Chief Apostleship – What saith the scriptures?


Commentary on Amos Omoboriowo’s book  RELIGO.


…Of importance to ministers.


Andrew C. Phiri - February 2011


It has often been said by many who follow the Endtime Message that an original creation of God cannot be deceived. Here is a question: Who deceived Lucifer (an original creation of God) for him to start entertaining thoughts of exalting himself above the measure God had allotted him? Remember that there was no devil or demon then to have influenced him into those thoughts. He himself became the first Devil when he was cast out from God’s presence. This angel, as Lucifer and a cherub, once used to stand right in the presence of God; He had an experience of the presence and glory of God for which a mortal, like you and me, have never had the privilege to experience. But, with time, he deceived himself into pride and is today the enemy of the God he once used to worship. Yes, Lucifer deceived himself! This should warn every child of God that if one is not careful and humble enough there is always a potential for that person to deceive himself.

Following the death of the Elijah of this day to forerun the second coming of Christ, one spirit has become so prevalent – the spirit influencing a number of ministers to believe or claim to be a special or exceptional one with a greater ministry than other ministers. Most of these special “men of God” believe that they are successors of the Elijah ministry. This claim is often justified by commendations they believe to have received from either the prophet or close associates to the prophet. This is often further substantiated by narrations of certain dreams, visions or audible voice of God experiences. Each of them believes he is the Elisha and would attack the others and call them false. Each of them believes he is the true one. Yet, all of them claim to have had “commendations”, “dreams” and “visions” of vindication. What is surprising though is that William Branham, the man that all these super-preachers claim to be successor of, was so very humble that a number of times he would even deny being the forerunner of Christ. You can actually discern Bro. Branham’s humility from his voice on audio tapes and transcribed messages in book form. He never claimed to know it all. In answering questions during a church service it was not uncommon to hear him say words after this manner;

And now I want each one of you, my dear brethren, to know that-that these answers are-are given to the very best of my knowledge, the very best that I would know how to understand. And these answers are not infallible, see, because the Scriptures is infallible, and as far as I know they’re lined with the scriptures. I hope that makes it plain”. (COD, Vol.II, Pg.513, para.15-16).

He said “I hope that makes it plain”, but blindness can’t see the plainness and humbleness that was in the prophet. Many preachers today, after the death of Bro. Branham, have made themselves infallibles, hitting out against anyone who differs with them using even “abusive language”. Many believe the unity of Faith will come when all believers around the world agree with their opinions. But the unity of faith being referred to in Ephesians chapter 4 is not unity of opinions. Unfortunately opinions are being churned up as revelations.

Sadly, some Endtime Message believers, like the author of the book which is here mentioned, now believe in the need of a one man as the head to lead the five-fold ministry and the Bride of Christ. The author, Amos Omoboriowo, a Nigerian, is an extremist at this doctrine. In his book, WHEN GOD LIFTS UP A STANDARD (pgs.13-14), he declares that “headship comes before unity. That is why you cannot even talk of true unity, if we do not understand headship…The fivefold ministry cannot speak with one indivisible voice unless and until they recognize and totally accept revelatory headship…They must see the one bearing Scriptural revelatory authority! True unity starts here! It takes away arguments! They all recognize and accept the authority of Jesus Christ invested in the leader…I would have to ask: How are we to be rallied together if we have no particular head?

Dearly beloved, this doctrine is rooted in the Catholic doctrine of visible headship of the Church. Roman Catholics are deceived to believe the Pope is that visible head. Claims of headship over the ministries of the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11 are nothing but manifestations of pride and ego.

Let us take heed to this admonishment of apostle Paul in the scriptures: For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith (Rom.12:3). Ask yourself, “As a minister, in all that I do, am I sober?” A great miracle that could happen to a person today is not healing or some physical miracle but is in having a sober mind in this insane world where right is called wrong and wrong is right. It is important to know that we shall never reach eligibility for the rapture until we die to our carnality. We need to die daily to the flesh and its associated egos and ambitions as we yield to the Spirit of God in humility. We should also take heed to Philippians 2:2: That ye be like minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves”.

For some time now, I have seen many ministers who have deceived themselves into pride. In their preaching one is hardly edified as they are full of personal testimonies; testimonies that egg on why you should believe them to be a special or peculiar man of God. I have never bothered with any of such men. I believe a minister should concentrate on doing the work the Lord has allotted him; feeding the flock with food of the season and not wasting time in fighting “goats”. But as I have been seeing the Nicolaitane spirit take a hold of many ministers and confuse many believers around the world, my heart is continuously becoming sorrowful at what the Devil is doing. When Bro. Richard Gan published his message book, RELIGO, in which he deals with this deception of self-importance and ego, claims of being a Chief Apostle among other servants of God, I was very happy for the message, hoping that the truth in the book would help some believers see the light. The truth contained in the book cannot be any plainer. I trust many believers have appreciated and were blessed by the book. But against all odds, within a short space of time, this Nigerian minister came out with a book of the same title in which he tried to defend the “Chief” and “Lead” apostolic ministries! His RELIGO message has but a different message content and objective altogether. Having studied both books I decided to write my observations with reference to the one authored by Amos Omoboriowo, a man who firmly believes himself to be the “Lead Apostle” (a newly conjectured term for “Chief Apostle”) over the five-fold ministry. His book is a follow-up response to Richard Gan’s message book RELIGO in which Bro. Gan addresses this false concept of Chief Apostleship. So, we have two books, both with the same title – RELIGO – but each with a completely different “reading taste” and language structure: One is easy to follow and focuses on facts; the other is full of rhetorical tantrums and congested with “abusive language” in so much that the reader’s mind is too crowded to see what facts are being dealt with. One author is precise and concise and the other one takes too much liberty in first alarming the readers about how the other author is an “idiot, Lucifer, antichrist, mad person, heretic”, and all sorts of unpleasant names before he presents the issue he is dealing with. That is Amos Omoboriowo for you! The Lead Apostle who believes the unity of the Faith will materialize as all ministers in the Bride of Christ around the world line up their teachings to his. Is this Truth or Deception?

The objective of my observations is to admonish and caution fellow ministers in the way we handle our ministries. I don’t intend to provoke this Nigerian preacher or the people who follow him. Looking at his writings, one can see he is very set in his way. In endeavoring to bring about the unity of the faith, through what is become known as the “Continuity Light”, from William Branham to Raymond Jackson (as the so-called Chief Apostle), a lot of disunity has instead flourished among the very people he firmly associated with. They once attacked most of Bro. Branham’s followers who are extremists (Branhamites, as they are called by the denominations). Now, they are manifesting the same ─ as Jacksonites. It is a cul-de-sac and comedy of errors! Although, I see Bro. Gan’s RELIGO as a correct explanation to various issues dealt with in the book, my observations are not written to defend him but to defend the truth contained in his book. Defending and making the absolute out of a human being amounts to cultism. Being a Branhamite, a Jacksonite or a Ganite would not only be just unwise but very foolish. As ministers, God has called us to handle and protect the Word not individuals and personalities. It is one thing to respect a man of God and another to lift him above what he is. Paul in his rebuke to Paulites and Apollosites, says, For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal? Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man? I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase…And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written, that no one of you be puffed up for one against another (1 Cor.3:3-6, 4:6).

Two dangerous things are we never to do - never undermine a servant of God and, secondly, never lift him above what he is.

This message comes to you with deep sadness of heart for what has become, not just of the followers of the ministry of the great prophet whom God raised in this age, William Branham, but also the followers of the late Bro. Raymond Jackson of Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA, a minister I love and have great respect for, who went to be with the Lord in December 2004.

Going into arguments, debates and calling names is not my way of doing the work of God. There is no single edification in those things. They only breed strife, anger, malice and hatred (2Tim.2:16).  God has called his ministers to feed his sheep, not to fight goats. But when a goat comes and begins to cause trouble the shepherd has to deal with the goat. This is not to call any individual a goat but to illustrate why certain times certain extreme issues need to be dealt with. The gravity of the errors and harm going around this Nigerian’s ministry compels me to pick on this issue. Read on and see if this issue is a kind that should be ignored. No minister is perfect: not Bro. Branham, not Bro. Jackson, not Bro. Gan, not anyone, and myself included. There are certain issues, views and opinions ministers may disagree on and still move on in harmony. (Take Amos 3:3 in its proper context!) And there are also certain issues we can’t just get by with. As Bro. Gan in his book RELIGO  rightly puts it:

It is one thing for ministers to contend for the Truth that was once delivered to the saints but it is another thing to simply call names of other ministers to run them down over a small disagreement of views as if they have committed blasphemies. Ministers, who run down others, think their actions are as righteous as Paul’s (cf.1 Tim.1:18-20; 2 Tim.2:16-18; 4:14-15). Are they really? A quick examination of their actions would reveal, most of the times, a spirit of self righteousness and pride. It is not about Truth, its about their teachings – every bit of them is absolute, and they dislike anyone to be at variance with them, anyone within their circle or just near their circle. Yes, whenever they would come across a teaching of someone they know and a teaching that affects their views, they would call the name of the minister and slight him; sometime even treat him as a blasphemer…Unless doctrine is detrimental to the Christian’s faith, such as ‘the resurrection is past already’, or what is being propagated today, that ‘Christ has come; the millennium is now on…’, calling names of ministers and running them down is nothing short of self-importance and arrogance. (RELIGO, Pg.8-9)

Listen to what Bro. Branham said in his message, HUMBLE THYSELF (Pg.12, para.94): He begins by telling us that after so many years of being in ministry he has come to know one important thing that we must possess – humbleness.


