May 2006





Hearing a Voice and the Voice is the title I will give to this message I wish to share with you. I hope it will help you see why we have all the confusion we have today in the End time message movement. I will use the story of Paul’s conversion for my illustration.


We all know the story of Saul of Tarsus who in his religious zeal was breathing out threats against, and slaughtering, the disciples of the Lord. Is it not so today also that many times it is out of religious zeal that people are actually crucifying God’s Word afresh?


It happened one day that Saul (later called Paul) was on his way to Damascus to go and persecute the saints when something amazing happened to him on the way. He met the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pick up the story from verse 3 of Acts 9:

“And as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven and he fell to the earth, and heard A VOICE saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?... and the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, HEARING A VOICE, but seeing no man.”


Notice that Paul here says that the men with him heard a voice but saw no man. But in chapter 22 where he tells the story of his conversion he says that the men with him HEARD NOT THE VOICE! Let’s read it from verse 7: “They that were with me SAW INDEED THE LIGHT AND WERE AFRAID, but THEY HEARD NOT THE VOICE OF HIM THAT SPAKE TO ME.”


As can be seen from chapter 9, this does not mean that those men with Paul heard completely nothing. They heard a sound of someone speaking but could not just grasp the words for them to understand. They sure were aware of something supernatural happening as they could see the light. This is a good type of what usually happens whenever God speaks to a people: A lot wind up in only catching A VOICE and not THE VOICE – the real essence or purpose of the message. So, in hearing (A VOICE) they hear not (THE VOICE) — Matthew 13: 13. Hearing “THE voice” in Acts 22:9, means understanding its message, and hearing “A voice” Is just the opposite of that! Is this not what has happened among a lot of people when God sent that great prophet William Branham? God used William Branham in divers miracles, healings and discernments, which attracted people from different denominations. The Pentecostals and other denominationals really enjoyed the dish of miracles but when it came to the Word they all backed off and started saying W.M.Branham is off the Word doctrinally. But you and I know that the purpose of the prophet’s ministry was not just to excite people with wonders. That wouldn’t be any different with a magician playing abracadabra! God doesn’t do that. Each time he brings a sign, it will have a voice to point you to a certain message that God is bringing about.


Now, WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF BRO.BRANHAM’S MINISTRY? It was to call out a people out of denominationalism and point them to enter into God’s Word. Around 1956 Bro.Branham began doing just that but it gave a bad taste to the denominationals. Then started the separation: Denominationals went on their way, but a few recognised the fulfilment of Malachi 4 and moved on with the ministry of Bro.Branham. See, Pentecostals and other denominationals were content with just hearing A voice on healing, deliverance etc, but failed to grasp THE VOICE OF COMMAND TO COME OUT OF MYSTERY BABYLON. In HEARING (A voice), they HEARD NOT (THE Voice)! Great Pentecostal leaders believed that WMB’s gifts were all right but his message was wrong. How ridiculous! If they believe that its God who spoke to WMB during discernments isn’t He the same God who spoke during a baptismal service on Ohio River that as John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ Bro.Branham would carry a message, which would forerun the second coming?


It is vital that we heed seriously the warning our Lord Jesus Christ gave in Luke 8:18: “Take heed how you hear; for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.”  You should realise that the “one who has not” initially had something to begin with. It is the same thing that is given to the one who had something (Cf.Luke 19). Now, what is this “something” that is given? And notice that this something is multiplied or taken away from someone on the basis of how one hears! Turn to Matthew13:11-13 to see what this “something” is: “He (Jesus) answered and said unto them (i.e. the disciples)...it is given unto you to KNOW THE MYSTERIES of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath (Has what? the knowledge of revelation of God’s Word), to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance; but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath (see? He had something to begin with). Therefore speak I to them in parables (earlier on they had asked him why he speaks to people in parables); because they seeing see not and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”


What I want you to notice is that although we have an element of people who were privileged to recognise the “THE VOICE”, those people failed to move on with the voice, not as the Shout now but as the voice of the Archangel, Jesus Christ speaking through the fivefold ministry. They thought all ended with the prophet. But the voice is moving and you have to move with it. When someone hears THE voice of God at one point and fails to move on with it when it moves on to another phase then that person remains in “a” voice so to speak. It can only be “THE VOICE” in the present tense


A lot of people have failed to move on with the voice of God in the fivefold ministry because of the misinterpretation of one portion of scripture - Rev.10: 7 where the word “Mystery” has been substituted with the word “Mysteries”. So many ministers have explained it that WMB revealed all mysteries of the Bible. See the scheme of that old trickish devil? He let someone add just the little letter “s” to Revelation 10:7 and it has led thousands of people in a wrong trail altogether. This error of saying that WMB revealed all mysteries is usually coupled with Matthew 17:10-13 and Amos 3:7 in saying that the seventh church age messenger restored all things and that God can only reveal mysteries to a prophet, hence blushing aside whatever mysteries that has come to our knowledge by the apostolic ministry. Many Branhamites would claim that they believe in the five fold ministry but according to them the ministry should only say what the tapes say “No more revelation, because all were revealed by the prophet”. They would further try to sugar coat their erroneous belief using the Bible by saying that Joshua was told to walk by the book of Moses – never to look to the left or the right. How foolish people can be sometimes; was Joshua told to keep the utterances of Moses or only that which was inspired? Listen what you read as the Torah or Law of Moses is not a compilation of Moses’ spoken words. And moreover Joshua was not told that he wouldn’t receive any more “revelation” from God. As we can see from the Bible, there are things that Joshua received that Moses never heard anything about.


To those who say that just as God moved the hand of the writers of the scripture to write the inspired (inbreathed) scripture He also moved the tongue of the prophet to speak inspired messages, I say a strong delusion has befallen you! How could all the words of the prophet be INBREATHED when you can find some discrepancies in some of the things that the prophet spoke about. Branhamites won’t accept the simple truth that the prophet was a man like us. His messages were certainly inspired [not “inbreathed” as in 1 Timothy 3:16] but not that God prompted every word he spoke. God may give a message to a preacher but words to build up the sermon will come from the man. So when listening you have to catch the mind behind the words or the thought expressed and not the mere utterances, or semantics. Remember that even what you read as epistles are not spoken words. If all Paul’s words were quoted verbatim we would have had another big “Voice of God Recordings library” with perhaps hundreds of Paul’s sermons. But what you see in the Bible is the INSPIRED WRITTEN WORD!


