20-23 JUNE, 2003

It had always been on my heart to visit Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) and its neighboring nations.  By God's grace a door was opened for me to visit Phnom Penh.  This could be the beginning of more visits, not only to Cambodia but also to the surrounding nations of Thailand and Myanmar.

In the past, the 70s and 80s, I had correspondences with a few Christians in Thailand and Myanmar (which was then known as Burma).  However, the relationship in the Word did not continue.  Politically the nations in the north of Malaysia were going through crisis after crisis.  There were civil unrest, wars and genocide.  In Cambodia, about 2 million people were killed under the regime of Pol Pot from 1975 to 1979, 4 years after the Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Sometime in 2001, Bro. Nan Khorn received a package of books from the ministry here.  He has no idea who was responsible for the books that were sent to him.  He only remembered that he did not write me nor know about the ministry here.  He gave a few books to a believer whom he brought to the faith and it was this young man (Sopheak Somalee) who, having visited my website, established a contact with me through the email.  A visit was planned.  And, together with a brother, Bro. Kathirasan, I went.

Bro. Nan Khorn is a 36-year old married man.  During the later part of the Pol Pot regime, together with his mother and siblings,  he crossed the border into Thailand to a Refugee Camp.  All were later taken to the United States in 1981 where he received the Gospel.  However, he did not give himself fully to the Lord until after High School.  He was active for the Lord in different denominations, but in God's providence, he found himself a call to return to Cambodia to preach the Gospel to his own people.  He returned in 1993.  In 1998 the Message of the Prophet-messenger, William Branham, came to him through an American minister.  Only in 1999 did he then fully embrace it.

A work was established such that he began interpreting the audio messages of Bro. Branham into the Cambodian Khmer language and also putting them into book form.  Helping him was his wife, Sis. Sokunnarath, whom he married in 1999.  Sis. Sokunnarath saw the truth when she was then in a Charismatic church that has ties with the New Creation Church here in Singapore.

Bro. Nan has been active in the ministry, taking the message to people even at the borders with the other nations.  It has born fruits in the short span of time it took him to sow the seeds.  Do pray for him that the seeds he sows will continue to yield fruits.

Bro. Nan and Bro. Sopheak has written a few "message" songs in the Khmer language.  Here is one of them sang by Sopheak:  "Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom"


Enjoying good Cambodian food and fellowship.