delivered. I was also blessed by the sweet spirit of the pastor of the church in Shanjhanpur, Bro. Robin Sen and his son Brother Divyanshu Sen, who became my interpreters and they both volunteered to travel with me to Delhi and Ranchi. We had a one-day stopover in Dehli, before the 30 hours trip to Ranchi, being the longest journey made in this trip.


The team arrived in Ranchi, and was received by Bro. Lakara, a humble servant of Christ. He immediately took us to the convention camp where we had our lodging. The believers had gathered in large numbers, and the pastor wanted us to greet the saints. When it got to my turn to greet the believers, they instead pleaded that I should exhort them since they had been waiting the whole morning.

These believers had strayed from the Word for 11 years as they were overtaken by some false doctrines. I saw that the camp was divided on the first day, but when the meeting began properly the next day, I decided to share my testimony. I want to say that the meetings in Ranchi posed the greatest challenge and success alike. On the morning of the 2nd day a group called the RSS (whose job is to defend the Hindu religion and to guide against conversion of Hindus to other religion so as to safeguard votes for politicians) came to spy on us. They entered the hall and they sat among the people.

They were carrying ‘daga’, a short knife, and on seeing that the believers became afraid even to sing songs. I came up and preached, but they could not understand what I was saying, so after about 45 minutes they left.

I got off the pulpit, and with other ministers and the host, Bro. Lakara, started moving to the lodging room. Halfway, we were accosted by these people again. They demanded to know who I was and who was organizing the meetings. Bro. Lakara told them I was a Christian teacher from Africa, and that I was in India to teach family values, but they wanted to see my passport, and take a photograph, but I refused, sensing something might go wrong somehow.

We resumed the next session at 3pm, just immediately after the singing, I was introduced to come to the pulpit, and as I stood up to take my first step, they entered again, but this time with 2 men and a lady wearing jeans. I noticed that the lady had a camera on her, while others had recorders with them. I tried to get the people to concentrate on what I was saying, but the people were divided, and they could not run out because they knew the only safe place was within the worship centre. I started preaching and tried not to mind these fellows, and some 10 minutes into the message they got up and started taking photographs, and it was clear that these 3 persons were able to follow what I was teaching. 

These people left before my message was over, and never returned until I left Ranchi. I was advised not to go out of the house and other believers were not even to move about after 6:30 p.m. The next day, while having breakfast, one of the brothers brought a copy the daily to show to us the report with my photograph, the one taken the previous day by those people. Our meetings in Ranchi was not evangelistic at all, we were holding an indoor meeting with the sound system kept relatively low. The purpose was to help restore the faith of the believers who had been shaken away from the Word for over 11 years. Bro. Lakara, the host pastor, showed great sense of sincerity as he was bold enough to openly apologize to the ministers and saints in the region for swaying off the line and thereby causing many to get away from the Faith which was once delivered to the saints. I was totally worn out due to the stress and the heat in Ranchi, as temperature was as high as 48oC in the week of my visit. The brothers decided that I should go back by air instead of the 30-hour train journey. I am really grateful to God and to these wonderful brothers for being a blessing to me.


Bro. Robin Kumur came from Delhi to join the team as we prepare to travel south. I arrived Mumbai exactly 12:20am and proceeded to the house of Bro. Hubert D’Souza to rest until 10am when the Sunday service will start. I preached again on the preparation for the appearing of the Lord, and pointed to the saints that ‘Rebekah’ was led by Eliezer to a certain point until she could see the bridegroom approaching. The messenger pointed her to Isaac, and even the same way did the Seventh Church Age messenger who pointed the Bride to the WORD (Groom). The service ended with a short prayer line and a counselling session. The next day being a Monday, I was out by 12pm to catch a bus for an 18-hour trip to Mangalore in Kanataka State.

MANGALORE 29th May - 01st June 2012

We arrived 7:45am the following day and I felt very weak and needed to clean up quickly. Bro. John who is a 73-year old believer came with his car to pick us at the bus stop to his home. We had refreshment and I slept for some hours before the 4pm meeting. I got up at 1:40pm when some of the believers heard of our arrival and came over to see us. They analysed the problem with the church in Mangalore, which we had already heard, and had been for the last 4 years.

Bro. Raju, the pastor in Mangalore was water baptized by Bro. Hubert D’Souza, who also started the Church in that city. They continued in the Word until after 3 years when Bro. Santa Maria and some ministers came from Mumbai to tell them that they were in error.

They told them that salvation had left the Bible and was now in the C.O.D (Conduct, Order, and Doctrine of the Church). These ministers had them re-baptized claiming that earlier baptism they had was wrong because Bro. Hubert was not preaching the way they did in Canada.