Now allow me to speak something on the Mystery of God Revelation 10:7.We have to realise that the misinterpretation of this one simple scripture - Revelation 10:7 has caused many to wind up in hearing just a voice and not the voice.




One would be as blind as a bat not to see that “The Mystery of God” is not the same as “mysteries of God” and neither is it the same as “The Mystery of godliness” in 1 Timothy 3:16.The Mystery of God is the dispensation of time, which God allotted to graft the Gentiles into His kingdom and His Word as He declared unto His servants the prophets. This is clearly substantiated by numerous portions of scripture (Please read Eph.3:1-6, Romans 11:25, Coll.1:25-2:2). Notice that Revelation 10:7 says that this Mystery of God was also declared by the prophets (of the Old Testament). There are many portions in the Old Testament were this is referred to. You can read some of the following: 2 Sam.22:50, Psalm18:49 (Romans15:9), Deut.32:43 (Romans 15:10), Psalm117:1 (Romans 15:11), Isaiah 11:10, Hosea 1:10 (Romans 9:26).


Now I challenge any Branhamite to produce one scripture from the old testament prophets where it is said that there shall come forth a messenger (Revelation 10:7) and reveal all mysteries. Remember Revelation 10:7 states: “as He hath declared to His servants the [Old Testament] prophets”. So, tell me where the prophets declared that all mysteries would be finished by WMB? Think and think hard, you won’t find it! You just have to get away from your preconceived ideas and come face to face with Bible truth! If William Branham revealed all the mysteries, tell me what was the Mark on Cain? Tell me the allocation of the Garden of Eden; tell me the mystery of the Holy City New Jerusalem. You can only find answers to these questions when you humble your self and recognise God’s leadership in the Joshuaic mystery.


Now as I said, a lot of people would use Amos 3:7 and say that God’s revelation can only come through a prophet. What they don’t realise is that they have dislocated, misplaced and misinterpreted scripture. If what they say is true, then I have one question to ask: Why did the Lord Jesus Christ ordain twelve apostles instead of prophets if revelation could only come by a prophet? [Remember in the epistles of the apostles you find revelations that the Old Testament prophets had no knowledge of].  And didn’t an apostle, John, and not a prophet write the New Testament book of prophecy? It is important to realise that under Grace a new order was instituted were the Word now comes to the apostles. Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ said, “The law and the [Old Testament] prophets were until John” (Luke 16:16). That is because with the coming of Christ a new order would be set up. That is why you see God using a bunch of apostles in the New Testament. You Branhamite you can’t deny that! Even Christ Himself, who was once prophesied as the prophet to come, by Moses, is now called THE APOSTLE of our profession (Hebrews 3). Can you see it?


And about Matthew 17:10 and Acts 3:19-21, let’s ask ourselves: What does “all things” refer to? Many have been teaching that it is all the Word that the prophet restored. They don’t even give a second thought to what they teach. Do they mean that the Word can be lost for it to need restoration? The Word needs no restoration, as it has never been lost at any time! It was the Bride that was lost and then restored to the word. Jesus and Peter were not speaking to the Gentiles here. They were speaking to the Jews who were concerned about the restitution of all things that they had lost (Joel 1,2, Acts 1:6-7). The Gentile people at that time had lost nothing. Actually when they received the Gospel they had found something.


Well, it is very sad that after the prophet worked so tirelessly pointing us to the Word, you still have a majority of people today in the mess we see around. Many have buried their heads in the Spoken Word books and have little or no time to look at the Bible. The message books are their absolute. When a question is asked, all they can say is “Lets see what the prophet said”. In Hearing a voice they heard not the voice. What did the voice say? It said, “Every denomination is an ultimate to their believers. But to the me and to the ones that I hope that I am leading to Christ, and by Christ, the Bible is our ultimate” (Christ is Revealed pg.11).  I say Amen to that.


You see, from 1963 onwards, people who were privileged to follow the prophet had a great time of feasting on the revealed Word. But I have to say that that was just a preliminary stage to what the coming apostolic ministry would come and do. In that preliminary stage, God, so to speak, tested the hearing of the people. God at that time displayed His revealed Word to many people using the prophet: But you see, a lot of people heard in a wrong way: they had their eyes wide open on the flesh of the prophet and could not see the God of the prophet. Because of that, God never led that element of people into further revelation. Instead, they lost even the little truth that they once possessed. And went about teaching erroneous doctrines but still thinking or supposing that they still had something. That is why you had the people calling him Lord Branham Christ, the absolute, Elohim, etc etera. And the denominationals have winded up putting the blame on Branham. But will they call Mary the mother of Jesus an idolater just because of the millions of Catholics who’ve proclaimed her as the mother of God?




As God turned the corner to now use Joshua, I can’t help but see that there were some folks who opened their eyes too wide on the flesh of Moses and could not look further to see God’s leadership in Joshua. Believe it friend, although the people said we will hear whatever you tell us Joshua, Some people in their hearts underrated Joshua. They felt God’s presence was very much with Moses than with this new leader, Joshua. The obvious reasons being that under the leadership of Moses great miracles were done; the Red Sea parted, God came down on the Mount Sinai and all those miracles we read. See, that’s the problem we have today: a lot of people spend a lot of time reminiscing about the great times that were there when the prophet was around. A lot would even enjoy more if they see a living witness of the prophet’s ministry telling those stories about the miracles and hunting trips with the prophet than they would to hear God’s word being expounded.


The Devil has even succeeded into swaying some people to believe that God’s anointing and presence was more in the days of the prophet than it is today. This has led some ministers to delve into “miracle and healing hunts”. All that is a lack of understanding of God’s working at a particular time. If the Jews would demand for Joshua to throw down his rod down in order for it to turn into a serpent for a vindication that God was with him, then they would have missed God's purpose in doing that. But that’s what we are seeing today. Many true five-fold ministers can’t be accepted because they cannot reproduce the miracles that Bro. Branham had. Some critics of the present day true ministry have even gone to the extents of blaspheming and insulting the work God is doing. But beloved, let us not be weary or discouraged at what they say, we know the God who has vindicated the present day ministry. Let me say this, MIRACLES ARE NOT THE PROOF OF GOD’S PRESENCE, BUT GOD’S REVEALED WORD IS. Like I heard one minister preaching at a convention one time saying, “There can’t be an 8th messenger in our time (Sure, I say amen to that. But watch what he said next:) I only will accept one if he will have also the pillar of fire on his head.” In my heart I just said, I can give you Lawry of India for that. Can you see what strong delusion has befallen many so-called end time message people? In hearing a voice they heard not the voice. Had they heard the voice they would have been in the Word now for the Voice said “BACK TO THE WORD!” And because they rejected the Word, God has also rejected them! (1 Samuel 15:23).