Now, surely, after all these years on the field and around the world, and seeing different people, I ought to know a little bit about the gate to enter in at. And if you want to get somewhere with God, never let an arrogant spirit ever come around you. Don’t let no malice come in. No matter what anybody does, if they are wrong, don’t you never build up a complex against that person. See? You be sweet and kind. Remember, God loved you when you were in sin. And if the Spirit of God is in you, you love the other person when he’s in wrong. See, just pray for them, and love one another… be humble with God and around one another, and God will bless us...

I don’t want to build a “complexity” against any person with this commentary. I wish there was a way to have avoided stating the names of the authors being dealt with but the two books have already gone public. Even so, in some places, I prefer to use the descriptors author RG and author AO, for Richard Gan and Amos Omoboriowo, respectively. I do this to avoid crowding your mind with the authors’ names which may distract your attention from the facts being dealt with to personalities behind the facts.

The “Chief Apostle” and/or “Lead Apostle” concept is my main concern in this admonishment to fellow ministers and brethren. Space and time do not permit me to detail every argument in this observation. Also, this message is not to be used as a weapon for attacking anyone who believes in such erroneous beliefs. We are not called to contend for the faith by contesting and striving against another. This article is written to remind each other that we should serve the Lord with humility and work out our salvation with fear and trembling lest deception befalls us. Him that will not learn let him be.

I first set the background to issues that led to the writing of the book by author RG, and the subsequent response by author AO. This is followed by a scriptural analysis of the “Chief Apostleship” concept.

May God’s grace be with you as you earnestly wait for the coming of the Lord. May He find us with love, meekness and, most importantly, feeding the flock of God with meat in due season.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain

Proverbs 25:14


Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud

Proverbs 16:18

Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned: from which some having swerved have turned aside into vain jangling; desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm”

1 Timothy 1:5-7


BACKGROUND – “He that is to come

Bro. Branham, when asked openly as to whether he was the Elijah of Malachi 4 and messenger of Revelation 10:7, would often, in humbleness, decline to say “yes”. He would say that he believed that someone else may fulfill Malachi 4:5b. But anyone sincere enough knows the plain truth. Bro. Branham himself knew that he came to fulfill Malachi 4:5b. God had given the witness in 1933 during a baptismal service when He spoke out to Bro. Branham, “As John the Baptist forerun the first coming of Christ, your message will forerun his second coming”.

When preaching on the Seals (Revelation chapter 6), Bro. Branham, in humbleness, said this:

It may be the hour now, that this great person that we’re expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene. May be this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation; and if it has, I’ll be leaving you for good. There won’t be two of us here at the same time. See? If it is, he will increase, I'll decrease. I don't know. (THE REVELATION OF SEVEN SEALS, pg.567)

These “may be” words have been turned into “THUS SAITH THE LORD” by many ambitious and egoistic ministers who’ve gone into a rat-race of fighting for the position of the “great person” to rise after Bro. Branham! Oh, what deceiving ego!

We all know that Bro. Branham is the forerunner of the second coming of Christ in the rapture, which is yet to be fulfilled. That’s what God said at the 1933 baptismal service. But author AO, sometime around 2004 wrote a book entitled: He That is to Come in which he said that Bro. Branham was sent to forerun Raymond Jackson. In his book, AO emphatically states that this is a perfect and infallible revelation. But let me draw your attention to various statements he made in his book. This is for you to examine and discern the deceiving spirit of the “Chief Apostleship” fallacy. As you read the statements, consider this question:  Are these statements of any edification to the Bride of Christ or they are only bringing more damage and reproach to Raymond Jackson’s ministry. (Read HE THAT IS TO COME, pg.88):


Jesus Christ was the complete embodiment of the fivefold ministry, for all these ministries were in him…This was the man that John the Baptist introduced. However, notice, when Christ died and rose again, he divested himself completely of these ministries, and gave them as office (or ministry) gifts unto men, according to the scriptures (Eph.4:8-12), constituting the five-fold ministry of his body (i.e. of Christ’s mystical body on earth today, the bride Church). It is made up of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, the principle office of which is the apostolic ministry; chief of the apostles is the office of the Chief Apostle. [In referring to the five-fold ministry, the author AO introduces something that is not found in Eph.4:11 – the office of Chief Apostle. That’s a ‘cooked-up’ term with no scriptural basis just like ‘Cardinal’ or ‘Arch-bishop’ for the Roman Catholics. Now watch how this erroneous concept amounts to.] This is the office that characterizes and exemplifies the revelatory headship of Jesus Christ. This is the ministry Bro. Branham introduced! He introduced Christ in his apostolic body ministry, thereby forerunning Christ in his mystical second coming, not his physical coming [My, oh my! Bro. Branham was actually forerunning Christ in his apostolic body ministry, which is the Chief Apostle! Are you shocked?]Who was Bro. Branham introducing? He was introducing Christ in his apostolic body ministry! I DIDN’T SAY THE MAN IS HIMSELF THE CHRIST! I SAID IT IS CHRIST IN HIS APOSTLE!!! YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE CHIEF APOSTLE!!!...John introduced Christ in his physical earthly ministry. Brother Branham introduced Christ in his mystical earthly body ministry. Perfect! Yes sir! His name is Raymond Jackson! Glory to God! And on the full authority of the scriptures, I can infallibly say, ‘Greater than Solomon is here’ today. [What?! Bro. Branham forerun Christ in his mystical earthly body ministry, which is, Raymond Jackson, and this man Raymond Jackson is the ‘Greater than Solomon’???]”

Dear saints, does not sorrow fill your heart when you see what has become of the ministry of our precious Bro. Raymond Jackson? This doctrine of “Chief Apostleship” first began as a simple and seemingly harmless thought but is today just as harmful and deceptive a doctrine as any lie would be. Some sincere and sane believers quickly discerned this spirit and kept themselves away from it, but Faith Assembly Church entertained it and is today caught in trouble fighting a man that is an extremist in the doctrine, whom they themselves had projected to the world. This man, author AO, had become so prominent and respected at Faith Assembly that they took the liberty to project  his ministry to the world. But did they discern the spirit of the man? He became famous and in his overzealousness stretched his “revelation” further by teaching that the Elijah of this day was actually forerunning Christ in Raymond Jackson. Raymond Jackson was, loud and clear, projected as Christ in this book, HE THAT IS TO COME! AO may try to twist words here and there, but his language is so plain even to be understood by a little child. Be warned: most false christs, when directly challenged to declare who they are, often use innuendoes of saying “It is simply Christ in me as he is in you”. Does deception go any further than that? Is this a doctrine to toy with and ignore in the name of “love” and “unity”? WHAT DO YOU CALL A DOCTRINE THAT CALLS MORTAL MAN GOD OR JESUS CHRIST? We all know that Bro. Branham was sent to forerun the second coming of Christ. In the rapture we shall meet Christ in the air. To call any human being Christ, whether in plain speech or using innuendoes, is getting pregnant with antichrist doctrines! These are doctrines that have tainted the Endtime Message to be seen as a cultic movement. It is one thing to be persecuted for doing right and another for doing something wrong; the Endtime Message is today seen as a cultic movement because of the tendency of idolizing God’s servants! Let’s be careful with what we do with our ministries. One day we shall give an account of what we have done with the gifts and callings God gave us.

What author AO states on page 90 of HE THAT IS TO COME gives me goose-bump.


Listen to me: something is about to happen to the ministry of Raymond Jackson, I almost want to scream! [Saints, just as everything that glitters is not gold, so everything that stimulates is not necessary true revelation. Some stimulation actually results from a concoction of poorly mixed scriptures or overstretching of types and shadows. Let’s be careful in the way we handle the Word.] Something serious and wonderful is coming for this ministry. I can’t wait! But as sure as God divinely intervened, and established the rejected Moses in his calling, and he brought the Jews out, so is God about to establish the chief apostolic calling of Raymond Jackson, and don’t fail to catch this: He [Raymond Jackson] will take us right through to the rapture! Glory! Wait and see! [See, what self-deception can do? Those who believed have waited to see, and now Bro. Jackson is dead! He died in 2004. But where is the rapture?]

