Our Trips, Bro. James M. Veremu and I, July - August, 2004


Bro. James Veremu left Harare for India on the 23rd July, 2004 for Mumbai, India.  He left Mumbai with Bro. Solomon Jacob by rail for the southern State of Tamil Nadu where he ministered to several assemblies of saints.

On the 5th August, 2004, he arrived into Singapore and was with the saints for 3 services. Invitations were sent out to other Endtime Message believers and several came for the meetings.  You can listen to Bro. Veremu's messages here.

Bro. James left for the Philippines on 10th August, 2004. Together with Bro. Felimon Togonon, he hit the road towards the islands Samar and Leyte where we would meet in Bontoc, Leyte.  En route the pair ministered to the assemblies in Nabua, Cabayog, Tacloban and Ormoc.  [Note: No picture of these meetings is posted here because the film photos taken by Bro. James turned out fuzzy.]



While Bro. James was in these places, I left Singapore for Iloilo City via Manila on the 17th August, 2004.  I ministered for two whole days to a small assembly in a surburb, about just more than an hour drive away from the city.  This is a young and growing church.  Two Chinese brothers from Zamboanga came to enjoy me in the fellowship and the trip.

On the 20th August, 2004, together with the Chinese brothers we flew to Cebu where we met up with a minister (who lives in Cebu).  There we took a ferry boat from Cebu to Hilongos Sea Port (on the island of Leyte), an hour drive away from Bontoc Town where Bro. James and I would be ministering the Word.  Leaving Bro. James to rest, the pastor and Bro. Nonoy met us at the ferry terminal.




Bro. James Veremu ministered that evening. Half
of the congregation were from other towns and cities. A number of those that attended the meetings were ex-Trinitarians who were recently converted to the Endtime Truth. 

The ministration of the Word continued through
to the 22 August, 2004.  It was during this period of time that I begun to develop a bad throat.  Bro. James appeared also
to be tiring and

Our plan was for Bro. James and Bro. Nonoy to go south to Mindanao Island, visiting Butuan and  Cagayan de Oro cities before going up to Iloilo City before going back to Manila.

However, it was not meant to be because of some miscommunications. So, a decision was made for them to go Cebu and then to Bacolod and Iloilo.

Bro. James began to have headache.




In Cebu, on the 23 August, 2004, Bro. James developed
a high fever in the evening. The fever was swinging up and down throughout the night and the next day.  He was experiencing bad headaches.  We wondered if he had actually contracted malaria before he came, either in Zimbabwe or in India. Prayers were made for the will of the Lord and we decided, if his fever still remains high the following day, to cancel the rest of his itinerary and for him instead to fly back to Manila and recuperate.


On the 25th August, 2004, in the early morning, together with the Chinese brothers, I flew to Zamboanga, Mindanao, leaving behind both Bro. James and Bro. Nonoy.

Both of them flew back to Manila in the evening as Bro. James' fever remained high.






The assembly of Zamboanga is made up of several families who live up in a rural mountainous region.  Bro. Orsel Dumanon makes regular trip to the city as well as to those believers up in the mountains. The two days of convention saw several denominational Christians yearning to hear the Truth.



I flew back to Manila on the 27th August, 2004 and made my way to Novaliches, about an hour and a half by road where we had meetings for the whole day with the believers and the denominational Christians who were invited. A young Roman Catholic priest was very much interested in the Word.  He confessed that he is out of the R.C system.



In the evening I was driven to Cogeo to stay in a brother's home.  We had a whole day meeting at the church there the following day on Sunday, 29th August, 2004.

The same evening I was driven an hour and a half to Manila for a night stay. I took the flight home on the following day.

Bro. James did not minister to any assembly when he flew back to Manila until the 29th August, 2004 when he was at Bro. Nonoy's and Bro. Rey's.  He also ministered on the 1st September, 2004 at Bro. Jonathan's.

Bro. James flew into Singapore on the 3rd September, 2004. He had still a very mild fever. However, he recovered well and ministered on the 4 and 5 September, 2004. The following Monday (6 Sept.), he took a trip north to minister to a few saints in Rawang and Kluang, W. Malaysia.  We also had meetings on the 11 and 12 September, 2004 besides a last minute meeting with a Charismatic assembly on the 13 September, 2004 before Bro. James left for home in the evening on the 14 September. 2004.