One day as I was praying something strong came up in my spirit. A certain brother who gave me the same prophetic word via email later confirmed this to me. This was a word to the Bride of Christ and in particular to the Five-fold ministers. It was a simple Word; there is coming forth a mighty vindication upon the fivefold ministry. See, when the children of Israel were about to enter the land of Canaan, God said to Joshua, “This day will I begin to magnify thee in the sight of all Israel [not in the sight of the Gentile nations. But to these people claiming to follow Moses. Do you know what I am talking about?], THAT THEY MAY KNOW THAT, AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO I WILL BE WITH THEE.”  I don’t know when or how, but just before the rapture God will vindicate the ministers who have stood for the truth. Yes, the ministry has been attacked left, right and centre by people claiming to follow Moses but just wait and see when that supernatural in its might will shake the little bride. Just wait and see when it will all tie in with the seven thunders. People will realise that God is with the ministry just in the same way he was with the prophet messenger.




God’s Word says, “He hath made everything beautiful in his time” (Eccl.3:11). Yes, to everything there is a season and a time. It is sad that a lot of people can’t see what God is doing now. All they can do is sit down and talk about the prophet. Some preachers can only preach from Spoken Word books. Many can’t see the work that God is doing now.


Friend the Spirit of God is on the move! God has a living ministry today that he is using to feed the Bride. It is a ministry consisting of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Just like the prophet said, it is a humble ministry and yet great at the same time. A lot of people have failed to recognise it because it is very humble.


You know what has happened in our time is like what happened in the time of Elijah and also the time of Haggai. At the time of Elijah the nation of Israel went into apostasy and served Baal during the reign of Ahab.  At that time God raised Elijah to prophesy against what was going on. God withdrew the rain from the land and hence there was a drought. When I read this story in the book of 1 Kings 17, I couldn’t help but see the type for the day that we are living in. There was a time when God sent a mighty “rain” of revival; great healings and miracles were demonstrated through the ministry of Bro.Branham. Many Pentecostals got inspired and went about also preaching and doing miracles. Such were men like T.L.Osborne and Oral Roberts. But did they move on with Bro.Branham when the message began to sound forth? No, they rejected the message and went their on way. The message gave a bad taste to the denominationals and they went on their way. All they could appreciate from WMB was the miracles and healings. And a time came when our Elijah declared that they would be no more rain. Why? Because God displayed his power to bring people to His Word but they wanted to live on not abiding in God’s Word. This is why you will hear many Pentecostals scream and scream praying for rains of revival. But THUS SAITH THE LORD; there will be no more rain! There is no revival left for denominations. They are tares awaiting God’s judgement!


Someone may say, But Bro. Phiri we have seen some Pentecostals doing great miracles so they have the fire of God.”  No, they don’t have the fire. The fire is done gone away. What most people are seeing is the smoke from the bottomless pit!


Now please don’t mistake me to be a person who doesn’t believe in miracles and healings happening today. I believe God still works in miracles and healings today. I have seen some divine healings take place in my own ministry. But what I want you to see is that God is not mainly focussing on that today. You would bare me witness, I believe, when I say that we don’t hear much about miracles in the Bride as much as we hear they took place during the SHOUT ministry. Why? This is no time for an outward revival but of an inner revival, which comes by feasting on God’s revealed word. This is feasting time. Notice that although Elijah called for a drought at that time, God took care of the elect. The Lord protected the widow of Zarephath (and I believe other saints who kept the Word that time). He gave them a feasting time in that famine season! He said, “The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, the day that the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth” (1 kings 17:14).  Didn’t the Lord say the same thing to the prophet when he said store the food for there is coming forth a drought season. I thank God that the messages were stored and when I heard them they told me to go back and live by God’s Word. Aren’t you glad to feast at such a time like this?  See, “in famine he shall redeem thee from death…at destruction and famine thou shalt laugh” (Job 5:20,22). Friend this is happening! But remember one day there will come forth a mighty rain of revival. It will be the latter rain. I believe it is around the corner. Right now we are living in the former (i.e. teaching rain). But you see the denominationals are experiencing a drought. God will never send them rain again.


Now let’s look at the time of Haggai. In that time again God sent a drought because of the people’s disobedience to the Word. They could not care for God’s house but only for their homes and bellies. And the Lord said, “...Because of mine house that is waste, and ye run every man to his own house. Therefore the heaven over you is stayed from dew…  I called for a drought upon the land” (Haggai 1:10-11). But thank God that even at that time there was still a Zerbabbel and Joshua the High Priest and the remnant of the people whom the Lord stirred up to obey God’s Word. See, don’t get surprised why others can’t see it. It takes God’s stirring. In chapter 2:3 onwards the Lord said, “Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory? And how do you see it now? Is it not in your eyes in comparison of it as nothing? [The house seemed to be nothing in the eyes of the people. But I am now speaking of the Bride today. She looks to be nothing in the eyes of many people. But not so in God’s eyes. We are living in the day of “small things” but not in God’s eyes. In God’s eyes it’s the day of great things. Shame on anyone who has despised the day of small things (Read Zech.4:10)] be strong, O Joshua, son of Josedech, The high priest: and be strong all ye people of the land, saith the Lord, and work [What is the work of God? To believe on him whom he hath sent – The Lord Jesus Christ in the five fold ministry. So let’s not just sit and cross our legs reminiscing how great the ministry of the prophet was. There is work to be done!] FOR I AM WITH YOU. ACCORDING TO THE WORD THAT I COVENANTED WITH YOU WHEN YOU CAME OUT OF EGYPT, SO MY SPIRIT REMAINETH AMONG YOU”.  See, His Spirit is still as much in the Bride as when the shout went forth calling us to come out of Egypt. One of these days we shall see the “Latter glory”!