I believe AO is so sincere with his convictions. But sincerity does not define truth. A person can be SINCERELY WRONG! William Miller was sincere when he said Christ would come in 1844. Charles Russell (the founder of Jehovah Witnesses) was also sincere with his 1914 prophecy. But notice how the spirit of arrogance and hypocrisy always manifests after a prophecy fails. The Seventh Day Adventists spiritualized the 1844 Disappointment by introducing their Sanctuary teaching. The Jehovah Witnesses also spiritualized the coming of Christ using their Parousia doctrine. Pride is a terrible spirit. It leads to self deception. We shall see how author AO now speaks about his failed projection of Bro. Jackson taking the Bride of Christ through to the rapture. Here is one more quote of how AO firmly believed his projection (pg.99):


I am aware there are people wishing Bro. Jackson were dead. I am aware there are those, supposedly following his ministry, who have been prophesying his death, for them to take over. So they wish! Let me tell you now: The sent one; He that is to come, is here till the rapture. This is one ministry you would have to contend with till the rapture. We shall see”.

He goes further to refer to a number of dreams to justify why Bro. Jackson will be here till the rapture. In the above quote he confidently states “we shall see”. Well, we have seen. His inspiration was absolutely, precisely and exactly WRONG!

In response to author RG’s reference to this failed prophecy, he gets angry and retorts:

Now Mr. RG [He does not call him brother, that is understandable], please give me just one place, in any of my oral sermons and publications, where I ever gave such a prophecy? I never did! You manufactured that lie, and you are only bearing the attributes of your father, the Devil! I only stated out of a firm personal conviction, that he would not die before the rapture, honestly believing he would be on ground, to lead us to the rapture! That is what I did! And that was a mere statement of my personal conviction, and it was never given at any time, and in any place, as ‘Thus saith the Lord’! ”. (AOs RELIGO, pg.19-20)

Mere statement? I wonder; did anger or temper take on AO to such an extent that he completely forgot his careless statements in his book? In the above statement he foolishly and without shame challenges RG to give him one “place” where he ever prophesied about Bro. Jackson being around until the rapture. Well, I will give him that “place” found in his reply letter to ministers at Faith Assembly, when they demanded that he retracts his erroneous book, HE THAT IS TO COME. After reading his letter, answer this question: Did this man really not believe his projections about Bro. Jackson being here until the rapture to be a prophecy? I know the above quotes taken from his book are enough to show that he believed they were revelations of God, but his letter of defense to Faith Assembly makes it even much plainer. Let him explain what he stated in this letter that follows. He now wants to emancipate himself from his prophecy because it embarrassingly failed. And well, even if it were to be true that he never prophesied but was merely stating a personal conviction, does not he realize the OVER-EMPHASIS he gave to his conviction? Without remorse he retorts by saying that it was “a mere statement”! How preposterous! Whether it was a prophecy or just a personal conviction, does not he know how much trouble and reproach such a careless statement could bring? It is one thing to share a thought and another to emphatically present a thing as a revelation. You cannot, for example, compare AO’s firm statements about Bro. Jackson taking the Bride through to the rapture to a statement Bro. Branham made about 1977 and to which Bro. Branham always emphasized that he was not prophesying or speaking in the name of the Lord, but merely sharing his thought about the possibility of the Gentile dispensation ending by the year 1977. In his defense letter, which follows next, he talks about how God spoke to Bro. Branham about the tent vision but which was never fulfilled. And then he also talks about Moses having been promised by God to take the children of Israel into Canaan but died before he could fulfill the commission, and then he asks and wonders why the ministers at Faith Assembly should condemn him.

Saints does “THUS SAITH THE LORD” ever fail? Is it true that God said to Moses that he would both take the children of Israel out of Egypt, and that he would also take them into Canaan? And was there a “THUS SAITH THE LORD” spoken over the Tent Vision given to Bro. Branham? Many have taken the Tent Vision that Bro. Branham related to mean that God was to give him a real big tent ministry. But after he died they had to justify their “failed” conviction with a teaching that he would resurrect to fulfill the vision. And why did AO use these points for his defense? Wasn’t he aligning his projection about Bro. Jackson along those two accounts – of God’s instructions to Moses and of God’s “Tent Vision” to Branham – that God’s prophecies could somehow fail or be changed? Read his letter below and see if it has any suggestion of “personal conviction”. Well, maybe with time he would come to know that he was in error but as of now he is too proud to admit the error. To admit one’s mistake has often been taken by proud people for weakness but the wise and humble find strength in it.

Here are the letters (emails) of correspondence between AO and Faith Assembly following the death of Bro. Jackson, whom he believed would take us right through to the rapture. After you read his letter I want you to answer this second question with all sincerity (especially if you believe and are a follower of AO): Is this the working of God on the man, or the man motivated by ego and pride?

After Bro. Jackson’s death, Faith Assembly (the church of the deceased which projected  AO to the world) had no option but to call the man (whom they once had respect for) to retract the book he had written – HE THAT IS TO COME. Here is their correspondence. Take note of their respectful letter and his arrogant response:







December 29, 2004 

Greetings Bro. Amos in Jesus Christ; 

It is with deep regret that we have to write this letter. It has been brought to our attention that there is controversy on your latest book entitled HE THAT IS TO COME on statements where you have said that Bro. Raymond Jackson would be here until the rapture. You made a statement on page 3, (quote) "that God had given you a perfect and infallible revelation of the quotation HE THAT IS TO COME."

On page 59 you state, (quote) "that his ministry would be on ground until the rapture."

On pages 88 and 89 you leave a very confusing thought that Bro. Jackson is the bodily apostolic ministry of Christ.

On page 90 you say, (quote) "that Bro. Jackson will take us right through to the rapture, WAIT AND SEE."

On page 99 you say, (quote) "Let me tell you now the sent one; he that is to come is here till the rapture. This is one ministry you would have to contend with till the rapture. We shall see."

You say on page 103, (quote) "that Bro. Jackson has singularly had to face every devil in the message following." Bro. Amos: What about those of us who have stood with Bro. Jackson and supported his ministry these many years?

On page 104 you say, (quote) "Bro. Jackson is only now about to step into his full apostolic calling, for that calling has not yet been manifest, and that we are now looking at the hour of his full placing." Bro. Amos: What have we been looking at for the last many years of his ministry? You also say, (quote) "that something wonderful is about to happen to his ministry, IT HAS TO." How do you explain this?

In conclusion, on page 107 you say, (quote) "I know that in spite of the fact that the things that have been projected in this book is the truth, not many would stand for it."

Bro. Jackson told us that he had not read this book, but had only briefly skimmed through it. If Bro. Jackson had read this book he would have dealt with this matter himself. Bro. Allen nor myself, (Bro. Bud) had read the book until after the funeral of Bro. Jackson. We have both now read the book from cover to cover and find many errors. We feel it necessary to ask you to write a public letter of retraction as soon as possible so this matter can be resolved. We feel it is necessary for us to deal with this matter in an open and public manner due to the fact your books are open to the public, and your ministry has been projected to the world from Faith Assembly. 

In Christian love.....Bro. James Allen & Bro. Bud Thompson

Comment: Although I don’t agree with Faith Assembly’s belief of the “Chief Apostleship” doctrine (which I believe is the root-cause of all the problems the Jackson movement is experiencing), I feel the above letter was well presented, and if any humble man was to be found in AO’s situation it would be expected that he should unreservedly not hesitate to correct the wrong. Harmony would have obviously continued between AO’s and the ministry at Faith Assembly. But against all odds he wrote his defense. Here it is:


From: Amos omoboriowo


Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 5:25 AM



Dear Bro. Allen & Bro. Bud,

Please find below the following:  1} Your forwarding letter; 2} Your main letter controverting my book; and 3} My defence.


Date - Tue, 11 Jan 2005.

Dear Bro.Amos,

Greetings to you and your family in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope this letter finds you all doing well..

Attached is a letter that I would like for you to read and to please reply back to me in the next 2 days

In Christian Love,
           Bro.James Allen.


           1715 POTTERS LANE
           JEFFERSONVILLE, IN 47129

December 29, 2004 

Greetings Bro. Amos in Jesus Christ; 

It is with deep regret that we have to write this letter. It has been brought to our attention that there is controversy on your latest book entitled HE THAT IS TO COME on statements where you have said that Bro. Raymond Jackson would be here until the rapture. You made a statement on page 3, (quote) "that God had given you a perfect and infallible revelation of the quotation HE THAT IS TO COME."