After hearing all of these complaints, I requested Bro. John to take Bro. Hubert and I to the pastor’s home. Bro. Raju had sent a message to Mumbai before our arrival that we should not come because they were not willing to accept us. Bro. Hubert and I laughed over the issue knowing that Mangalore is a big city and does not belong to any individual. On getting to his house he was not there but we met his two sisters, and their husbands who were elders of the church. I discovered it was a family affair because these people are wealthy, so they dominate other saints and hold all the offices in the church.

The youngest of the sisters to pastor Raju seemed to be the invisible pastor of this church in Mangalore. She dictates everything to this pastor including what he preaches.

The sisters and their husbands received us nicely to wait for the pastor, Bro. Raju, who came in 10 minutes later with his wife and son. I was shocked at the approach of this pastor and the kind of welcome given to someone he was meeting for the first time in life. He walked up and sat near me and then said, “You are younger than what we thought”. He then said again, “We are about 60 believers in the church but some 3 persons have refused to believe the way we do”. He went on to ask if it made any difference. As he said this, his eyes were all the time fixed on his younger sister.

I had to take over the discussion and challenged him for such a mode of welcome. I then responded to the few doctrinal issues they brought up and it seem as if Bro. Raju was letting his sister down. As I stood up to go, she came forward and spoke in defence of Bro. Raju and their newly found belief, that is, THE BIBLE IS NO MORE NECESSARY FOR SALVATION.

She said to me, “Bro. Nice, it is not us that have changed it. An angel vindicated it to the prophet”. I looked at her and I thought it was a waste of time responding to that because they will not accept my own absolute which is the Word of God (the Bible). I asked them to come for the meeting and only the pastor (Raju) came that evening and gave excuses of being very busy with his businesses and never showed up till I left.

I waited for 3 days to meet with Bro. Raju to know his position and the short discussion held on the first day of my arrival but he did not show up. He was sending some other persons to spy on our meetings and also try to distract the attendees with the claim that I have no right to preach from the Bible as no man can understand it except the prophet.

I called a meeting of ministering brothers in the house of Bro. John, and appointed an experienced brother to head the fellowship. This brother had been a believer for over 12 years. He was in our last meeting in Khandala, Pune district. During the morning session of the last day I told the saints that we cannot labour and cast the fruits of our labour into a pit. I made them understand that Raju had openly declared before me that the Bible cannot have meaning to him since salvation had left the Bible and is now in the C.O.D. book, and he also likened the Lord Jesus Christ to a test-tube baby to support his teaching that Jesus was born God.

I announced that a new fellowship was starting immediately and the first meeting would hold on Sunday. I made it clear that no man was to compel any man but those who desire to stay in the truth should be free to attend. Brother Hubert D’Souza left at 3pm the same day back to Mumbai while I stayed behind with Sister Valentine and Bro. Robin for the last session before catching a night bus to Mysore.


During the 2011 Khandala meetings an elderly sister, Sis. Bhanumati, came all the way from Mysore and we found out she was the only believer in this historic town of Mysore, South India.

We gave her all the books and materials needed and also requested Bro. Hubert D’Souza and Bro. Pratap Singh to visit her. Bro. Pratap Singh did and his visit was blessed as he baptized the husband of our dear sister and her nephew who is an independent preacher in Bangalore. I did promise her in 2011 that I will visit her whenever I was opportuned to be in the south, which I also did this time. She called as many persons as were acquainted with her to come and hear the Word of the Lord, and the Lord blessed them by the messages and the healing of their bodies.

Bro. Eliezer and Sis. Bhanumati had made contact with a pastor, Hoysala Theophliues, of the Assemblies of God in a village near Shrirangapatnam-Chandagiri Koppal. It is 30km from the city of Mysore, so we deided to go and share with this church the workings of God in this present hour. The people were open but the ministers were resisting the Word of God, especially visiting ministers from the cities. They put the host pastor under some kind of pressure, questioning and warning him to be careful of us. However, before the close of the day I called for a prayer line and prayed for the sick. We drove back to Mysore at the end of the first day, and in the night I humbly asked the Lord to help the host, Pastor Hoysala. The next day, I began by asking questions and trying to get the people to ask questions but they would not. I started teaching again and then called for another prayer line. This time the line was longer than that of the previous day. An old woman came to testify that she was on the line yesterday with serious chest pain. She was bent over for more than a year but she got relieved in the night and woke up looking for the pain. Through her many had come today to be prayed for.

In all of these it seem to us that nothing moved the pastor even as there were people who wanted to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ but the pastor was saying that they can have their own arrangement. I openly taught on that during the last session pointing that all other forms of baptism were wrong. I rebuked those visiting ministers for trying to hinder the Word of God and told the people and their pastor that it was wrong to give their eternal life issue to these preachers who act as agents. I preached as hard as I could knowing that I might never meet them again, and as I ended, I went straight to the vehicle because we were to go from this village to Bangalore.