The Bride is now waiting for the unwritten utterances of the seven thunders .The present day feasting on the word by the five fold ministry will one day come to an end to give way to the ministry of the seven thunders. The five-fold ministry will lead the Bride to full maturity. Remember the ministry will operate until “we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Eph.4:13). When this is accomplished the third phase of Christ’s Parousia, the TRUMP phase – ministry of the seven thunders will set in. Seven Thunders will be seven men who will give the unwritten utterances of Revelation 10. Through the ministry of these Seven Thunders the Bride will experience her greatest revival, which will give her the rapturing faith.


A question was asked one time; “Why is this coming ministry referred to as “Thunders” in Rev.10 and as “ trump” in I Corinthians 15:51?”  Well, that’s a good question to ask because I believe our God didn’t just write these things in the Holy script just to play with nouns. When this coming ministry is referred to as Thunders it is to show the “powerful” and “majestic” ministry and anointing that will be endowed on the seven men. Psalm 29:3-4 says, “The Voice of the Lord is upon the waters, the God of glory thundereth…the voice of the Lord is powerful, the voice of the Lord is full of majesty” (cf.Psm.18: 13). See? The Thunders ministry is something that will bring great joy to the believers but also great awe. It will be an awesome ministry! No man will play around with these seven men or he will drop dead like Ananias and Sapphire.


I want you to take note of the word “majesty” in Psalm 29:3-4. You see, the voice of God will be powerful and awesome in these seven men. Majesty speaks of grandeur, as of a king or queen. When we read of the five fold ministry and this coming ministry in the book of Zechariah chapters 3 and 4, we see that our Lord Jesus Christ identifies Himself at one point as Joshua, the High Priest (the five-fold ministry) and as Zerubbabel the administrator or prince in His ministry with the seven men. Zech.4:10 says that the seven men are the eyes of the Lord running to and fro through the whole earth, and in Revelation 5:6 John saw “the Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.”  Now remember there is no such a creature as a lamb having seven horns. When Christ is spoken of as the lamb, it speaks of His sacrifice to save man. It speaks of His meek, willing and humble attitude with reference to His sacrificial death and shedding of blood (cf. Isaiah 53:7, Rev.13:8). A lamb signifies the high priestly ministry of Christ.


Now John saw Christ in a symbol of a lamb with seven horns. But lambs do not have proper horns in the stage of becoming a ram, but only until they are rams. A ram in prophetic language speaks of power as a prince or king. For example in Daniel’s vision a ram with two horns represented the kings of Medo-Persia (Daniel 8:3-4,20). Thus we can say that this horn-part on the lamb points to the future manifestation of Christ, not as a lamb but as a ram – a prince.


The seven spirits mentioned in Revelation 5:6, have seven roles to play and in two of these, they operate as men. When the seven spirits will operate as Thunders, they will operate in their identity as horns – Ram’s horns. This is a symbolic language. The two things – “lamb” and “horn” – speaks of two phases of Christ’s ministry. I hope you can now see the beautiful type of the three phases of Christ’s Parousia in the story of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt into Cannan’s land. First Moses led them out of Egypt (typing Bro. Branham’s ministry calling us out of Mystey Babylon) and then Joshua took them into the promised land of rest (typing what the five-fold ministry is doing right now). But before the possession of the land, seven priests had to blow their rams horn trumpets. That’s a perfect type of the Trump of 1 Thes.4:16 and 1 Cor.15:52. And notice that they didn’t blow their trumpets just one time, they kept blowing them. Joshua told the children of Israel that “when they make a long blast [or the last trump]” then shout for the land is yours. You see, I don’t believe that thunders will sound just at one time and then the rapture occurs at once. There will be a time interval during which they will give a preliminary sounding, which will declare their presence to the Bride before they sound the last trump for the translation. I believe that their preliminary sounding will occur during the short period of the Bride’s quick revival. When the Bride is fully revived then will come the last blast (last trump).


And notice that although there were seven priests blowing the seven trumpets, the people only heard “The Voice of the Trumpet” (singular!). Joshua 6:20 says, “the priest blew with the trumpets (plural) then it says the people “heard the sound of the trumpet (singular).” So although we will have seven men, they will speak one thing – THE VOICE OF GOD!  So don’t tell me that I can’t type the seven trumpets of the book of Joshua to the TRUMP of the book of Corinthians, just because the former is in plural and the latter in singular.


So, beloved, when God’s Word refers to the coming ministry as “Thunders”, it signifies the greatness or awesomeness of this ministry. And when it is referred to as “The Trump”, it is to show us that God will use the seven men to sound forth His final message to the Bride. Oh how I am waiting for that message! How we ought to pray and watch for the hour is late.


Now may I speak to all my brethren who are waiting for the seven men. I don’t believe that the seven thunders will be men who are presently active in the fivefold ministry right now. God will pick up a new set of men whom he will use for the trump-phase of Christ’s Parousia. See, God will have to take his hand off the “glove” of the five-fold ministry before he can pick up the trumpet in order for Him to blow in it. He’s not going to blow through the TRUMP with the five-fold ministry glove on. Even so, God may choose to use someone who is presently active in the ministry, but He may lead this man out of this active ministry, before he can be used as a thunder.


I believe that when God picks up a new set of men to use for the trump-phase ministry, many will miss God’s move. Believe me, when the seven thunders come, some believers will keep on waiting. I am not talking about Branhamites. Branhamites are foolish virgins; they will have to go through the great tribulation to be purged. Here I am talking about a people who are straight on God’s Word: people who believe that the thunders will be seven men. When the seven men come, others will call it false and others will simply be afraid to identify themselves with fulfilled scripture; fearing that they will wind up in heresy. Sure it is important to be discerning. But be careful to use spiritual and not just intellectual discerning. To all those who have been privileged to sit under the fivefold ministry, I say, be wise, discerning and open minded. Never miss God’s last move. Remember what the Lutherans did? When God raised up Wesley, they couldn’t walk further and see more light. When Wesley died, the Wesleyans could not walk further into the Pentecostal blessings. When Bro. Branham died, the Branhamites could not walk further to follow the apostolic ministry. And now even before the present day ministry finishes its work some people have already made their certain favourite preachers as chief apostles. My question is, when the seven men come how many will accept them? Sad but true, many will miss the whole thing!  So let’s be careful for bad history not to repeat on us. I pray that you will be able to turn the corner with God when He will remove the “glove” of the five-fold ministry in order to pick up the trumpet. Remember when someone hears the voice and follows it, when the voice of God moves on to another phase and he fails to follow on, then he remains in “a” Voice. You see, it can only be “THE VOICE” in the present tense.