On page 59 you state, (quote) "that his ministry would be on ground until the rapture."

On pages 88 and 89 you leave a very confusing thought that Bro. Jackson is the bodily apostolic ministry of Christ.

On page 90 you say, (quote) "that Bro. Jackson will take us right through to the rapture, WAIT AND SEE."

On page 99 you say, (quote) "Let me tell you now the sent one; he that is to come is here till the rapture. This is one ministry you would have to contend with till the rapture. We shall see."

You say on page 103, (quote) "that Bro. Jackson has singularly had to face every devil in the message following." Bro. Amos: What about those of us who have stood with Bro. Jackson and supported his ministry these many years?

On page 104 you say, (quote) "Bro. Jackson is only now about to step into his full apostolic calling, for that calling has not yet been manifest, and that we are now looking at the hour of his full placing." Bro. Amos: What have we been looking at for the last many years of his ministry? You also say, (quote) "that something wonderful is about to happen to his ministry, IT HAS TO." How do you explain this?

In conclusion, on page 107 you say, (quote) "I know that in spite of the fact that the things that have been projected in this book is the truth, not many would stand for it."

Bro. Jackson told us that he had not read this book, but had only briefly skimmed through it. If Bro. Jackson had read this book he would have dealt with this matter himself. Bro. Allen nor myself, (Bro. Bud) had read the book until after the funeral of Bro. Jackson. We have both now read the book from cover to cover and find many errors. We feel it necessary to ask you to write a public letter of retraction as soon as possible so this matter can be resolved. We feel it is necessary for us to deal with this matter in an open and public manner due to the fact your books are open to the public, and your ministry has been projected to the world from Faith Assembly. 

In Christian love.....Bro. James Allen & Bro. Bud Thompson



Dear Brothers Allen & Bud,




Greetings to you and your families in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.  On behalf of myself and my family, I wish you a most blessed and prosperous new year, 2005, in the Lord.


Your e-mail to me dated Tuesday, 11th January, 2005, with the attachment thereof, I received only yesterday, Friday, 14th January, 2005.  The attachment however was dated 29th December, 2004, presumably the date you wrote the main letter (the attachment), but hadn’t sent it.  Due to the fact that since I moved house, I have not been able to set up my internet system at home as yet, it is a little difficult for me to check my e-mails, as I have to go to an internet cafe to do so, and it is not always convenient.  However, I endeavour to check my mail box at least once a week, except when I travel.  This explains why your mail had been sitting in my box for about 3 days now.  Sorry for this short delay.


Incidentally, whilst I was at the internet cafe yesterday to check my mail, you (Bro. Bud) called me up on my mobile, precisely at 2:43pm, Nigerian time.  You informed me you had a matter you would be dealing with on Sunday evening Church service, the 16th January, 2005, and further that you had sent me an e-mail concerning it, which I should get.  I confirmed to you that I had only just received it, and that I was at the Internet cafe.  I further told you I would reply you latest by next week, if I am not able to do so by this week end, yesterday already being Friday.  But I further stated that you could go ahead with whatever you wanted to deal with, as I would not want to hold you up.  We ended the phone conversation with “God bless you” to one another.


My dear fellow ministering brothers, if I had been asked by somebody outside the bride camp, someone outside the following of our precious Bro. Jackson [So, does the Bride of Christ only constitute those believers who follow Bro. Jackson?], someone from the opposition, to recant the book I wrote on Bro. Jackson’s role, as being the one that fulfilled Bro. Branham’s prophecy on page 567, paragraph 4, of the Seven Seals book, I may not have counted it anything worthy of reply, because I know where I stand.  And it is by the grace of God, for I am simply nothing.  But seeing that it comes from you, the two closest men in the ministry to our precious Bro. Jackson, men that stood and shared intimacy with him for decades in the ministry, makes me sad.  I say this with respect, and in love, because I expect that you would be the ones to watch my back, having stood together for truth, and fed under the same ministry of the Chief Apostle to this age, Bro. Jackson [he says he expected Bros. Allen and Bud to watch his back? What is that suppose to mean – to justify his errors or just bury them and never address the issue? Ministers of God watch over the Word of God. When a brother errs in a way that may destabilize the public it goes without saying that the issue may also need to be dealt with publicly].


My brothers, in my attitude to you, in my sermons, as well as in my writings, I have always presented you in a good light, and have always shown both of you much love, respect, and consideration.  My dear brothers, is it too much to expect the same treatment from you? Is it not an elementary principle of our faith that  “as ye would that men should do unto you, do ye also to them likewise”?  Luke 6:31. Are we not fellow labourers striving for the same faith? Do we not believe in the same ministry of Bro. Jackson?  Why would you want to tear down a book written to put Bro. Jackson in his rightful position in the bride, as vindicated by that prophecy of Bro. Branham?  Does his death take away from the fact that he was the one that fulfilled that prophecy in the seals book I referred to?  Does his death change that fact?  Does his death make him not to be the one? [The issue being addressed by Bros. Allen and Bud is about Bro. Jackson being alive until the rapture, not disbelief in their “Chief Apostle” doctrine. Side tracking the issue is a tactic of an arrogant man when he knows he is wrong to avoid shame.]


As fellow ministers truly believing in unity as our visionary goal, should you not be the one to stand for this book, as ministers of Faith Assembly, the Church Bro. Jackson founded?  Am I now an enemy on account of this book? [See? That’s where the problem is. Did you see anything suggesting enmity in the above letter from Faith Assembly? AO seems to be a man who takes correction as enmity, even correction for an obvious error like the one being brought to his attention here.] Or are there other reasons to it?  And even if you do not know how to defend certain projections in the book, in view of Bro. Jackson’s death, should you not simply have informed me that there are people having problems with my last book, and further that it would be good if I could write something in defense, or in clarification, in view of the opposition to Bro. Jackson’s ministry?  Why do you give me two days ultimatum?  Why go to such an extent?  Is Bro. Jackson not he that was to come?  Has he not come and gone? Is that fact an error?  Was he not the one that fulfilled that prophecy?  What am I to recant?  Have you now been made overseers over the 5-fold ministry?  Do you have the authority from God to do what only the Apostolic ministry can do?  Is my pastoral ministry subject to your pastoral ministry?  Are we not fellow pastors, standing in defense of the same truth, and in defense of the same ministry of Bro. Jackson?  Why can you not wait till God Himself establishes that head (the apostles - plural), Bro. Jackson often preached about?  Does the establishment of the apostles not come first? 1Cor. 12: 28.Can you change the order God has set in the scriptures, in order to project all the folds of the Ephesian ministry? And would we have more than one apostle, and not have a chief spokesman among them?  Why not rather lay this scriptural picture before the saints, for the saints to have a true expectation, and in the divine order God has set it in the scriptures, for the projection of the 5-fold ministry? Is truth not supposed to be spoken in love, and with respect for a fellow ministering brother, standing for the same faith?  Should we not consider our course of action, and the effect it may have on Bro. Jackson’s ministry? Do we not care for his ministry anymore, simply because he is no longer around? [What’s going on please? In the name of common sense, are not both Bros. Allen and Bud desiring to address the issue so as to deal with the embarrassment that the book would bring on Bro. Jackson and his followers? Did arrogance blind author AO to such an extent as not to see this simple reality in this plain letter?] Why are you in such a rush?  If I had projected in my book that Bro. Jackson would not be on ground till rapture (i.e. that he would die), would you not have crucified me before his death? [See how he brings in something so irrelevant to simple questions? That’s the spirit of a lawyer.]


My dear brothers, please, I do not write these things to be offensive, but I ask these questions to make you consider the gravity of what you want to do.  After all, are we not one? This book has been out for almost a year now.  It was out just before Bro. Jackson’s 80th birthday, in March 2004.  Was I to project his death whilst he was still alive?  Why would I expect him to die? But does his death nullify the prophecy he fulfilled? Why take offense? Yes, it is true my ministry was projected from Faith Assembly, but was it not God that engineered it?  Did Bro. Jackson give any of us our ability? Is it not God that gives it?  Is it not the gift of a man that makes way for him according to God’s sovereign will, and divine leadership? You know I wrote that book in Nigeria, and brought it by myself and my wife to Faith Assembly. And for the records, I have to let you know that my local assembly is the one that paid for the publication of all of my books, not Faith Assembly. Neither has Faith Assembly ever paid for my air travel tickets. And I have no problem with that! Faith Assembly is not under obligation to do so. Faith Assembly has shown me enough love, and spiritual and moral support, and for which I am eternally grateful. So, why would Faith Assembly now be the platform for the book?  Rather, should I not be the one to set things straight, if problems arise on account of my book?  Who is confused?  And what is the confusion about? 


