Harare (Zimbabwe),
Eldoret and Nairobi (Kenya)
17-31 December 2009


It was a last minute decision to pack my luggage and pay a visit to the saints in these three cities.  I have had three  attacks of vertigo within two weeks some few months before that left me feeling a little unstable on my feet.

I left home in the evening of the 17th December and arrived at the home of a family in the afternoon in Harare exactly 26 hours later on the 18th December.  This is the same family that boarded me in their home twice before. The sister, Placcedia, and her daughter, Mufaro, very attentively saw to my comfort and needs. May the Lord bless them richly.

Four meetings were held from 19th to the 21st: one on the Saturday and Monday and two on the Sundays. The main thought during the ministration of the Word was on how to rightly divide God's Word, taking a closer look at the sin of Adam: what he had done, and also on the subjects of Cain, the Giants and Canaan.  To the denominationally minded, the Word of God must be taken literally as written but with certain exceptions that show otherwise, such as the words of Jesus: "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you" (John 6:53) and "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up" (John 2:19). So, to them the record in Genesis must be taken literally no matter the absurdity of the statements.

However, the simple mind of the elect of God could not but see the Truth in the economy of God's precise wordings as penned in the Book of Genesis. The Book of Revelation has many truths that are hidden in mysterious expressions, and so is the Book of Genesis.

There were requests for Prophetic*Revelation books and Bro. Veremu had them out for those who desire to study and look into the revelation of God's Hidden Truth.

I was glad to meet some new ministers, Pastor Bernad Chigova and his assistant, Bro. Sygiel Zvingowaniseyi, who have come out of Branhamism into the Absolute of the Word of God.  There will always be such ones who thirst for Truth everywhere and will seek for It.

"Seek and ye shall find..."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

22nd December saw me taking a flight to Nairobi.  Bro. Hillary Mwangi had arranged for a believer, Bro. Alphonse, to pick me up at the airport to the Methodist Guest House where I had stayed twice before in my earlier visits.

The following morning he droved me and two others to Eldoret, about 320km west of Nairobi. Because it was near Christmas, the traffic was heavy and it took about 5 hours to reach our destination. A certain portion of the road meets the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.  It certainly is a beautiful sight to behold.

The Church in Eldoret is a young church pastored by Bro. Sammy Kangethe. He came out of a cultic church that teaches modern medicine as evil. A good number of people of the church have died because they were not allowed to seek medical treatment for their illness.

There were 4 days of meetings, beginning from the 24th of December in the morning until the evening of 27th of December. The yearly convention has become an affair between the Kenyan and the Ugandan believers after they were brought together by my ministry back in the late 1990s. 

Among the congregation was a small group of Karamojongs.  The Karamojongs are greatly feared by many. They are fearless warring nomads living in the northwest harsh land of Uganda.  Many missionaries have tried to enter their land to convert them but failed as they refused the gospel brought to them until this very endtime truth which came to them through one of their own, nearly 40 years ago (John Mark Louse).

A pastor from Kigali-Rwanda, was also among the believers.  It is good to have brethren of like precious faith to come together. Bro. N.Vianney lost his wife in the 1994 Hutu-Tutsi conflict. In her words to him, she said that she would die but he would live, according as the Lord showed her. The brother continues to be a faithful servant of the Word of God in the ministry that the Lord has given him.

Also present were Bro. Chrispin Mawino from Choma-Zambia, whom I have been acquainted with for many years, and several other Ugandan ministers and Elders and their wives.

I dealt with the same topics that I taught in Harare. The Word of God must be broken and disseminated to the believers. Oh, how easy it is to teach these simple folks. They could grasp the truth very quickly unlike those educated Christians with a hooch theological mind that interprets the Word of God according to their own education and intelligence.

After the close of the last meeting, the believers set off for home in the night or the following early morning. Three ministers decided to take me for a visit to a National Park. So, with a brother for a driver, we set off for a 170 km drive to Bogoria Lake that lies in the Rift Valley.

29 December - I was ferried back to Nairobi by Bro. Kimani, whose wife and two sons also came along, for some meetings in a church pastored by Bro. Hillary Mwangi. The pastor wanted me to have two days of meetings but the journey by road made it difficult, and so a full day meeting of about 6 hours with a break of 40 minutes was convened on the 30th of December.

The place where the meeting was held is Kawangware.  It is a dirty, dusty and polluted town. After preaching from 10.30am to 5.30pm, my throat became sore in the night, and when I returned home on the 1st day of 2010, my throat and sinuses were swollen. I could hardly breathe lying down to sleep. But thank the Lord that it quickly cleared up after three days. I had no infection.

I appreciate also Sister Dorothy Kiarie for her home cooking, meals that she prepared for me.