FIJI VISIT - 25 Aug. to 4 Sept. 2005

Some time in April, 2005, Bro. Aminiasi Tuidraki wrote to request for my presence for another convention in Fiji.  It was barely a year since I was in Fiji (4-18 October, 2004)
for a public convention. [Click here for a brief report on the first trip.]
However. this time round it was just for the believers of the Faith.
And the venue was the backyard of the pastor's home in Namaka, Nadi.

Truly, it was a blessing for me to once again meet the saints there as it was everywhere
I went.  Like the precious Truth of the Lord, one cannot put a price tag on
having a true fellowship with God's elect.

Taking a series on the subject of the Trail of the Serpent, I took the saints through history (in the various books of the Bible) showing them how Satan had brought about a seed of discrepancy in the Garden of Eden and from that one Serpent seed, Cain, he had created a false worship of the One True God. The evidence is clearly seen in the hypocritical approach of evil and wicked people in their worship in every dispensation.  These people had substituted the Truth with their traditions, creeds and dogmas.  Even today we see the hands of Satan everywhere working against the harmony of true worshippers and
their faith as he goes about stirring up that serpent nature in the fallen race
by a religious spirit so as to bring about a false worship of Yahweh.









There were 5 services a week from Friday evening through to Sunday evening of the
two weeks that I was there.  Seven people were water baptized or re-baptized
into the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  One was a woman who had been searching
for Truth and had been to several different denominational churches until she came
to the meetings upon the invitation of her friend, the pastor's wife.









On the 29 August Bro. Tui and his son, Junior, and I travelled to Suva, the Capital City,
on the eastern side of the island of Viti Levu.  It was a 3-hour drive.  We had to stay there for a night before we took an early bird flight of 15 minutes from Nausori to the island of Ovalau, to minister to a church in a village, not far from the small town of Levuka.

While we were in Suva, we paid a visit to a believer, Bro. Joape, who was in the hospital for a broken hip bone that he sustained during a car accident several weeks before. Both he and Pastor Tuidraki were on their way to the city of Suva to meet some other Endtime Message believers and to invite them to the convention that was being arranged in Nadi when the car they were in veered off the road into a ditch.

After we left him, I told Bro. Tui that the accident was to serve a purpose an opportunity to impart Truth to those others who were held in the bondage of fear by the nicolaitane spirit of their very own pastor, who is a Branhamite.  He lives in Suva.

Those believers were also forbidden by their pastor to fellowship with the believers in Nadi.  But as they knew the brother well, several of them (especially his own brother) came to see him in the hospital ward.  Bro. Joape later testified, when he came for the meetings in the second week of the convention (after his discharge from the hospital), how he took the opportunity to impart to them the simple truth of the message of Branham concerning the calling out of the Bride to the Apostolic Word.


is a small mountainous island on the east of Viti Levu.
The population is estimated to be about 3000 inhabitants. 
Levuka, a sleepy frontier town, is once the capital of Fiji.

On this island is the little assembly of
Bro. Isaia.  The believers are mainly living together in one of the many villages on
the island.





We flew into the island in a small 17-seater prop-engine "Made in China" plane.  It took less than 15 minutes of flight time and we soon landed onto a gravel runway built a distance away from the mouth of an estuary.

From the small wooden airport terminal,
we took a bus (whose driver was a courier) out of the "jungle" to the town of Levuka.
We passed the village of Bro. Isaia on the way.

We had three meetings in the next two days in a school's classroom where Bro. Isaia
and his wife work.  The pastor and the believers here have much to learn as they
did not really know much about the message that was brought to us by Bro. Branham.  They too had been greatly influenced by the Branhamite pastor in Suva.

I taught the basics of the Word, that all the Sacred Scripture is in-breathed of God
"and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works"
(2 Tim.3:16-17), and also showed how the
5-fold ministry will play its part in the perfecting of the saints for the rapture.

The pastor was encouraged to come for the rest of the meetings at the convention in Nadi.  We were glad that he did, for he did learn a few other things out of the meetings.

Back to the main island of Viti Levu we flew and at the airport we took a taxi back to Nadi.  It was the 1st of September.






In the evening, together with several
brothers, I went to a tiny island of sandy beaches and camped there for a night.
You could walk around it in about 3 minutes.
I especially wanted to go to such an island and to just lay back on the beach and watch the countless stars in the cool night.
I enjoyed the night watching the great expanse of the heavens, napping on and off,
until the sunrise. I thanked the Lord for giving us a fine night as it had been raining
in the previous several nights.


From the 2-4 September, we continued with 5 more services, finishing up the subject on the Trail of the Serpent. 
I taught on the Former and Latter Rains in the last meeting on Sunday evening.






Everyone had a great time, not only in the feasting
of the Lord's Word but also what was partaken in the natural.  Bro. Sammy had especially gone out of
his way to catch a turtle just for me.
What a feast!

Bidding farewell on the last day was hard for some believers.  Tears were shed.  Oh, how we wish the joyous time of fellowship
around the Word of God would not end.

This assembly has seen the Apostolic Truth and the importance of being grounded on the Word of Yahweh.  The revelation of God's Word brings forth Light, and the Light shows the Way the Way of Life and Resurrection.

"And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." - Rev.22:17