For your information, and by the grace of God, I am already writing a book, and it holds in part, my defense of this book, amongst other material issues. And Bro. Jackson was aware of the book before he died. I do not know when I would be finished with the book. [Now watch the following text that I have put in bold.] But until I finish, I have no apologies for anyone concerning the book, “HE THAT IS TO COME”, and there is nothing I am going to retract in that book. Nothing! [He could not even retract the failed projection of Bro. Jackson being around until the rapture!] Moreover, you misquoted me in some parts, in your letter, and it makes a lot of difference.  But for the sake of innocent precious souls, I would just ask two questions in defense, to open the eyes of the saints to certain realities facing projections of truth. After all, Christ said, “My sheep hear my voice”.  Who can deceive the very elect? Who? None! Why? Because the bride have been well taught their Bible. Bro. Branham, and now Bro. Jackson, did not labour in vain.


1. When God called Moses, God told him he would deliver Israel and take them into the promised land. But as it turned out, Moses never got to the promised land. The question is this: If there was a Bro. Amos at that hour of time, and he wrote that Moses would be on ground till the children of Israel got to the promised land, would that have been a false projection? Please answer me. Would the brother have needed to retract anything? Definitely not!  It would still have been a true projection which God cut short, out of His own sovereign will. You would have had no basis to condemn such a book, if it was written. No! [Does “THUS SAITH THE LORD” ever fail? Is it true that God said to Moses that he (Moses) would be the one to both take the children of Israel out of Egypt and also, take them into the Promised Land? Search the scriptures!]


2. When Bro. Branham was on ground, the prophet to this age, we know his visions never failed, because it was “Thus saith the Lord”. Later in his ministry,  God gave him a “tent vision”, a prophetic promise, whereby he would go to a certain city, under divine leadership, acquire a public ground to set up a tent, and hold meetings, for as long as God would lead, without having to depend on organisational ministers, who sometimes forced him to go contrary to God’s leading, as it happened in South Africa. Bro. Jackson often referred to this tent ministry, and how that within the Branham movement, it has generated the erroneous “Return ministry”. However, the prophet passed away, and never fulfilled the tent vision. I ask: Was the tent vision a lie? Was it a false projection?  Does the death of the prophet make it an erroneous projection? [Please don’t make God a liar. “THUS SAITH THE LORD” never fails! Has Bro. Branham’s tent vision failed? Your misunderstanding of what God promised doesn’t make him a liar. Did God really tell Bro. Branham that he would have a literal tent and all that which many believers interpreted out of his testimony related to the tent vision?] You know it does not, for God is sovereign! Would you tear down the prophet’s ministry, because he stated many times he would have a tent ministry, which he never had?  Think about it!  Why would you then kill me for projecting something that Bro. Jackson had all the potentials to fulfill, as chief apostle, simply because of his death? The God of truth would be the judge of this matter. I rest my case on Him.


Please, my brothers, Bro. Jackson has only just passed away. Let us not do anything that would further destabilize the bride. Let the sanity, and the unity, and the progress of the bride, be our principal goal. God alone rules this ministry; and God alone rules the bride. He is sovereign.


Here I stand by God’s grace: I stand with all my life for that book: HE THAT IS TO COME. I re-affirm that Bro. Jackson was he that was to come. If you cannot see that, please pray for revelation. I say this in love, and with respect.


May God bless and be with you all.  And may God have His way in the bride.


Your brother in the faith of Christ,
           Amos Omoboriowo


P.S.: Please note that I am forwarding this mail to the saints as well, to settle this issue of faith, as we don’t want to stumble any seed of God.


Have you answered the two questions I said you should answer after reading the above letters? Have you examined AO’s two points of defense? I ask again: Isn’t he identifying his projection about Bro. Jackson being around until the rapture along those two accounts – of God’s instructions to Moses and of God’s “Tent Vision” to Branham – that God’s prophecies could somehow fail or be changed? Isn’t he qualifying his projection as a revelation from God?




What followed after, between the relationship of AO and Faith Assembly, better be left unmentioned. He has called the ministers at Faith Assembly everything from serpents to devils. You can read his book, THE THIRD DAY. He has now also extended his attacks on Bro. Jackson’s family for their support to James Allen, the current pastor. I don’t know if Faith Assembly has also been carnal enough to react with the same abusive language he uses. The Branhamites are now watching and laughing at the Jacksonites as they see them doing the same things they were being condemned of. Ministers, be advised that there is no edification in tantrums of anger. Sheep can never feed on arguments. If all you have to tell your flock is how wrong a certain brother is and how right you are; do you think that is what will make them grow in grace until we reach perfection for the rapture? We better take serious heed to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ found in Matthew 24:45-51.

AO has now come up with a strange claim believing that he is the new person to take on where the “Chief Apostle” left. He has coined another term – “Lead Apostle” (in place of “Chief Apostle”). He believes that he is the new head to lead the five-fold ministry. As though that is not wrong enough, he also not only believes that he will be one of the Seven Thunders but a Lead Thunder!


John is the lead apostle of this hour, no matter where you turn in the Word of God! Deny it whoever will!...And as to John being the lead thunder in that future hour of time, let me say this, to settle the issue, because of the opposition: Since every verse of written truth of the New Testament came strictly by one fold of ministry, which is apostles, the unwritten truths of the seven thunders cannot come by a lesser fold of ministry. It has to also come strictly by apostles: seven apostles known only unto the Lord. That is settled! However, if the Lord would anoint seven apostles as seven thunders, commonsense will tell you He cannot anoint seven apostles, and leave John out, being the man who is bearing the standard of truth for this hour…John must therefore be a thunder, and he will be a thunder! And as a matter of fact, knowing God does not bypass headship, John will be the lead thunder, being the one the Lord is using to show the way for the universal bride(THE PROMISE OF JOHN, The Scribe periodical, Part 2, Pg.11).

Saints, beware of spiritual megalomania! When a man errs and later realizes his error and repents, he is wise. If he turns around, realizes his error but then tries to justify the wrong, and, with time end up believing his own lie, he is deceived. But to further breed more deceptive errors spells DELUSION! Deception and delusion breed bizarre revelations! Believe it or not, there could already be people believing this man to be a lead thunder! (As if there is such a one.)

AO also believes that God has now put his focus on the blacks in Africa. He refers to the way blacks are now rising up on the world scene as he cites Barack Obama for an example. He believes Obama is the most powerful man on earth today being a president of the USA. And so, it goes without saying that even in the Bride of Christ God has put a black man to lead the Church Universal. He believes himself to be that leader. Wherever he gets these inspirations, I don’t know. Let me refer to his book, THIRD DAY, and bring out his claims (my worry is, he is so bold in making these claims which are clearly erroneous):

“With the passing away of the chief apostle, there is only one way forward, spiritually, for the bride of Christ Universal, whether people see it or not, and whether people accept it or not: There is only one exclusive way that is God’s way, at this very junction of time, following the passing away of Brother Jackson, for the true bride of Christ….that way is strictly the way of the Continuity light of Christ which John the Lead Apostle of the end time is bearing, for and on behalf of the Universal bride of Christ, under God. [Watch his language. He likes to use the words “Universal Bride”, “Continuity Light”, and in other places, “head” of the five-fold ministry for the Bride Universal. These are the very words that the Catholic Church uses for their core beliefs. Catholic means “universal” and they believe in apostolic succession through the visible heads of the Church which they call Popes. To them, this is necessary so as to have continuity light. Behold, we have a “Pope” in the Endtime Message! Is he a hired Jesuit? Let us beware of  doctrines we create out of our heads. Don’t you know that false doctrines are inspired by false spirits? Is this man having a Catholic spirit? I don’t mean to ridicule the Catholics, but we have no such doctrine! All those who desire to be “visible heads” should join the Catholic Church. Let’s read on what he says in THIRD DAY.] No white man from any part of this globe will bear any further light, for the bride of Christ to follow, for this is the last move! This is the end move! Every true bride seed will have to look to Africa! Thus saith the Lord! [Is that truly “THUS SAITH THE LORD” or “Thus saith AO”? May I humbly say this: We should never play with “THUS SAITH THE LORD”. Let us serve God with reverence. It is one thing to be under the anointing of God and prophesy, and another thing to be just emotionally excited at certain things we feel could be divine inspirations.] No wonder God placed Barack Obama as head, over the nation of America, the greatest nation on this planet, and the only remaining superpower! A black man, whose father is from Kenya, in Africa, is the 44th President of the United States of America! The first black President in the White House! A president whom every President is looking up to!...The most powerful man on planet earth today! [Well, he seems to be a fan of Obama.] And before Obama became the president, God had already placed the end time John, a Hamite, at the pinnacle of the bride ministry, as the lead apostle, over the nation of the bride!” (THIRD DAY, Pages 223 to 227).


