Second Visit to Cambodia

5-16 February, 2004



We are very glad to have Bro. Gan here in Cambodia from 5 to 16 February, 2004, for we know that he has an apostolic ministry around the world. It was written that God has given some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and some teachers.

Together with Bro. Nan Khorn and two other brothers, we picked him up at Phnom Penh Airport on 5 Feb. 2004. Then, after checking in to a hotel, Bro. Gan ministered to us on some Bible prophecies, past and present, looking into the books of Job and Matthew 24 to a small group of believers: brothers from Svay Rieng, Kampong Cham, Stung Treng province, and 4 of us in Phnom Penh. The service took about 2 hours and a half at Bro. Nanís father-in-lawís Church.

On 6 Feb. Bro. Gan preached at Bro. Nanís home in Trapaing Kor village, Phnom Penh, the whole day.



There were an additional 4 people: 3 from Kampot, and one from Siem Riep province. The subjects are about signs, Israel, and ten virgins (Matt. 24 & 25).

[Bro. Sopheak playing the guitar.]


On the morning of 7 Feb. we drove for about nearly two hours in Bro. Nan's car to Trabokepuos village, Kampong Cham province where, in the afternoon, Bro. Gan preached about the true Creator and His creation to some Christians who were gathered together for a celebration for the good harvest they had.









We left there at about 3:30 pm. across Kampong Thom for Siem Riep province. We arrived there at night. There were 6 of us altogether in the car. We stayed in Siem Reap for 3 nights.

From 8 to 9 Feb. Bro. Gan preached the Godhead,
Baptism, Original Sin and the Logos at Siem Riep
"Wesleyan New Life Church". The pastor of the
church is Pastor Nith Ban Yen. Message books of Bro. William Branham and Bro. Gan were distributed
out to the people and wherever we ministered the Word.

On the 9 Feb., after lunch, we went to take in the sight of Angkor Wat and planned to continue from there to Sisophon.  But because of the limited time before darkness fell, we decided to stay for the night. 

Driving at night is a hazard because many sections of the two-lane road to the border of Thailand (where we had the intention to go) were either dirt road with uneven surfaces or they were undergoing repair.  Bro. Nan did not want to risk driving at night.









On the 10th, on the way to Thailand through Sisophon in the morning, Bro. Nan stopped by to locate a pastor in Kralunh village. Finding him not at home, he drove off and just then his car's left front tire blew. A motor shop was just nearby and he drove to have it fixed. It was then that the pastor, Bro. Sophanna, who was on his way home saw us. So we called for a fellowship. A small assembly of Christians arrived at his small wooden home which was also the place of regular worship.


There Bro. Gan preached Matt. 7 about the faith in the believersí hearts. He preached about 2 hours to 13 people. Then, we went on our way after taking our lunch together with the pastor at a nearby eatery.

After filling up with "tax-free" diesel, we continued towards the border of Thailand. We planned to enter Thailand, but our phone calls to a Thai pastor of an Endtime Message Church received no response. At the Cambodian-Thai border (Poipet), I went across the border with a brother to Aranyaprathet to try and locate him but we could not. After considering that a future trip to Thailand would be better, Bro Gan and Bro. Nan decided to cancel the trip across the border. We turned around and headed back to Sisophon.

While Bro. Gan checked into a hotel, we decided to stay in the church of a pastor, Bro. Chhoy Chhin, who was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by Bro. Nan.

On the 11th morning, Bro. Gan shared Water Baptism and what the woman Christians should do, wear and dress to Bro. Chhin and his assistant, Boravy. We took a rest in the afternoon.



The following day we had a gathering of the people of the church. Bro. Gan taught the same messages preached in Siem Riep.




Some have decided to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, but some were uncertain and confused others because of their arguments. Anyway, the pastor said there would be a baptism coming up the next month for those who are willing.




On the 13th, we left Sisophon across Battambang for Kampong Chhnang. On the way we visited a pastor and Bro. Nan shared the message with him for about an hour and a half before we continue on to Kampong Chhnang.


[The road toward Kampong Chhnang is extremely dusty and the brown earth could be seen everywhere -- on the trees, houses and every living creatures.]

We arrived at the home and gathering place of a pastor, whose congregation were all eager to hear the Word of God. Most of them were already baptized or re-baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bro. Gan preached on the parable of the Ten Virgins and also on the modesty and apparel of the women.

After a meal, offered to us by the family, we drove towards Phnom Penh, arriving there in the night.

All in, we had traveled nearly 800 kms. in just that one week.


On the 14th Feb., we took Bro. Gan to view the "Killing Field".  After leaving the place, we went to Kandal province where we ministered to a young man and a pastor, whom Bro. Nan had re-baptized. The pastor wanted to know more truth, but he was not open to check the Scriptures, especially when It contradicted his "theology". We hope that God will give him the Spirit of wisdom and the knowledge of Him.



Bro. Gan left Cambodia for home on the 16th February, 2004.

 God bless you.
 Bro. Sopheak

[Khmer Prophetic*Revelation messages translated and printed by Bros. Nan Khorn and Sopheak Somalee.]



This time, during my stay in Phnom Penh, I was able to take time off to take a look at the atrocity committed by Pol Pot during his regime. I visited the Killing Field where mass burial took place and the museum where the bones of the dead were housed. Just looking at the place and the paintings and records of the events that took place sent a shiver through my bones as I am reminded of the coming great tribulation that is soon coming upon the world under the reign of the Antichrist.