We haven’t had a real stirring…No sir. Don’t think we got revivals…The Bride hasn’t had a revival yet. There’s been no revival there, no manifestation of God to sire the Bride yet. See?...IT WILL TAKE THOSE SEVEN UNKNOWN THUNDERS BACK THERE, TO WAKE HER UP AGAIN, see. Yeah. He’ll send it. He promised it.”

Third seal page 226.Para 182-183


“And then there is coming forth seven mysterious Thunders that’s not even written at all. That’s right. And I believe that through those Seven Thunders will be revealed in the last days in order to get the Bride together for rapturing faith; because what we got right now, we wouldn’t be able to do it…we’ve got to have enough faith to be changed in a momment, and be swept out of this earth.”

First Seal page 114. Para 75


[Some people will argue that the seven thunders will not be seven men. Well let them believe what they want. Here I won’t deal with the arguments to substantiate this. For that you can read my message The Seventh Seal or The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 (by Richard Gan). But let me read for you a passage from the seals book were the prophet indicates that the seven thunders will be seven men. Even so, it’s not my custom to use quotes for proving a certain doctrine. I use scripture. Now I want those who are Branhamites who won’t believe anything until there is a quote to it to tell me what the quote below points to:


“Wait till them seven thunders utter their voices, to that group who really can take the Word of God and hand it there, [that tells you that the seven thunders are not coming for every “Jim” and “Jack” in the message movement. It will be only to those who have become of full age in God’s Word. Amen. So child of God, its time we quicken up our digestive activities as we see the final few grains in God’s hourglass of time] it will slice and cut. And they can close the heavens. They can shut this, or do that …they could call for a hundred billion of flies if they wanted. Amen. [Now watch this:] WHATEVER THEY SAY IS GOING TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE IT’S THE WORD OF COMING FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD. YEAH. AMEN. GOD, ALWAYS, IT’S HIS WORD, BUT HE ALWAYS USES MAN TO WORK IT.”

Fourth Seal page 271. Para 180




I thank God Almighty for saving a wretched sinner like me, who was once born and shaped in iniquity but has now been born again, not of corruptible seed, but of the incorruptible by the Word of God which liveth and abideth forever. By His amazing grace I have been made, today, to sit in heavenly places with Christ. How glorious! Like the Psalmist of old said, God has delivered me from the strivings of the people and now my soul panteth for Him as a deer after the water brooks (Psalm 18:43l; 42:1-2). In finding Christ, my pearl of great price, I have lost many things, which were once dear to my heart. Talk of my old denominational folks who were once my dearest friends, talk of my former educational glory I had in my family…O just take this whole world but leave me Jesus! Amen.


God called me at an early age. I grew up in a Christian home and the Lord was so gracious to me that he protected me from all the madness and immorality that a lot of young people are exposed to. A lot of young folks would call me a sissy for not having a girlfriend or for not indulging myself in immoral activities. At times I would not understand why I wasn’t like my friends; I didn’t have the drives that they had. But now I understand that it was God protecting His gift in me. I am not saying that a predestined child of God won’t have a background of such a sinful life. Certainly not. But you see, our gifts and callings, and God’s dealings in our lives differ. I hope you understand that.


I began to preach at the age of about 9 years old in the year 1993. But before that I belonged to Catholicism. Being a very little boy, I didn’t mind the many denominations that existed. All I knew was that people go to church to worship the great unknown and fierce God who will one day punish and burn all sinners in hell. And so as a little boy I worshipped God out of fearing hell and not that I truly loved Him.


Now, even though I didn’t mind the different denominations, one thing I believed was that Pentecostals are a wrong bunch of people altogether. They shouted, screamed and danced when they prayed. “How can the great holy and serene God hear when there is such noise?” that’s what mamma said, that’s what Grandma said, that’s what everyone said and that’s what I began to say. But was that so? No, it was altogether a different story when one day I found myself among these “fanatics” and “holy rollers”, as people called them. I saw them screaming, shouting and dancing. “This looks like Acts chapter 2 in operation,” I thought. To me these “fanatics” were not any different with those in Ezra 3:11-13 and the one who wrote Psalm 55:17. So eventually I made up my mind to join a Pentecostal church. I did that and became committed and devout.


I always admired people who were being touched by the Holy Ghost but I never wanted it on myself. I thought God’s touch or presence would scare me to death. But you know, it wasn’t so when one day God touched me in an evening prayer meeting.


A church elder during that evening prayer meeting began to pray for the people after his preaching. (I respected and admired this elder at his devout spiritual life). As he was praying for the people he came to where I was and laid his hand on me for God to touch me. My O My! The instant he touched me, I wasn’t myself! A strange numb-like, awesome, feeling swept over me. It came from my legs up. I got drunk in the spirit and could not feel my legs anymore. The next thing I was down on the floor. After some minutes I tried to stand on my feet for some few seconds but I was all dizzy. The Holy Ghost came on me again and I fell to the ground. It was a strange but enjoyable feeling.  No, this wasn’t the hocus-pocus or fanaticism that you see among the many Pentecostals of today. It wasn’t this fake touch of God that you see around. It was a wonderful thing. You would love to die like that you know.


Just this one touch of God led me to hungering for more of Him. I began to spend more lonely times in prayer and fasting and reading the Bible. I started going to the hills in the bush where I could be alone with my God. There I sung, danced and cried in His presence. Oh how glorious! Happy day, happy day when Jesus washed my sins away. He taught me how to watch and pray!


Now, even though I was having a great time in my new walk with Christ, I began to face an unpleasant persecution from my family. Andy was no longer a good boy. He was close to getting mad or crazy to them. But that didn’t discourage me. The more Satan tried to discourage me the stronger my spiritual muscles widened. My spiritual zeal later on led me to go to the streets telling the people to repent or perish. Matthew 28:19 got such a hold on me. Later on some few other youths in the Pentecostal church I worshiped in joined me. It was a group full of spiritual zeal but, as is the case often among Pentecostals, it was zeal without knowledge! We wound up in Charismatic fanaticism. To us tongues, slaining, praying for the sick were the most important things in a Christian life. We were very ignorant of Biblical doctrines. My group kept growing and at times we would gather up some little money to go to some remote places to evangelise.