Euphoria has built around the “Lead Apostle’s” ministry with all sorts of testimonies. See pictures of the “pillar of fire” on his website When you see these pictures, does not sorrow fill your heart to see how people can easily be deceived and also deceive others? STRONG DELUSION is what it is! – And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie (2 Thess.2:10-11).

When author RG wrote his book RELIGO (“to bind back”), in which he explains how some preachers always want to create a religion to bind people to themselves by claiming to have some revelation to which every man should agree or they are not believers, I was very happy with the book as I believed that it would open many people’s eyes and that they be able to discern the Nicolaitan spirit that is flowing about in many churches. The book tears to pieces the foolish notion of the unscriptural “Chief Apostle” concept. It is this concept that has brought troubles in the Jackson movement. They came out of Branhamism believing God’s word is the absolute and not a man but only to turn back to their vomit to make the absolute out of Bro. Jackson. I call it a cul-de-sac of errors. History will always repeat itself!

Now let me briefly discuss the “Chief Apostleship” fallacy.


CHIEF APOSTLESHIP – what saith the scriptures?

The doctrine of “Chief Apostleship” feeds on the concept that there can never be unity unless one person is identified as the leader of all the apostles and ministers of the fivefold ministry. By subjecting and aligning all our teachings to that “Chief”, unity will gradually materialize.

I have one simple question:

There are thousands and thousands of people who have come to acknowledge Bro. Branham as THE SOLE ABSOLUTE of Truth around the world. They quote and listen to tapes during their church services. Tell me, are they all in UNITY? If they are not in unity, then be informed that unity will never materialize through the so-called Chief Apostle! Look at the many people who followed Bro. Jackson as the Chief Apostle. They all sat under his teachings and sincerely believed him to be the Absolute for the Bride of Christ. But, what has happened after his death? They are now calling each other names over differences in doctrine CONTRARY to what AO believes and wrote in his book that when a standard bearer is identified “It takes away arguments! (WHEN GOD LIFTS UP A STANDARD, pgs.13-14). I ask: didn’t AO and ministers and believers at Faith Assembly believe in the one man, Bro. Jackson, as the standard bearer? Let him explain why there are now arguments!

Was there such a thing as a Chief Apostle being the head of all apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in the early church? Was there such a thing as a Chief Apostle to whom all the other apostles had to align their teachings in order to maintain unity in the Church? Is it true that Paul was this man?

This matter of Chief Apostleship has been well addressed by author RG on pages 3 to 7 (RELIGO), and so I will straight away go to the main points of defense that the “Lead Apostle” uses.

Four main scriptures are used to defend the “Chief Apostle” doctrine – 1 Cor.3:10, Gal.2:6-9, Acts 14:8-12 and Rom.11:13. Take your Bible and read these scriptures and examine them if they give any suggestion of a “Chief Apostle” doctrine. Beware of yourself; when you have an ego and want to achieve a certain ambition, you can take any scripture, pull it out of context and make it satisfy your appetite.

Let us look first look at 1 Cor.3:10, and ask ourselves this question:




1 Corinthians 3:10 is usually cited to prove that Paul was The Chief Apostle that laid the foundation of the Church of Christ. Plausibly true but NOT TRUE. Let’s see:

According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation and another buildeth thereon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Does this scripture teach that Paul was the masterbuilder of the foundation of the Church, and that the other apostles built on top of the foundation that Paul laid? Here is what the “Lead Apostle” says:

What we must realize, as bride saints, is that that Chief Builder Office of Jesus Christ, was expressed IN Apostle Paul’s ministry, for he occupied the office of THE APOSTLE! What is difficult to see in that? (RELIGO, Pg.41)

Well, everything is difficult to see in that. What is the meaning of this scripture in its proper context? It is important first to understand that the scriptures usually type the body of Christ or family of believers as a building or a tabernacle of God. This true church of Jesus Christ is shown as the Holy City New Jerusalem in Revelation chapter 21. God’s Word tells us that this City is built on twelve foundations of the apostles. Verse14 says that the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb”. Paul was one of the twelve foundations’ builders. If you think that it was Matthias then you still have a lot to learn. Nonetheless, understand that Paul’s ministry was one among the other apostles which contributed to the other foundation stones.

Now, it is important to understand the difference between “Jesus Christ, the foundation of the Church” and “the apostles, the foundations of the church”. It is a simple fact to understand but which, if misunderstood, will have you constructing a confused picture of the building of God; having Paul as the foundation on which more foundations (of the other apostles) are laid upon it.

Listen, when the Lord Jesus Christ came and started healing the people, preaching and teaching the Word, he was that sower who went out to sow seed (Mark 4:1-20). The seed was the Word he proclaimed. During that time the disciples (who were yet to be sent forth as apostles) were not filled with the Holy Ghost but sat under the ministry of the Lord for more than three years. The Lord Jesus was the Chief Prophet and when the Church came into existence, He was called “the Apostle of our profession” and “the Chief Shepherd” (Heb.3:1, 1Pet.5:4). He alone then can be called the Chief Apostle! He was the Foundation for the Church that God laid. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ (1Cor.3:11). After Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension, the Holy Ghost was poured out and the apostles being anointed with the revelation of the Word for the Church became supports or footings to the foundation of Christ. Hence, the Church can be said to have been built on the foundations of the apostles. Whatever the apostles, including Paul (as one “born out of due season”) taught were fastened to the ONE FOUNDATION of Jesus Christ. Read Paul’s epistles and see if what he teaches is not rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ as penned in the four gospels. John’s epistle is so full of exact same words you will find in his gospel of Jesus Christ. All the apostles were simply building on the foundation of Christ.

Now, each of the apostles had his responsibility and calling from the Lord. Each of them was called to be a builder of the city of God. Inside this city of God, there was actually serious construction work going on.

Here is an illustration: There are different construction companies handling the building of different areas of construction. There is company SP Ltd, company PM Ltd, JM Ltd, etc. Each of these companies has a building manager with workers under his supervision. Some companies are bigger than others, and hence have a greater capacity than others. But each company’s tasks are limited to the project assigned to it. All the companies report to the CEO of the City Building Project. He is the Master Building Manager who inspects and supervises all building (construction) work.

Now, this illustrates the Holy City, New Jerusalem, which is the Bride (Church) of Jesus Christ. Different ministries (“companies”) have been called for the construction of the different areas of the City (cf. John 14:1). All companies can only build on the foundation which was already laid, for other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ (1Cor.3:11). God is the Master (Chief) Builder who laid the cornerstone which is Christ and which is the foundation. In the early church there was Simon Peter’s Ministry, Paul’s Ministry, John’s Ministry, and etc. Each of these ministries had allotted tasks, given by the Lord Jesus Christ. Some ministries were bigger in capacity than other ministries but each ministry was limited to its allotted tasks. It is for this reason that apostle Paul said, “I have strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation (Rom.15:20). This is simple enough to understand that Paul had a portion of a foundation to lay and he never wanted to intrude into other people’s “building” works! Each of these ministries had other committed servants of God under their care. For example Paul planted a church at Corinth. (He also had other ministers whom he groomed. Timothy, for example, pastored the church at Ephesus). Although Paul planted the Corinthian church, other visiting ministers would pass through and minister at Corinth. Among the ministers who spent a lot of time teaching there, while Paul was not there, was a brother who was very good and eloquent at expounding scriptures, the man Apollos (cf.Acts 18:24-25). But with time, divisions started at the Corinthian church. Some believers began to see Apollos as a better teacher than Paul and others saw it otherwise. With time they started discriminating each other as a result of comparing the teachings of Paul with Apollos’. Instead of comparing the teachings with scriptures they were comparing teachings with teachings! Some brothers then began to send reports to Paul over what was happening. Paul decided to deal with the confusion and wrote a letter, in which he stated in 1 Corinthians 3: For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? (v3). Why did he say they were carnal? Here it is: For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal? (v.4). This is exactly what is happening today? Some believers say, “We follow Ewald Frank”, others say, “Raymond Jackson”, others, “Joseph Coleman”. This is carnality as it amounts to adoring a man of God and not the God of the man! Consider this; how many preachers can sincerely rebuke their followers in such a manner as Paul did. Many would not because they enjoy honor. Now watch the humbleness of Paul: Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man. I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase (vv.5-6). See, it is not about Paul or Apollos but God! According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder [‘building manager’ for his ‘company’!], I have laid the foundation, and another [i.e. Apollos] buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ (vv.10-11).

