South Africa

October 14 - 22, 2014


Our Lord works in mysterious ways. Late last year a young believer in Cape Town, who left a Branhamic ETM church corresponded with me, seeking to better know the Truth of the Lord. (You can read his testimony here: Batsiranai Muzah). Soon he requested that I pay him and his family a visit and to stay with them for two weeks just to minister to them.  That, of course, was a request that laid in the hands of the Lord as all requests from other countries. I asked that he tried to have others, Christians or ETM believers, come together for some meetings if the Lord willed that I went.

Well, several days later, he emailed me that he found the name of a believer, Bro Vyrie Seherie, who lives in Atlantis, Cape Town, in the EMAILBOX link of my website. I gave him the brother's email address and they corresponded. Needless to say, the Lord had me go. Bro Batsi insisted that he paid for my flight and lodging. He was full of love for the Lord's Word.

Bro Batsi and I visited Bro Vyrie Seherie in their home, the day after my arrival. In the short meeting Bro Vyrie told us how he had revered Bro Branham. In the past when he stepped into his home, he would look at the picture of Branham that hung on the wall and lift his hands to it and said something, "My prophet! This is my prophet! " He confessed that he had been so deceived by Branhamism because of the Branhamic church he had fellowshipped in.

In the next two days, I followed Bro Batsi to the office of a Congolese pastor who was an associate of Batsi's former pastor. This preacher requested Bro Batsi to his office to have a meeting. It turned out that he found Batsi had left the church. He had intention to persuade Batsi to return to his former church. The meeting lasted nearly 3 hours. The preacher spoke 90% of the time, persuading Batsi to go back and subject himself to his pastor who baptised him. There were lots of quotes from Bro Branham's books and much were misapplied. Twice only did he use Scripture verses. It was a waste of time listening to such a preacher, who had good intention, but sadly he was so cultic that he could not see the Scripture to apply it. He was very well-versed in the quotes of Branham to know where to look for them. It was amazing. Before we departed, he cautioned us with a warning to create fear in us. This has always been the "fear tactic" of Branhamic preachers.

During my stay in Cape Town, I got to meet up with some other believers whom I knew in the past. On Saturday (October 18) Bro Julian van Rheede and his 17 year-old son, Shale, flew down from the big city, Johannesburg. We met at the Botanic Garden and had fellowship over a late lunch in the vicinity. There's nothing like having a good fellowship in the Word among believers. I could see the love they have for God's Truth. They assembled with us on Sunday morning and we had lunch together as well. They flew home in the evening.

Then there was this pastor, Bro Ernest Scotsman, from Piketberg, about nearly 2 hours drive from Cape Town, who had gone through much with certain preachers, such as Amos Omoboriowo who called himself the "Lead Apostle", who were deceptive in handling the Word of God. Bro Ernest came for the Sunday service and also the day after. We had some good time together as well.

We had casual meetings on Monday and Tuesday evening.

We pray that these believers who have seen the the light of the Truth that they would fellowship and be established in the present Truth, and work together for the glory of the Lord.

Email from Bro Vyrie Seherie
[Dated 23/10/2014]
Re: Your visit to Cape Town

Dear br. Gan. 

It is with a joyful heart that I write this mail to thank you once more for the wonderful way that you had enlighten our hearts in Atlantis, Cape Town. I am very much pleased with the result of your visit and the impact that it had on my personal relationship with God and understanding on the Holy Word.

Seeking the truth seems to be so difficult if one have such little knowledge like myself. Every day is a battle to fight off all kinds of doctrine and grasp the Word of Truth. I find that the way I looked at the Bible had changed. Since last night I tend to study different than usual.   It had become an even greater joy.

I believe that the believers did not only benefit from your visit by the Word that you broke down, but also in the way that you as a person reach out to all of us. Please keep on praying for us that we stick with the Word at all times.

Keep on fighting for the Word my brother. You are always in our prayers.

Your brother in Christ,
Vyri Seherie