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This report is derived from the recent missionary trip I made to the Busoga region, located in eastern Uganda.  The main objective was to assess the spiritual situation in many message churches scattered within the region. I also felt a godly touch in my heart to visit old time friends and brethren I related to, way back in the early 1990s (Psa 142:4). Busoga is also a region which formed the genesis of my young ministry. In 1988 I opened a small fellowship in Bukoyo secondary school, a Muslim founded school when I was a young teacher.   We had an outreach church at Bumanya where we often held conventions. From those two humble spots, God has watered His Seed Word (Isa 27:3).  Today, (nearly 30 years later) it’s estimated that there are about 30 churches which have been established and are scattered within a region of 8 districts. Our Lord God be praised, and glory to His Name! Amen.



It covered the Busoga region, within 7 districts namely, Iganga, Luuka, Kamuli, Kaliro, Jinja, Namutumba, and Bugiri. The mission started on Friday 15th September, 2017 and ended on Saturday 30th September 2017.  The trip ended with a great church service at the Bugiri church. With me in the team was Bro Gerald Otwal. He is one of the Deacons in the church and an Evangelist.  He was also the driver of our car.




We managed to reach 10 churches namely: Bulanga, Kiyunga, Iganga town church, Namasagali, Namwendwa, Kamuli, Kaliro, Namutumba, Buwenge and Bugiri church. In some cases, the pastors invited believers from their neighboring sister churches. So in reality we reached more than the physical churches we visited.

I want to report that, wherever we went we were well received.  The people, especially the ordinary folk, were excited and eager to hear the Word of God. Most of the pastors too had no problem with us and freely opened their pulpits to me to speak to the people. Another added advantage was that many looked to me as their elder in the Faith, so they gave some respect. I believe this contributed a lot for the Holy Spirit to move in their midst with anointed Word of God.




I want to express my sincere thanks to God Almighty for keeping His promise, in  working together with us in the Mission field and confirming His word (Mar 16:15-20). The Holy Spirit also from time to time gave witness about the conditions of the churches we were visiting. This came sometimes by word of knowledge, dreams or visions. (Acts 20:23; Lk 10:1; 1 Cor 12:8; Jer 33:3).



In every church we entered we were received by the pastor of the church. He in turn introduced to us his elders and ministers who assist him in the work of God in the church. In some cases, we met ministers of different assemblies who were invited to attend the meetings. We often shared meals together and had communion around the Word of God and the Work of God. In other instances, our discussions touched on controversial issues affecting many message churches today like false doctrines and the 5-fold ministry. I was happy to find many pastors and ministers who were keen to expose their churches to the Ascension Gift ministry, popularly known as the 5-fold ministry, for the perfecting of the saints, the working of the ministry, the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: that we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine... (Eph 4:8-16). Some others expressed a burning need, specifically the apostolic ministry, in order to keep their churches stable and on a strong foundation in the Word of God. It became clear that this could be achieved by either their visitation, or their spoken or written words. We discussed ways and means of accessing and distributing books, and any other relevant materials to those who have interest to receive and read them.




1. The unadulterated Gospel was preached, and many were taught the principles of the Doctrine of Christ and the blessings which accompanied them.

2. Many souls of the believers were revived and their hearts stirred up to walk in the Apostolic Faith which was restored to the Bride by the Message of the hour, brought to us by God’s Prophet to this Laodicean Church age, the late  William Marrion Branham of USA.

3. About 35 lost souls accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and were added to the Kingdom of God.  We witnessed water baptism of some souls beside those that were baptized in our absence (Lk 24:47; Mk 16:16; Mat 28:19; Acts 2:38).

4. Some believers received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after prayer and laying of hands (Acts 8:16,17; 19:5,6).

5. In virtually all churches we ministered to, there was spontaneous joy, praise, and worship of the Living God when the Word was preached with power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit (1Th 1:5). We continue to receive testimonies of how our God had worked in mysterious ways, and the wonders He performed.

6. The sick and afflicted were healed and set free according to their Faith in the finished work of the Son of God at Calvary. We had prayer lines and anointing with oil; Many were healed and demons were cast out in the mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (This can be attested by the many pictures taken from church to church). We carried the anointing oil with us (Jam 5:13-16; Mk 6:13; 16:17,18). God proved that Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8)!

7. There is renewed desire for more collaboration in brotherhood and fellowship. The door is wide open for the gospel in Busoga region.

8. As indicated earlier, we had great opportunities to meet the pastors, elders and ministers. We discussed the Word of God, doctrinal issues, the work of the 5-fold ministry, and the challenges facing many message believers who follow brother Branham‘s prophetic ministry and message (Mal 4:5,6; Rev 10:7).

9. We also had an opportunity to preach the gospel to the lost souls via village radio.

10. Lastly, we took along good used clothing, contributed by believers for needy saints. They brought joy to the hearts of the saints.




First and foremost, money (filthy lucre) as one pastor put it, “has done more harm than good in Busoga region”.  Another keen observer described it as a region infested by “spiritual mafia”.

Talks got around that donated money from foreign churches, especially USA and Europe, are pouring into this region. Pastors would write and solicit for money, claiming needs for church projects and things, but the money would, in most cases, end up in their individual pockets for personal gain.



A certain American preacher is said to have a larger heart to support churches in this region financially. This donor support is channeled through one individual pastor well placed in the region. He is believed to have used some of this money, to his credit, to construct many churches in the region, and even beyond. However, other people have expressed concerns of how much control and influence he wields over those churches.  Others were concerned about the amount of personal wealth this brother now possesses in comparison to the aid he gives to the churches.

Reports abound of one Ugandan pastor in the region, who is believed to be the one who spearheaded and openly encouraged the idea of seeking for financial help from the preachers of USA, Europe and other nations. While, some aid could have been solicited and used for genuine reasons, it seems most of it have been used for personal gain, and to exert influence over younger ministers to toe certain lines and doctrines that are detrimental.



This lust for filthy lucre appears to override love for the Truth, and to live a modest and contended Christian life. As a result, there is a lot of jealousy among most believers because of it. Surprisingly, there are no major doctrinal differences among them!

There are apparent sharp divisions among them. In one case, one pastor failed to attend my meetings because he broke away from the church. He pretended to call and welcome me, but later he apologized for not attending because as he put it, “I forgot about it”!

There were allegations against some pastors of being unfaithful to their marriage vows; fornicating with some sisters in the church. In one specific case, a pastor is accused of eloping with a wife of his deacon. I did not have time to investigate these allegations.



Gossip and character defamation abounds between ministers; as one pastor put it, “there are both small dogs and big dogs”. They often bite and tear one another. He spoke openly that he no longer has freedom and access to any church in the region. His movements are only limited to his own church!

Lack of apostolic teaching ministry to ground the believers in the Faith.



We were expected to have one day for a ministers’ meeting to discuss critical issues concerning the Word and Work of God. However, this was not possible due to the short time for mobilization. Nevertheless, this meeting has been rescheduled to take place sometime during the first week of November 2017, in a venue to be agreed upon with the organizers.



I want to thank the brethren who support this program. God’s people were in need of hearing the True Word of God.  While in the mission field I realized that God was behind this move. And I believe God has reached down and touched many hearts of his children, those with broken hearts and spirits. In my opinion, we need to maintain close contacts with these brethren, and try to help them more, to get them back on track with the old beaten way so that they can find rest for their souls. Once more, they heard the original pure Gospel preached in simplicity, yet with the special presence of the Lord. Amen.

Best regards and May God bless everyone.


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