Paul is here not writing an epistle to address his fellow apostles! If you think Paul was the masterbuilder who laid the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ on which all the other apostles had to build on, please explain Romans 15:20, and  also, I have a question for you for which I need a clear unambiguous answer: when did the building of the church of Jesus Christ begin? Didn’t it begin way before Paul was converted? Peter, the man with the keys to the kingdom opened the way before an apostle called Paul came around. In Acts chapter 2 we read of how Peter preached and baptized new converts in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, if Paul is the man that laid the foundation for the Church of Christ, how could the early apostles have started building  the Church of Christ when the foundation had not yet been laid by Paul, a man who became converted later on? Can anyone answer the question? Listen; Paul only laid one of the twelve supporting foundational stones on the already-laid foundation of Jesus Christ – Rev.21:14, Rom.15:20.

“…Therefore let no man glory in men: for all things are yours; whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas… (vv.21). “And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written, that no one of you be puffed up for one against another(1Cor.4:6).



AO’s RELIGO, pgs. 36-37


How about Galatians 2:6-9? This is another scripture commonly misinterpreted. It reads;

But of those who seemed to be somewhat, (whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me: God accepteth no man’s person:) for they who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me: but contrariwise, when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me, as the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter; (for he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me  toward the Gentiles;).”

The Lead Apostle takes the underlined words above, “the apostleship”, to explain that there was the office of THE APOSTLE. That is over-stretching a scripture in order to force-fit a private interpretation. He says;

Paul went to those who were apostles, ever before the Lord Jesus Christ called him into the apostolic ministry. He went with Barnabas, a fellow Gentile apostle, and the twelve apostles sat in conference, with the other folds of ministry based in Jerusalem, to consider the teaching. Looking at the wide array of men in the various folds of the ministry, who sat there that day, which takes in the twelve apostles, and even prophets, like ‘Judas surnamed Barsabus, and Silas’, he declared openly and plainly, in the inspired written Word of God, that Peter is THE APOSTLE OF THE CIRCUMCISION! [Now watch the following words I have underlined…] And he did not stop there. He also proudly proclaimed that he (Paul), was THE APOSTLE OF THE GENTILES…”  (RELIGO, pg.36-37).

My, oh my! So, we see how simple scriptures are taken and stretched to teach that there were two Chief Apostles – Peter THE apostle to the Jews, and Paul who, according to him, proudly proclaimed to be the THE apostle to the Gentiles. There is another American minister who believes himself as being Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles and Bro. Jackson as being Peter, the Apostle to the Jews; when the spirit of humility and meekness leaves a minister, he can create all sorts of bizarre revelations. And believe it or not, there will always be a group of followers no matter how ridiculous a teaching may be. 

Now, what does it mean when the scriptures say, For he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles”?  Is “THE apostleship” equal to “THE apostle”? If you are not well acquainted with the English in the King James Version of the Bible, let me paraphrase it for you: Paul is simply saying that he (God) that wrought effectually in Peter in his apostolic ministry to the Jews is the same one that used him (Paul), in a mighty way among the Gentiles. Don’t stumble at the definite article “THE”, it is not even there in the original Greek text. Here is a simpler version of the same scripture:

“For who wrought for Peter unto apostleship of the circumcision wrought for me also unto the nations” (Numeric English New Testament).

Dearly beloved, yes, among the twelve disciples, each of them had different capacities of ministry; some had more and others lesser measure. It can’t be disputed that Peter was a prominent apostle. But do you picture Peter acting like a chief among the disciples to whom all the apostles had to align their teachings to? Is it true that Peter was regarded as the visible head of the apostles? If it is, can you explain why the council at Jerusalem had such a heated debate over a doctrinal issue (read Acts 15:1-22)? Why didn’t the believers and all the other apostles simply ask Peter for “his revelation” on the issue and agree to whatever he had to say, as he was THE apostle? When you visualize the event does it, in any way, portray Peter as the “greater than Solomon” being there? Doesn’t it present him to be among the apostles who only rose up to speak after the issue was heavily debated? In verse 7 we read that when there had been much disputing, Peter rose up and gave his view of the issue. After that, Paul and Barnabus spoke something, and then the final man to speak was James. James, in addition to what Peter spoke, didn’t speak just to “parrot” the voice of Peter. In verse 19 he said Wherefore my sentence is that…. His “sentence” actually had many other things which Peter never even referred to. Even the letter that resulted from the council had much to do with what James said. When writing the letter they didn’t even mention the name of Peter – they wrote letters by them after this manner; the apostles and elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren (v23).These men were humble men. They had already been warned by the Lord Jesus Christ over the “Chief Apostleship” fallacy, when on one occasion there arose a dispute and argument among them, which of them should be the greatest. The Lord Jesus answered by getting a little child and said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matt.18:1-5, Luke 9:46-48; 22:24-30). Listen brothers: each time when egos arise as to who is chief and great, there will always be divisions because pride never edifies. Even if the office of Chief or Lead Apostle were there, the bearers of the ministries would have been humble and not going round campaigning and alarming people that they are the head of the Five-fold ministry. You can discern a true ministry by the humbleness that surrounds that ministry.

On another occasion two disciples, James and John, approached the Lord Jesus asking for a favour for them to sit on his right and left when he comes in power of his kingdom. And when the ten heard it, they were moved with indignation against the two brethren(Matt.20:24). Can’t we see from these scriptures that whenever a man (or his followers) begins to behave in such a way as to gain recognition to be chief among other children of God, it always results in indignation and strife? Consider this: Before there was such a thing as Bro. Jackson being the Chief Apostle, was there harmony among his followers and other ministers who associated with him? YES, there was. But what changed the picture? What caused his ministry to tear apart from certain ministries? Wasn’t it men who began to push the agenda of unity by putting him on a pedestal as THE standard? One thing is sure, many ministers had great respects for Bro.Jackson for his calling and for the fact that he was among the first (if not the very first one) to take a firm sober stand for the Word of God and against extreme Branhamism.

It was sometime in 2004, when I was with Bro. Gan in a hotel room and, with sadness, he said to me, I love and respect Bro. Jackson. He has publicly attacked me for no reason but unfounded rumours. But I will never attack him or call his name out publicly because of the respect I have for him”. That was the first time I knew that certain things he dealt with in his book “Discrepancies” actually concerned Bro. Jackson. This was because he never mentioned names but dealt with the issues at hand. When Bro. Jackson died, it was Bro. Gan who informed me and other believers about the sad development and the need to pray for Faith Assembly for God to help them through the trying moment. I will never forget, one evening while eating supper at home with Bro. Gan when a ministering brother came into the room and wanted to appreciate Bro. Gan. He said, Bro. Gan, in as much as other people try to burn your books you should know that we appreciate them”. Bro. Gan then responded (with literally no show of ‘thank you’) by saying, Well, never be quoting me or saying ‘Bro. Gan said…’ when preaching. Just preach the Word as the Holy Spirit gives you inspiration.” However, to a man like Amos, all this I am speaking amounts to foolishness. Dear saints, why do you think many people felt good being with Bro. Branham? The man was humble. Many have testified that he was such a simple and humble man. Even when he would declare that he was a sent one of God to this age with a ministry to turn people’s hearts to the Word, his followers could see the sincerity and humbleness in the man.

When a man begins to feel he is THE ABSOLUTE it will always create disharmony. That’s what happened among the disciples when James and John desired a greater position than the rest of the twelve disciples. Let me make it clear to you – there is no edification that comes from pride. It creates contentions and disharmony. If you believe unity will come by projecting a certain man as a “Chief Apostle”, please go ahead, time will tell if any unity will result from that. But be assured of one thing; only your ardent followers will be following you. Other believers who have come to the Lord Jesus Christ through other ministries will have nothing to do with your camp. And if you are in your right sober mind you should know that the Bride of Christ is not limited to the perimeters of your group. There are many other believers in different parts of the world that have no knowledge of your camp, but God is in their midst. To think, or even entertain a thought that ONLY people who know you and have a connection with you around the world are the “bride universal” is pure deception and a lack of simple reasoning.

Watch: But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: (Matt.20:25-27).

Notice the underlined words. The Lead Apostle obviously reads them as whosoever will be the Chief Apostle among you. The word “chief” is here not being used as a TITLE, no more than the preceding word “great” is. It is used as a description of notability among the other apostles. Here is what author RG said in response to a question a Nigerian man asked him – Who is the Chief Apostle today?:

To teach that Paul had clarity of revelations given him is true but to teach that he had revelations in all aspects of the Word of God is a lie. But to teach that Paul was entrusted with a greater amount of talents, a greater responsibility, a greater portion of the apostolic ministry, and a greater amount of truth would scripturally be correct.”

Can this be any plainer?

(Find the article on ).


Read Acts 15:22 and notice the word “chief”:


Then pleased it the apostles and elders, with the whole church, to send chosen men of their own company to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas; namely Judas surnamed Barsabas, and Silas, chief men among the brethren”.