I was thinking the pastor would not come to say farewell as all their faces had turned red but he came and told me he wished to go with me up to the next stop. We drove another 3 hours to a mining village because a Christian brother owned a quarry also in that place. I went there to minister to the Hindus that worked with him. In the whole of this mining area only 2 Christian families existed, and they lived in fear because of these Hindu people. I spoke to the men working in the quarry from about 7:15pm and they were about 42 persons all standing before me.

I told them how my own great grandfather was put in charge of sacrificing ALBINOS with the belief that it would help the crops to grow. These Albinos died the most terrible death that one can imagine as they are forced to kneel and a long “spearing” stick was driven downward with great force through the depression in the region of the collarbone into their belies to the ground. If a sacrifice is not done right such that the spear did not pierce into the ground another albino had to be offered. The spear needs to enter the ground for the blood to flow in to ensure a bountiful harvest. My great grandfather and his father’s father before him did this because they had not the knowledge of God; they were responding to idols that were hand-made even by them.

While speaking, one of the men in the front line knelt down and started crying and the crowd did not let me finish the message as they all came forward demanding to be prayed for. I told Bro. Eliezer to re-visit them for baptism since it was late and there was no water around. We continued to the house of Brother Wilson, the owner of quarry where Pastor Hoysala and other ministers were waiting. We got there at exactly 10:05pm and I spoke to the ministers for 30 minutes, and it was at this point that Pastor Hoysala broke into tears and demanded if there was anyway we could return to have the baptism. I told him that Bro. Eliazar would come back after our meetings in Bangalore. We travelled the same night to Bangalore by road and our arrival time to the house of Bro. Eliezer was 2:40am.


A 2-day meeting was arranged in the city of Bangalore in the church of Bro. Eliezer, who took over the affairs of the church just a month before our arrival for the revival. Brother Eliezer was assisting his father until his father’s death in April 2012. He had been seeking truth and had attending our meetings in Khandala where he received the message, and was baptized by Bro. Pratap Singh immediately after the convention. 

The saints were blessed by our coming as many who were not yet re-baptized decided to do so, and some denominational ministers also believed. There was a notable healing in Bangalore of a sister, the daughter of Sis. Bhanumati. Her daughter lives in Bangalore with her husband and her right leg had been severely damaged by an accident few years ago. Medically, she was told that there was nothing they could do for her. She came in the evening meeting and was prayed for with her husband.

In the morning session the following day, she came testifying of the miraculous disapperance of the pains. She also vowed to dedicate her life to God and be more committed in the things of His kingdom.


I left Bangalore in the early hours of Wednesday the 6th of June 2012 with Sis. Valentine and Bro. Robin Kurmar to Mumbai in a 24-hour journey by train. It was a long tiring journey, but we also seized the opportunity to write this report and prepare for the Pune meeting. We arrived into the Mumbai train station at 6:15a.m, where the brothers, Hubert and Richard D’Souza were waiting for our arrival. With them was Bro. Vijay, an elder of the faith and his family who were the sponsor the Pune meeting.

Sis. Valentine was put in another train to return home, as she was having a bad throat especially from the hot dust in Ranchi. We took a bus at 7:15am for a 4-hour drive to Pune. We arrived Pune and moved into the YMCA lodging facility. Later in the day we met the host ministers briefly. They are Bro. More and Pastor James. The first service was at 4pm at St. Paul School.

The Pune meeting was attended by saints from Ahmednegar and its environs, and the believers in Pune also turn-up in a good number. Our focus was to unite the believers as there were many “sit at home” believers who never wanted to have fellowship with others. I spoke on “The Restitution of All Things” and “The Great Gathering” showing that there would not be a private rapture among the Bride.

The Lord blessed us with notable healings and instant miracles as we prayed for the sick during the healing services in the two evenings. The most outstanding praise and worship songs in all our journeys were the ones sung in Pune. There was a great lifting in my spirit during the singing, and I would not quickly forget the experience.


We left the next morning for Mumbai and the Pune meeting was the last of the 40 days of spiritual revival in India. Back in Mumbai I was thinking of getting enough sleep but people just kept coming for either prayers or counseling. On Sunday, the 10th of June, there was an engagement ceremony, an official announcement of the marriage of Bro. Russel and Sis. Reena. There was prayer made for the little children after the message.


What more can I say or write about this experience? Our joy is in the Lord who also is our strength. May all glory and honor be ascribed to His Name alone, even the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The messages mentioned in this report are available and would be sent to any who wishes to have them -- in .pdf format only. Be blessed.

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