Convention Khandala, India 2003

A request was made that I should minister in a convention in a hilly resort of Khandala, about 200 km from the city of Mumbai, India on the 21-24 May, 2003.  Because of the present SARS situation existing in Singapore and several other parts of the world, I decided to go a few days earlier just to avoid any further development of unforeseen circumstances which would hinder my travel. I left for Mumbai, India on Friday, 16 May, 2003.

There are two churches in Mumbai associated in the same faith. One is in Agripada and the other is in Borivli. The pastors are Richard D'souza and Hubert D'souza respectively; both D'souzas are not blood related. They are situated about 30 km apart in different suburbs. A combined meeting was held on Sunday evening in a hall of the YMCA where I stayed.

On the 21 May, we left for Khandala, some by hired coach, some by public bus. Believers from far away states of India in the north and south made their way there by train.  They came from the following cities and towns: New Delhi, Mordabad, Rampur, Conoor, Gudiyatam, Ahmednagar, Mangalore, Kumbhoj, Sangli, Jalgaon, Agripada and Borivli.

The saints convened for an evening service. The following days were broken up as such - morning devotion, breakfast, Worship and Word, tea break, service, lunch, tea break, Worship and Exhortation, tea break, Worship and Word, dinner, bedtime. On the fourth day everyone left the camp after lunch.

The main subject touched upon during the convention was THE VIRGINS of Matthew 25, in relation to the seven parables of Matthew 13. The preaching and teaching were interpreted into Hindi which language was understood by all those present who did not understand English. My interpreter was Bro. Solomon Jacob, a Jew but a believer.

Pastor Hubert D'souza exhorted the saints during the Worship and Exhortation service. Pastor Pratap Singh of Delhi was his interpreter.


My stay in Mumbai and Khandala was well cared for by the brothers and sisters in Christ. I truly appreciate each and everyone of them. Many of the saints from the different parts of India have been in association with me and my ministry in the faith for many years. Their lives and testimonies have brought many of their loved ones and sinners to the Lord and the present truth. One particular saint I would mention here is an ex-Roman Catholic nun whose testimony you should read. [Click here]


Before leaving for home, I ministered one final time to those who were able to come to Mumbai on the 25 May. I spoke on our position with Christ in God's foreordained salvation plan "It is finished!" as from Genesis to Calvary, the revelation of which was uttered by Christ as from Calvary to eternity, "It is finished!".

Dear Bro. Gan,

Christian Greetings !

We had a wonderful feasting of the word in the Kandala Convention 2003 and as Bro. Richard mentioned the climax was the YMCA meeting on 25th May 2003 when your preaching of the word shook all the brethren and stirred their hearts. I myself was very much touched by your preaching and the important substance in your message for me was that doing the will of God in our life by lining our walk in life according to his word and like Paul we should 'die daily'. This part of the message had a terrific impact on my life. This preaching of the word at YMCA was the best spiritual food we received and it was very needful for the present hour. The ministers who attended the meeting were shaken when you mentioned that all the work that the ministers have done is nothing if they don't live their lives according to the will of God and if they don't 'die daily'.

Love and regards to you, your family and your congregation

Your bro. In Christ,