The Bible here says that after the Jerusalem Council, some men from Jerusalem were sent to accompany Paul. These men were Judas and Silas and are being described as chief among the brethren in Jerusalem. What does that mean? Where they Chief Apostle Silas and Chief Apostle Judas? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Let’s read our scriptures right! The statement simply means Silas and Judas were among prominent men among brethren in Jerusalem. Among a gathering of believers there will always be some prominent brothers who will be quite notable. Some may not even be ministers but are always there as pillars to attend to different needs of the church, encouraging believers, evangelizing, etc. You would describe such a brother as being notable or chief. But creating a special title for such a brother as THE CHIEF BROTHER or THE PROMINENT ONE is another thing.



AO’s RELIGO, Pgs.28-67


If he was, why did he say:

For I suppose I was not a whit behind the very chiefest apostles. But though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge; but we have been thoroughly made manifest among you in all things. Have I committed an offence in abasing myself that ye might be exalted, because I have preached to you the gospel of God freely? (2 Cor.11:5-7)?

Paul is here saying that he was not inferior to any of the very chiefest of the apostles; clearly implying that he was equal to all the other apostles and not inferior! How could a man who was regarded as the Chief Apostle have complained like this? You don’t need a theological degree to know that Paul had problems in being recognized as an apostle of God. Many carnal believers preferred apostles like Peter, John and James, and other apostles who had been with the Lord Jesus Christ. Just read Paul’s epistles and you will easily spot a number of places where Paul complains of this. Take 2 Cor.12:11-12 for example: I am become a fool in glorying [any spiritual mind will know that Paul’s glorying was certainly not as the one for the “Lead Apostle”. Compare this also with Rom.11:13] ye have compelled me: for I ought to have been commended of you: for in nothing am I behind the very chiefest apostles, though I be nothing. Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds. He is here again simply saying that he was not in any way inferior to those other apostles who were regarded to be much exceeding; he had miracles and other vindications of God just like the other notable apostles. If you want to take “chiefest” as a title of one particular individual and not merely a grammatical descriptive word then you shall have 12 Chief Apostles. Then you will have to coin another term for the chief above them all – “Chiefest of The Chiefs”?  Ridiculous, isn’t it?



AO’s RELIGO, Pg.45


On page 45 the “Lead Apostle” presents an extremely contradictory statement: After having vigorously attacked RG for his unbelief in a “Lead Apostle” doctrine, he now suddenly says He (RG) had a silly dream, which he relayed in one of his books, to support the notion that he is also bearing a Lead Ministry role. Well, everyone knows (including Amos himself) that this is not true, and so, we won’t waste time in that. I will just comment on something that I feel we should be careful of.

God has called us to the ministry and we shall be accountable to how we perform our work. Among ministers there are those who are faithful and wise and those who do things outside of what God requires. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? [a faithful and wise servant is he who is feeding his flock meat in due season] Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing (Matt.24:45-46). [In other words, some will lose focus and stop feeding the flock, and start doing something else they are not commissioned to do. What is this something else?] “… [The] evil servant shall say in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to smite his fellow servants…” (Matt.24:48). It is important to ask ourselves this question: “Am I feeding the flock with meat in due season or am I busy wasting my energies in smiting other fellow servants of God?

Now, it is so surprising that some people would have the guts not just to slam other ministers but take the liberty to speak of things they are not suppose to. Be reminded that we shall be judged for every idle word we speak. I am here referring to the careless statements author AO writes on author RG’s dream of his calling. It’s so easy to take a dream and make foolishness out of it. I am not a stranger to spiritual dreams; many times dreams will come in many ways and forms. Some are direct, but many times they could be so illustrative with a lot of symbols. Your misunderstanding of a dream doesn’t mean it is false. Let’s know our limits when discussing or arguing scriptures (if that is your hobby) lest we find ourselves treading on dangerous grounds. Do you know that some learned men have called the Holy Bible “hogwash” because of certain things which could not make sense to their carnal mind. Let these few words on this suffice. If this dream be of God, one day the folly of Amos Omoboriowo will be manifest. Likewise, if it be false and is of an egoistic nature, Richard Gan is also marked for folly.



AO’s RELIGO, Pg.58


If there is no “Chief Apostle” then there is no “Lead Apostle”. The term Lead Apostle is just a newly conjectured word for Chief Apostle. But both terms are actually a mask for the term “Eighth Messenger”. We won’t waste time playing around these words. Let’s leave them where they belong – nowhere. We proceed.



AO’s RELIGO, Pg.61


On page 61 of his RELIGO, the “Lead Apostle” presents his firm belief in a one-man ministry today. He believes himself to be the man. Well, if all what has been discussed in this observation is foolishness to him, maybe he can take on these words of Bro. Branham, since he claims to believe the prophet. Bro. Branham said that the guy that wants to do a certain ministry is usually the guy that can’t do it. If he can’t even move himself to the right attitude, he would never move mountains for God. (COD. Vol.II, pg.517).

On the argument of a ONE MAN MINISTRY in the Old and New Testament I would give this assignment to AO to find out what the “Chief Apostle” commented on the book of one of his one-time follower and associate minister. The book is titled, AN OLD TESTAMENT PROPHET COMES TO THE NEW. I should think AO doesn’t communicate with the author of this book as he had disassociated with Faith Assembly and later on began projected himself as to being Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles and Bro. Jackson as being the Apostle to the Jews. But AO can still request the letter of compliment that his “Chief Apostle” wrote him regarding the book. I had a chance to see and read the letter myself when he visited my country. But make sure, you first read his book before you read the “Chief Apostle’s” letter. Along with that book, read SPEAK THE WORD by RG.

May I ask this question with regards to John: since your projection of Bro. Jackson being alive until the rapture failed, and you are the one who has stepped in his shoes, ARE YOU THE ONE to lead the Bride of Christ up to the rapture? I ask this on the basis of one statement you have stated in your RELIGO book, page 65:


Following Bro. Jackson’s ministry, came John, still in this very same dispensation, a  ministry the prophet also testified of, declaring it a ‘great thing’, which ‘will carry over’, to connect with the two Jewish prophets, ‘IN THIS OUR DAY’, and that the rapture will then come?

In case you die (I don’t wish you to die), what will be the “name” of the next “Chief Apostle”? We’ve had Bro. Jackson as “Paul” (or “Peter”, as believed by his once associate), and now “John” (that’s you). What character in the Bible shall be next to represent whoever is to come? OR maybe you are so sure, as you stated above, that with you (as “John”), the saints shall finally go up to the rapture?



AO’s RELIGO, Pg. 67-96


Is it true that the unity of Faith will come when we see Bible truth through the eyes of one man? Here is a question for thought: There are thousands and thousands of believers of the message of the prophet William Branham. They believe he was the prophet to this age. They all hear his sermons on tapes. Some churches even play audio tapes during services, yet I don’t think there is any movement as divided as the Endtime Message movement! Are they not all trying to see through the eyes of the prophet? If we can’t be united by seeing through the messages of the prophet, shall we be united by listening to the messages of the “Chief Apostle”? If it is so, let the “Lead Apostle” please explain to us why he has broken up with Bro. Allen since both of them sat under the Chief Apostle’s ministry. However, today you will feel sorry at the way they relate to each other.




Now suppose this commentary is wrong, and there is such an office of a “Chief Apostle” today? Listen, if there was such a ministry, the holder of the office would be humble and you will see the richness of the life of Christ in that person. Check it out in history and also today; many times preachers who are so arrogant, campaigning and speaking out loud in claiming a certain great ministry are the ones who don’t have it. As mentioned earlier, Bro. Branham once said that often the fellow who wants to do it is the fellow who doesn’t have it. Gifts are given for edification. Try to get around a person with a true gift; you will feel admonished and uplifted in spirit. When he speaks you will feel it deep within you that you have been fed. On the contrary a proud person is always full of himself. He loves to hear his own voice speaking to the people. When he is in a meeting, he is always waiting to speak and not to be spoken to. He wants recognition and honor. If you have this spirit you better surrender your life to God. No pride will ever be crowned by God. He hates pride! (Prov.6:16-17).



Let us be humble in whatever ministries God has allotted us. The unity of faith will be the work of God which He will bring about as we humbly yield and walk in the Spirit. All carnality and self must die and give way to the complete infilling of the Holy Ghost in our souls. Let everything be done in humility and love, as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling. When the time is full, His bride will be ready for the translation. But watch; there is a spirit of fanaticism and charismaticism which is on the loose and many are falling for it. False pillars of fire and charismaticised services are on the rampage. The genuine and true is out there but in very few places.

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: that we hence forth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; but speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ [not the “Lead apostle” but Christ is the head!]: from  whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto  the edifying of itself in love” (Eph.4:11-16).

May God’s grace ever lead us. Amen.

Andrew C. Phiri

Voice of The Word Ministry