April 2014 Convention - Belgium and France


In Paris, I stayed with Pastor Jean-Marie Ndimba Modjaka and his wonderful family for a week and had 5 meetings in his assembly. Invitations were given out to other churches and a few of them, preachers and believers, came. Laying out the Word of God in order and speaking the truth in love, the Branhamites were offended. To them, Bro Branham had revealed all mysteries and there was nothing else they have need of (they said) for their preparation of their translation. They told me to burn my books and whatever I have published and warned me that, if I don't, God would curse me with leprosy or some dreadful disease like Miriam who spoke against Moses. Such is a tactic often used by Branhamites, especially preachers, to create FEAR in those who are not in agreement with their belief that Branham was ABSOLUTE. Certainly, they are no differnt from the Roman Catholics who revere their Pope as the ABSOLUTE.  One of them, who could not hold his spirit, stood up and tried to voice his disagreement while the preaching was on.  He was upset that I said our Lord's 40 days' fast was not without the consumption of water.  (He believed that Christ did not drink water during His fast.) He created a commotion and loudly declared, as he walked out, that I have crucified the Word of God afresh.

If Branhamites have the spirit of Christ and His Truth, how are they so wrong in their spirit? The answer: Because demons feed on false doctrines, agitating such believers to behave pharaisaical and even to cause harm on the true worshippers of God. It is rare to see a Branhamite who is able to control his spirit.

It is apparent to me in this second trip to Europe that, not only are many believers confused, but also that the Scriptures are not rightly divided and laid down for the believers, which led some, preachers included, to commit fornication and living in adultery with other women. Truly, God said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee..." (Hos.4:6a).

On a pleasant side, I was blessed to have met some wonderful ministers of the Word living in Belgium, France and Switzerland.