Later on, in the year 1999 a certain Pentecostal Reverend got impressed at my spiritual life and he wanted me to join his crusade programmes. I decided on that and later on he ordained me as his assistant pastor at his church. Later on he got so involved with work for the company he worked for and so the church was most of the times left in my care. God blessed my ministry in this church. It was during that time that one book in the Bible got my attention – the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Later on I started craving for something deeper than what Pentecostals had. I needed something greater than just sensationalism. I needed the unadulterated Word of God. See, that’s what the Holy Ghost does when he comes. He guides you into all truth. Amen? Isn’t that what the Lord Jesus said in the book of John 16:13?  The Lord Said, “Howbeit when the Spirit of truth is come He will guide you into all truth.” Amen, that scripture was fulfilled in my life when I received not just the End-time message but also the Message of the Hour.




The year 1999 was a year of my spiritual exploits. I knew God was doing something in my life but which I could not understand. I became so hungry for God. God continued blessing my ministry of preaching the Word and praying for the people in a wonderful way.


One day a certain visiting French evangelist visited my country. I had heard stories of his great gift of discernment and how he could even call out people’s names in the audience. Being a zealous Pentecostal I became thrilled to attend one of his services. I wanted to see what people were saying for myself and I thought it would be wonderful if he could prophesy on me. So when he was having some meetings in my area I went there to attend. Then there it was, at one point of his preaching he seemed to have been interrupted. He saw a vision and said, "There is a young man here your name is Andrew. God will use you to preach His word. A time will come when the Lord will take you to different places of the world to preach His Word."  I am not here telling you my ambitions. I have no time for that. I am content with the little flock God has given me and would not endeavour to do anything that has not been allotted to me. I don’t have an international ministry and don’t wish to have one: God has his servants who are well qualified for that. Understand beloved that I am just sharing with you the way God confirmed his dealings in my life. So I hope you don’t misunderstand or misjudge me. There is a lot of that going on today you know.


After that preacher spoke the prophecy he called me and prayed for me. I cried as I prayed and knew that there was something serious and important going on in my life.


One day as I was in the home of the Reverend I saw a large number of books on his shelves. The books were white in colour and they were written: Prophetic*Revelation. A few others were called The Spoken Word. As I took interest to read them, the Reverend, in his stern, horse voice warned, “William Branham was truly a man of God, but don’t you read those white ones (pointing to the Prophetic*Revelation books). They are misleading!”  I wonder why he spoke like that, because in the course of time I discovered that this man knew nothing about William Branham. He actually was against the messages of William Branham. Well, as most people do the ‘follow the leader’ game I avoided those “dangerous white books.”


On one occasion I even also warned a friend of mine who also wanted to read one Prophetic*Revelation book. I said to him, “Hey, Reverend said don’t take that, it’s misleading.”  (See what the Devil can do? He uses a fear tactic. Without understanding or proving how Prophetic*Revelation books were dangerous I wanted to instil fear in someone to influence him not to read them. That’s what the Devil has done to a lot of people today. You will hear certain ministers get into their pulpits and lash out statements at other ministers saying, “Don’t hear Brother so and so”. When people hear that, they get caged in fear and will follow what their influential leader says without giving it a second thought or searching it out with the scriptures what the other minister is teaching. A leader good or bad has real influence on his followers. Surely leaders will be held responsible for what they do. In saying this I don’t mean that ministers should have an indifferent attitude when they see erroneous doctrines being propagated to confuse people. A minister can rebuke troublemakers or heretics where it is needful and wise to do that. But is that what we see in the message movement today? We have men, who in trying to portray themselves as gallant men of God who stand for no nonsense, take other ministers' words, completely twist them and in most cases even fabricate unfounded things. When the followers of these “gallant” men hear them, they have no time to check it out. But I thank God that the Devil’s fear tactic didn’t go far on me.


Well, guess what happened? The day when I collected some Spoken Word books to start reading them, I also collected The Finale book by Richard Gan. Just how I got The Finale book is a testimony. The book is brownish in colour and I didn’t bother to see or know who wrote it. The title didn’t make any sense to me – I didn’t understand it but I got it and started reading it anyway. Did I know that I was reading one of the “dangerous white books”? Couldn’t I see the authors name on it? All I can say is, Thank God for the brownish colour (of the book cover) of The Finale!  See, God sometimes works in such funny ways in order to get His way to His child. That colour of the book blocked all my preconceived ideas. What a tremendous time I had when I read the book! I read it with an open mind. That’s what you have to do if you are fair with yourself and you are serious about knowing truth hear something with an open mind, free of all preconceived ideas, but yet with a discerning heart. And always use God’s infallible Word as the base of your judgement and not what your favourite preacher has pumped into your head!


I read The Finale book through the whole night. Sleep was gone from my eyes. I wanted to finish the whole book in one night. Friend this wasn’t mere zeal. It was God doing a work in me. You see, in its foreword that book is not even recommended for new converts. I also don’t recommend new believers reading it. But that night God opened my eyes and settled many questions I had.


Sharing visions, dreams and experiences of confirmation of the message…


As I read The Finale book that night, I believed the message and God amazingly revealed to me that William Branham was the Elijah of Malachi 4. Amazingly it was revealed to me that this same messenger had preached a series of messages on the Seven Seals and that it was one of the most important events of his ministry.


At one point of my reading the book I fell into a vision in which I noticed someone coming walking through the corridor of our home. As he started drawing nearer, he shouted, “Behold! The Bridegroom cometh!”  Oh my, that threw me to my knees praying! I knew God’s presence was around me. I prayed to God asking for His grace upon my life. I told Him to let me know what I had to know. After enjoying all this experience I went to bed at dawn to take some rest. But my mind could still not sleep. I thought deeply on the message that I had read and the experience I had.


The next book I remember reading that touched me a lot was a message by Bro.Branham called “Corinthians book of Correction.”  The book let me know the folly of Pentecostalism. I further realised that Christianity isn’t just about miracles and divine healings as the Pentecostals and the Charismatics have specialised in. But most importantly God wants us to walk in His will, which is none other than His Word! (Matthew 7:21). Later on as I continued reading the messages I knew about the correct baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and not merely in the titles of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I understood clearly why the Apostles of Christ at no single moment did they baptise someone by just mentioning “I baptise you in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. Instead, whenever they baptised a person they did it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! (Read Acts 2:16; 10:48; 19:1-5, Col.3:17). My friend, God’s word says, “He that believes and is BAPTISED shall be saved and also that, other than by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, “there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Mark 16:16, Acts 4:8-12). That Name (of the Son, Jesus Christ) is the Name of the Father and of the Holy Ghost. The lord Jesus said, “I am come in my father’s name” (John5: 43). In praying, the Lord Jesus also said, “I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me” (John 17:6). Amen! I thank God for being one of those whom the father appointed unto the Lord Jesus Christ for he manifested His name to me and I got rebaptised according to the Bible way.


