Offerings to Prophetic Revelation

Any amount of offerings to Prophetic Revelation is greatly appreciated.
All offerings are faithfully channeled into the Work of God for the spreading of His Word around the world through this website and its publication.

There are several ways to send your offerings.

Western Union Transfer to Richard Gan only.

Bank Draft or Cheque should be made payable in Singapore Dollars to Richard Gan only, or Gan Liang Seng only.
(Do not use my initials as the banks reject the use of initials.)
Prophetic*Revelation is not a society or a religious organization and therefore, does not have a banking account. 

Prophetic Revelation,
Ghim Moh P.O.Box 333,
Rep. of Singapore 912742

Note: Several foreign cheques (of about US$20) were sent to me as offerings in appreciation of the ministry or for the books the senders received. Because of the need for cheque clearance by banks and the commission they charge, it is not worth cashing such cheques (of small amount) here in Singapore.

Your offerings can be directly channeled to able Gospel ministers in the Third World Nations. Just send me an email and when a need arises I will provide you the details.