Here, I am not telling you that there are three Gods who are all called Jesus. No! That’s a heathen trinity doctrine from the pit of hell! There is only one God, with three manifestations as Father, Son and Holy Ghost and His Name is the Lord Jesus Christ. [There is a book for details on the subject of the Godhead. You can write me and it will be sent to you free of Charge].


Well as I continued reading the Prophetic*Revelation books, I came to know the truth about other doctrines like the Original Sin. God blessed my preaching ministry. But by and by I started noticing that my new doctrine didn’t give a good taste to my church board and the overseer, so they started keeping a close eye on what I was preaching. As a sour relationship started to build between the church board and I, I tried to be friendly with them in order not to loose them but I failed. How can two walk together unless they agree? Naturally I like people and don’t want to hurt their feelings. But one thing I fail: to live and preach something contrary to my conviction or conscience. God’s Word was like fire shut up in my bones – I couldn’t hold it up – I believed it and so I preached it and then our company broke. To them Andrew was no longer a good preacher: He lashed out at the “new fashion” dressing of the sisters, he disagreed on women preaching and what more he believed in such “hellish doctrines” as the Serpent Seed and baptism not in the titles of the Holy Trinity!


My spiritual warfare reached its zenith when I publicly denounced the ordaining of women preachers by the Reverend as being unscriptural. I was deemed a rebellious person against him. So I later on chose to withdraw from preaching and resign. I went through a trying moment but God never failed me at any time. Although this Pentecostal church rejected the message, God vindicated it before them in many ways. (Read Visions, Dreams and Experiences of Confirmation where I share some of the ways that God vindicated the message both to them and myself that it was the truth).


Later on I came out of the church. I did my resignation privately and didn’t want anyone to follow me from the church. Even so God had already planted the seed of His Word in the hearts of some few individuals. I couldn’t help to keep them away. They kept on following and asking Bible questions. And even though I had stopped preaching in church it never killed the passion in me of evangelising. I kept on evangelising but with no intention of starting a church. Whenever I had new converts I tried to refer them to a certain End-time message church, which I understood believed in the messages of William Branham. But that couldn’t work out. The numbers of people wanting the Word started increasing and some were already demanding for baptism. That gave me trouble, as I never wanted to pastor a church. People pressed me to look for a classroom and they promised to be paying for the rentals. But I never wanted to rush into something just because of the number of people or their offer to pay the church rentals. So I took two brothers, John Mwansa and Michael Banda (who are now deacons and one of the pillars of my little fellowship), to accompany me to the hills for a three days fasting to seek God’s will on the same. From there I felt led of the Lord to openly start a fellowship in a classroom. That was 2002 when The Word Believers’ Assembly was born. Despite the fellowship being small, God has seen us through a lot of things. Only a few people support the fellowship financially (That includes my mother whose been a source of great support since she believed the Word after God supernaturally healed her of a cancer). God has never failed meeting our needs.


God has blessed me with a wonderful, humble and sincere family of believers who were so hungry for God and His word. Most of the times they spent their times in the hills in prayer and fasting and reading God’s Word. Their hearts were so glad to hear of the apostolic doctrine that had also blessed me. In particular Bro.Richard Gan’s ministry was a big blessing to us. As we gained access to many other Prophetic*Revelation books, God so abundantly blessed us to know many deep revelational truths concerning the Godhead, the Holy City New Jerusalem, the Mark of Cain and many other things. Even so, I felt a big tremendous impact of Bro.Gan’s ministry when I invited him to come and minister at a convention I had organised. This was in April 2004. Believers were very excited to hear of Bro.Gan’s coming. They spent time in prayer and fasting preparing for the meetings. They saved whatever little money they had. Space doesn’t allow me to testify of the great time we had. But you can read my report of the convention report on the website: www.propheticrevelation.net. I can only say, how true God’s Word is when it says that when you receive a prophet you receive the prophet's reward.  We received an apostle and we received the apostle’s reward. Praise the Lord, Amen!


For some time my fellowship operated independently because of the saddening stories I had heard concerning the confusion that pervades many End-time message fellowships. I came to prove this when I started attending some conventions and some ministers’ conferences. I became very sad to see that many ministers were not sincere. A lot were just ambitious men and hypocrites and were only interested in money. When an overseas minister visits, many can’t wait to ask for some few dollars. Eventually I discovered that that is how Africa has become a dumping place of all the trashful doctrines that come from the West. And many white missionaries have been fooled many times into thinking that they have faithful disciples in Africa. A missionary will come to Africa and find a seemingly devout minister who embraces his doctrine. By and by the white man feels that he has a Timothy. But how he can cry out his lungs when he discovers just how many people the same drainpipe has fooled.


Now not only was I sad about the hypocrisy of many ministers but also I came to find that many fellowships never had any foundation of the Word at all. Many believers, although so ever mentioning the name of the prophet, did not know the purpose of God sending the man. The main reason of this is a lack of recognising the apostolic ministry of today. Even so, I thank God that he still has real sincere ministers in Africa.


Later on I came to know Bro.James Veremu of Zimbabwe. I heard of how God used him in his preaching ministry and so I decided to invite him to visit my little fellowship. When he came, I found him to be different. Here was an old timer who looked to be very humble, sincere and simple but with a wonderful teaching ministry of God’s Word. I was glad to see an African minister who preached the word and never came with a library of The Spoken Word books on the pulpit. Later on, I heard more of his sermons on CDs and I decided to visit his fellowship. I had a good time with the wonderful family of God there. Surely fellowship with God’s true children is such a wonderful thing. Amen.


May I share with you two interesting dreams that I had that further confirmed the message of the hour to me. I hope this sharing isn’t creating an impression of pride or being bloated to anyone. If that is the impression you are seeing, sorry, I don’t mean it to be that way. I am just sharing with you what the saving grace of the Lord could do on a once lost sinner like me.


The two dreams about building


On two occasions I had the following two dreams, separately, which clearly showed me the transition of my ministry:


In the first dream (which I had when I was in my denominational faith), I saw myself with my former pastor of my first Pentecostal church, the one where I was first touched of God (not the one were I came in contact with the message). He was building a house. He looked to be happy but one thing was not okay, he was building a weak house made of straw instead of bricks. When we finished the work of building we packed and went away and the dream ended.


In the second dream, which I had after believing the message, I saw myself building a house made of very strong bricks. But one thing was strange, the bricks were made of a strange material that doesn’t exist in this natural life: The material looked greyish in colour. As I was building I would take some of that material into my mouth eating it. Inside my mouth it tasted so wonderful. It is a taste that one can never feel in this natural life.


When I woke up, the dream was easy for me to understand: I knew that the Word which I had believed and which I was also using to feed my fellowship is none other than the heaven sent bread of life. All the saints, that God has called as bricklayers of the Holy City New Jerusalem, build using this heaven sent Word of life. Amen. The Lord Jesus Christ, in John 6:27 tells us not to work for the bread that perisheth but for the one that endureth to everlasting life. When he said this, the people asked, “What might we do that we might work the works of God?”  See, they thought one has to labour in his natural strength to get this bread. And no doubt these folks, when Jesus told them about the heaven sent bread that gives eternal life, all they had in mind was that Jesus meant the physical miraculous bread, which he had just given them. Now watch what the Lord Jesus told these people, He said that you don’t get this bread by working it out on your own, it has to be God doing a work in you. And what’s the Work of God? “This the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom the Lord hath sent” (John 6:28). And no man can believe until it is given him of the father. Even when God performs great miracles, one cannot believe unless the Lord permits it. Little wonder my denominational folks could not believe God’s Word even when it was vindicated in many ways. I will share with you what the Lord did on two occasions:


A service never to be forgotten!


One day after preaching a sermon (this was a time when the church had mixed opinions on what I preached. It was a time when I was just about to resign), I closed my Bible on the pulpit and told the people to stand up and worship God.  No sooner had I said that then the Spirit of God like a wave swept through the congregation from the backwards to the front. God’s anointing swept through touching the people who began to shake, roll down, cry and scream in an unnatural way. Many were falling to the ground. In fear and reverence, I prostrated myself in front of the pulpit and left the service for God to do what He desired. You see it wasn’t an anointing that brought excitement or joy. It was something that brought a fearful, awesome feeling. At the end of the whole thing God caused prophecies from the mouths of my very critics to prophesy warning people to honour God’s Word. Well some people had respect for the word I preached others were just as stony hearted as a stone can be. They knew God was doing a work but couldn’t just swallow up their pride to obey God’s Word. See, it was never revealed to them.


The Eagle vision


One evening as I was preaching, a sister, a relative of my Pentecostal Reverend, saw my clothes suddenly changing glistening white. She then saw words saying, “The Kingdom of God has come.” What surprised me is that the lady is illiterate and not acquainted with speaking English. I knew her experience had something important to tell but I did not understand it. When the French-speaking evangelist visited the Reverend on his second trip, this is what he told me about this experience after I narrated it to him. (He didn’t know at that time that I was no longer following the Pentecostal faith.) He said: "You are carrying a ministry that points people to the Original Word and it is a message that relates to the coming of Christ."  He added on saying, "the changing of clothes mean that when that ministry unfolds you will be a completely changed man."  Oh my, did he know that I had actually already changed. Although I knew that God had confirmed to me the true message that I had accepted of the Prophet messenger, William Branham and one of his apostles, Bro.Gan, I still didn’t understand the thing fully until this year of 2006, early April. You see I believe I am God’s little eaglet that has received the prophetic (eagle) anointing of this day. And I believe that one day I will be translated – that’s the Kingdom of God come with power, if you understand what ‘Kingdom of God’ Means. The kingdom of God come with power is the thing that will translate us, that was the meaning of my clothes changing to glistening white (Read the Mount transfiguration story of Christ and the three disciples – Mark 8:38-9:5). Oh how my soul has become homesick waiting for that translation. I can hardly wait to see the face of my Lord and Saviour one day in the glory cloud. How we should pray and feel compassion for those who haven’t received this prophetic end time voice of the Word. “Return, O Lord, How long?” (Psalm 90:13).


The Thunder lightning confirmation


As I said earlier on, when I read The Finale, God spoke to my heart that the prophet had preached a message on the Seals. I then started looking for it by faith. I wrote a letter to the Voice of God Recordings in USA requesting for more of Bro.Branham’s books as I only had one that time. I wasn’t aware then that there were people who followed Bro.Branham’s messages in my country. The VOGR referred me to the main library in my country. I went there and found hundreds of books that I had looked for for some time. I got the Seals book and started reading it. It made me take another big stride in my spiritual walk. And as I read the Seals book, I had full enlightenment on the many things that I had read in The Finale book.


The time I was studying the Seals book, my church had a convention where different Pentecostal ministers had to preach. When my turn to preach came, I thought of preaching on Revelation 10 according to the inspiration I had gotten from The Finale and the Seals books.  As I preached on this message of the Mighty Angel and the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, at one point of my preaching, one man (now living in Canada) saw a vision of a thunderous lightning striking. At the end of my preaching, the man narrated the vision to me. (I knew this man well enough that he could not lie nor speak something just to excite me. He is a man who actually had a dream of seeing me coming out of the Pentecostal church and founding a new one. He told me that dream when I was so friendly with the Reverend. Actually the dream didn’t even excite me, as it wasn’t to my way of seeing things. But it was fulfilled just exactly!). A Pentecostal pastor who was standing nearby listening, said to that man, the vision you saw was to confirm that what was preached is the truth. Well, I didn’t say anything. All I can say is that God was trying to show these people something that they kept on ignoring. In Hearing they heard not!


Waiting for the revival dream


Lastly let me share with you a dream that I had not very long time ago. The dream was short and simple but I believe it had to do with God letting me know that the end time Bride’s revival is soon at hand.


In the dream I saw Bro.Branham and a certain brother I don’t know. We were together in the sitting room of my home. We were seated on the sofas and we were all very quiet with our heads bowed waiting for God’s anointing to come. We were in expectation of something to come that we were convinced was coming but had taken some bit of time. I then raised my head and looked at Bro.Branham asking, “Bro.Branham, has the Lord given you any word now?”  Bro.Branham then raised his head and looked at me. He never uttered any word or shake his head. But he seemed to have communicated something to me as if to say “no”.  Then he bowed his head again and we continued waiting and the dream ended.


…To God be the glory both now and forever. 2 Peter 3:18




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